IT staff augmentation for Raiffeisen Bank’s IT projects

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Project overview

Our cooperation with Raiffeisen Bank started with a POC project related to self-service terminal software development. Later on, the bank asked us about our IT staff augmentation services for three different projects. The first one, UFO, is about the end-to-end onboarding process associated with account opening for individual entrepreneurs. The second project, myRaif, is a mobile banking application. And the third one is a frontend solution for card product sales and services. For each project, the customer required additional IT staff. So, overall, we provided four developers for these projects managed by a Delivery Manager from our side.    

Client information

Since 2005, our client, the bank, has been a part of the Raiffeisen Bank International AG Group, Austria. It is one of Ukraine’s biggest banks with foreign capital. It offers products and services to over 2.5 million retail and business customers. The bank aims to implement the latest technologies to enhance customer service quality.   

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Business challenge

As a rule, large banks have in-house IT departments that can develop and support the whole bank’s IT infrastructure. However, often they require additional resources or specific expertise to build some new modules, migrate data, or update a core system. Our customer also needed these additional resources: three backend developers and one frontend team lead/architect.  

Technical challenges

First off, the developers from our side had to understand the customer’s business and delivery processes, get some knowledge about the projects, and then integrate into the bank’s internal teams. In addition, some projects required solving issues with CI/CD pipelines to seamlessly integrate new code.  

Solution delivered

For all three projects, we provided seasoned developers according to the customer’s requirements. For the best candidate match, we use a seniority-level matrix with clear descriptions of what kind of experience and expertise a specialist should possess at a given level. This approach allows us to avoid misunderstandings with the client’s vision of a certain role.  

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Key features

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  • Micro frontend architecture

     With the help of developers provided, our customer managed to create and implement a micro frontend architecture.

  • Code reviews

     Code reviews were done by our developers to check the code quality. Also, recommendations and a kind of mentoring were provided to the bank’s in-house IT team.

  • Prototype development

     According to the requirements, UI/UX prototypes for several projects were created and integrated with the backend.

  • CI/CD issues solving

    To seamlessly integrate new code, the staffed developers had to solve some issues related to the CI/CD pipeline.

Value to our client

  • Highly skilled developers

    For non-IT organizations, it’s difficult to find highly skilled developers as recruiters got used to hiring mainly people educated in finance and banking. The client used our services as we have been providing IT outstaffing services for over ten years. Our candidates pass a series of interviews, including interviews with tech leads. Moreover, they should pass test assignments to become a good fit for the position.

  • Optimized IT costs

    Hiring external resources is feasible for banks. Although our customer has a large IT department to support their IT infrastructure, sometimes, they need additional resources. Thus, when they needed to scale up their projects’ development with additional staff and expertise, they could engage external resources for a certain period of time without hiring full-time employees.

  • Experience sharing

    Collaborating in a distributed team always facilitates experience sharing. When external and internal resources work on the same project, they definitely have what to learn and teach others. During the execution of these projects, the developers from our side provided meaningful recommendations to the bank’s in-house team on what could be improved in their code, CI/CD pipelines, etc.

Our tech stack

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  • 512px-HTML5 logo and wordmark.svg HTML
  • javascript JavaScript
  • ch C#

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