Artificial intelligence application development services

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Artificial intelligence application development services

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Artificial intelligence application development services

DICEUS offers expertise-driven artificial intelligence application development services reinforced with extensive experience that will help you obtain a competitive edge. We have a pool of AI development experts to take on your project no matter its scope, purpose, and format – we have what it takes to implement any type of related product.

In a nutshell, we give you the invaluable expertise and experience of our specialists, access to progressive software development tools and technologies, and empower your mobile startup or large-scale project initiatives with well-adjusted workflow and cooperation models.

Benefits of AI app development services

Artificial intelligence continues to revolutionize the world of modern smart software as we know it. Today, AI helps streamline numerous business processes and powers some of the most demanded and useful solutions out there. AI is employed across industries of all directions and scopes, from healthcare and retail to IT. We can help you integrate and unitize AI capacities in the smoothest, most long-term fruitful way possible.

Enhanced business operations

Artificial intelligence helps streamline your business workflow by adding a dose of automation to numerous routine processes, minimizing human errors, smoothing out complex processing operations, and more. As a result, you achieve higher productivity rates, faster decision-making, and accelerated milestone completion with the AI-based solution we will build for your workflow individually. In the long run, such optimization helps cut costs significantly, removing some of the unnecessary extra expenses completely.

Better customer experience

The timely infusion of AI with your business workflow gives a significant boost to the overall level of customer experience you deliver through your channels. For instance, we can initiate the AI mobile app development that would result in a product that will generate and provide for you some precious mobile user data. This data can then be used for in-depth analysis and subsequent customer experience optimization based on precisely pinpointed target user needs, preferences, and behavior patterns.

Reduced costs

Implementation of artificial intelligence solutions helps cut costs in a major way. This is mostly due to the all-around automation of numerous cumbersome manual processes you can achieve with the proper AI integration. For instance, we can create a commercial mobile application that will autonomously recommend the relevant products to target users, process orders at the checkout, and generate notifications about the most relevant and special offers. At the same time, the underlying AI engine will analyze user behavior for further optimization.

Increased efficiency

The AI app development services that DICEUS provides enable a significant efficiency boost throughout your e-commerce and mobile commerce performance, allowing you to better understand your end customers, growing your competitive edge in the market, and optimizing essential workflow management aspects. At the same time, AI is a great trendy keyword in its own right – modern users enjoy solutions infused with innovative technologies a lot and you automatically boost your chances for high demand by going for AI in your product.

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Our AI app development services

In terms of kicking off and managing your artificial intelligence app development project, we prioritize a heavy focus on your end goals and requirements, subsequent, stage-by-stage implementation process, and transparency of all the underlying work done.

Predictive analytics

We can help supply your digital product with powerful predictive analytics capabilities, allowing you to forecast the demand and avoid many common risks and unexpected pitfalls. Thus, you will be able to build predictions based on long-term metrics statistics and analyses. This will be an essential effort in professional fields with dynamic customer traffics and niche trends. Predictive analytics may also help stay at least a step ahead of your competitors, boosting your competitive edge even further.

NLP solutions

Natural Language Processing or NLP enables a more precise, comprehensive analysis and processing of inquiries made simply by voice or via plain unencrypted text by smart software. In simpler words, it enables your software to understand what customers are saying without making them type any commands or formal requests. This is a valuable technology for implementing chatbots of all purposes, autocorrect, autocomplete, and auto translation tools, social media monitoring, user-friendly retail interfaces, and much more.

Cloud AI solutions

Modern cloud environments are another innovative technology that helps ultimately optimize business workflows and software performance with unlimited space data storage solutions, flexible data access and interaction methods, and remote capabilities. Coupling cloud with artificial intelligence in mobile app development, for instance, you are looking to implement an ultimately progressive, optimized piece of software that saves you staff, memory, efforts, costs, and nerves. We can build a solution of such type no matter the scope.

Computer vision

Adding up to the NLP capacities, computer vision or CV enables software to make out real-life images and actually “see” and distinguish things like human faces, blurred and unclear photos, and tiny real-life details the way a live person does. Thus, a software solution that correctly perceives things users show can take your business a long way. For instance, you can create convenient virtual clothes fitting rooms to keep your fashion-oriented eCommerce relevant and in-demand in times of prevailing remote shopping.

What impacts your project duration

The start of every project requires thorough preliminary preparations and planning. Here are the major aspects that affect its total duration.

  • Project requirements
  • Expected deadlines
  • Team composition
  • The chosen technologies and platforms
  • Data availability and quality

What affects your project costs

It is difficult to calculate the end price of an AI application development project without knowing the details. However, we can show you what affects it in a major way right off the bat.

  • Project scope and complexity
  • Chosen technology
  • Project completion urgency
  • Engagement model: Fixed Price, Time and Material, Dedicated Team
  • Ready-made cloud AI services or a custom solution

What we need from your side

We put the savviness and years of experience of our specialists into your project. You can kindly help us make it even better by providing the following points.

  • Project goals, vision, and roadmap if exist
  • High-level project requirements
  • Project-specific documentation if available, for example, software architecture and mockups
  • Client’s availability (a couple of hours per week for requirements gathering sessions)
  • Sufficient quality data for testing AI services

Our tech stack

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Frequently asked questions

How to start AI solution implementation?

It’s best if you have outlined requirements for your future product and if you can see the big picture of what exactly you wish to see as a result of your AI app development project. It’s also great to structure all this in the dedicated official documentation which you can provide for your hired AI app development company to kick off the project being on the same page.

What are the benefits of AI-powered solutions?

The progressive technology of AI brings numerous advantages to the table. Making your software smarter and more comprehensive in terms of processing external data, you make it faster, smoother to interact with for customers, simpler to manage, and ultimately more error-free. In the long run, it allows for reduced costs and increased service quality.

What are the challenges of AI integration?

AI integration can be challenging when we are talking about highly complex projects where multiple technologies intertwine. Your only worry should be, however, hiring a team of specialists with insufficient expertise. DICEUS is here to help you avoid such a situation, providing top-of-the-line services tested in the field through years of operation.

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