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    Automated workflow
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    Improved customer service
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    Transparent processes

Project overview

Resolute Documentation Services (RDS) provides professional transcription services to their clients. The main idea of this project was customer service improvement. Resolute wanted to make the process more flexible and transparent. It was decided to create a complex solution that consists of a Customer Web Portal and an Admin Web Portal.

The Customer Web Portal should allow customers to upload audio and video files and enter data to accompany the file (transmittal form). Resolute customers will be able to retrieve the completed deliverables by downloading them.

The Admin Web Portal should provide for the day-to-day operational management of the platform, primarily workflow and account management.

Client information

Resolute Documentation Services (RDS) has a proven record of success in providing secure transcription services to federal, state, and municipal government agencies throughout the United States as well as commercial entities. Founded in 1973, RDS is headquartered in Agoura Hills, CA, with over 45 years of transcription and dictation experience.

Business challenge

The main goal of our client was to make the process of transcription requests easy and transparent to the end users. Resolute clients create a lot of recordings in their everyday work using different devices. This leads to various media formats (sometimes outdated) that the system should correctly process. The system should create a job for a responsible transcriber when the record is uploaded. Since the client’s terminology can be very specific, the transcription process has a proofreading stage. This is a complex process supported by a status system and auto-assign rules. Each role on the Resolute side should know when the task is assigned. We had to develop a cloud-based system that could automate and facilitate that work, reduce the paperwork, and provide the correct information about the forecasted completion time.

Technical challenges

Resolute service is about high-security standards requiring specific actions, processes, and approaches to be held. Firstly, the solution development was controlled by the security compliance expert from the client’s side. Secondly, the entire authentication process was provided by an external trusted service (SAML). Thirdly, each client has a database. As a result, the requests and operations like searching, filtering, and sorting have become quite challenging. After that, the very complex system of task assignment rules was automated. Finally, we considered various media formats during the media converter development.

Solution delivered

The final product is a complex cloud solution of the Customer Web Portal and Admin Web Portal that simplifies and automates the work of Resolute employees and facilitates the process of client interaction. It is a user-friendly solution that assigns tasks to the transcribers and proofreaders, makes it impossible to miss the task in the workflow, gives transparent information to Resolute clients about the processing status, and keeps all the information about former requests.

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Key features

  • Customer Web Portal

    The Customer Web Portal will allow the customer to upload audio and video files and enter data to accompany the file (transmittal form). It will also be the primary method for customers to retrieve/download completed deliverables. Customer Web Portal handles the following tasks: uploading customer audio and video; transmitting data capture; entering supporting/demographic information; downloading completed transcripts/documents; viewing the status of pending jobs; viewing metrics on previously completed jobs; managing customer accounts; viewing documents (docx and PDF); listening to audio.

  • Admin Web Portal

    Admin Web Portal will provide for the day-to-day operational management of the platform, primarily workflow and account management. Admin Web Portal handles the following tasks: providing a wide variety of views/filters and summary information about the jobs currently in the system to allow management to evaluate the workload quickly; assigning jobs to transcribers for production; changing jobs status or information; adding new Users, Customers, Job Types, Workgroups; creating workflow automation rules; viewing metrics on previously completed jobs; viewing job statistics by date-range; viewing documents (docx and PDF).

Value to our client

  • Automated workflow

    The work of Resolute employees has been automated, as all the tasks are now automatically assigned to the transcribers and proofreaders. It is impossible to miss the task once it is assigned.

  • Improved customer service

    Now, Resolute clients can use a user-friendly solution with a transparent workflow. For example, they can check their order status, download the deliverables, or keep them in the system as long as needed.

  • Transparent processes

    On both sides, Resolute employees and clients benefit from transparent workflows and timely statuses. That improves significantly user experience for both parties.

Our tech stack

  • aws-1 AWS
  • nodejs NodeJS
  • GraphQL GraphQL 
  • TypeGraphQL TypeGraphQL
  • Visual-Studio-1 Visual Studio
  • Aurora-PostgreSQL Aurora PostgreSQL
  • type script TypeScript

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