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DICEUS co-managed IT services

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DICEUS co-managed IT services

Co-managed IT services cover a wide scope of operations where the in-house team closely collaborates with outsourcers, relying on their expertise, support, and resources but mostly handling its regular operations and infrastructure. So what aspects of your enterprise’s high-tech environment can DICEUS, as a high-profile managed IT support company, enhance?

Cloud services

Today, any company clinging to old-school on-premises software is doomed to lag behind its more advanced competitors who embrace cloud technology. If your internal staff lacks the skills and tech stack to hydrate the cloud, our comanaged team will help you with cloud migration and optimization, hosted server and virtual desktop solutions, cloud app development, and more.

DevOps services

Onboarding new approaches to software creation is always a challenge for any IT department, however competent tech specialists it consists of. The DevOps-savvy mavens of DICEUS will guide you in adopting this novel IT philosophy aimed at joining the efforts of your development and operations crews to streamline and accelerate the creation, testing, and releasing of top-notch products.

Testing services

Verifying a software solution’s security, quality, and smooth functioning is an expert domain that requires a competent workforce and state-of-the-art tools. If you lack either, our testers will step into the breach and conduct manual or automated testing of your enterprise apps, websites, ERPs, CRMs, and other professional products and check their penetration resilience.

IT consulting

Co-managed IT services include not only giving a helping hand in need but also providing qualified advice. The roster of high-tech fields where the specialists of DICEUS excel comprise software technology and architecture, infrastructure and product audit, digital transformation, enterprise data warehousing, legacy software modernization, and UI/UX design, to mention a few.

IT support services

While your in-house developers may be good at creating IT products, their software support expertise can be substandard. The seasoned mavens of DICEUS will form a dedicated support team to make up for this deficiency and offer a broad gamut of IT support services, namely discovery phases, three-level help desk support, software audit and upgrade, ongoing support, and maintenance.

System integration

If you can build high-quality professional solutions, it doesn’t automatically mean they will see eye to eye with third-party products by Microsoft, Apple, Adobe, or Salesforce. The co-managed staff we offer will handle the seamless integration of all your products and systems with each other and external solutions, assist in creating service-oriented architecture, and provide reliable API connection.

Co-managed services consultation

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Co-managed services consultation

Many contemporary enterprises don’t need fully managed IT services since they have a qualified IT department capable of performing day-to-day tasks. However, they can’t be in a dozen places simultaneously covering all IT-related errands the company has in store for them. This is where the co-managed services come in handy.

By setting up a co-managed team, you will retain control over your routine high-tech processes and enjoy competent assistance and timely advice from vetted mavens in the IT realm. The certified experts of DICEUS will reinforce your insufficient workforce to address scalability challenges and observe time constraints, thus increasing your brand’s competitiveness and business efficiency.

Benefits of DICEUS co-managed IT services

The success of any outsourced project depends on the right choice of the vendor. In the case of the co-managed IT services, this choice is mission-critical because the personnel of the outsourcer you have opted for will become a part of your internal workforce. What makes us so sure that DICEUS is a perfect fit as a co-managed service provider?

Professional IT skills and knowledge

This is what you expect from a high-tech company first of all, and DICEUS is proud to live up to these expectations. In whatever IT field your in-house team requires assistance and consulting, we are sure to have certified experts on our staff who know how to deal with the problem and possess hands-on experience in implementing the measures they recommend.

Expertise in many industries

Companies in different business realms have their specifics and peculiar challenges to address regarding their pipeline and target audience. During the dozen years of our presence in the IT outsourcing market, we have partnered with fintech, healthcare, insurance, logistics, retail, construction, and other enterprises and know their unique needs.

Transparent partnership

In the co-managed collaboration scheme, it is vital to stay with your partner on the same page and be aware of what is happening on a large scale. Realizing such concerns of our partners, we regularly provide reporting so that our clients can keep track of all project data, introduce and manage changes, and give their feedback.

Flexible cooperation

Nothing is carved in stone in the extremely volatile business environment and highly dynamic technological landscape of the 21st century. Being aware of this truth, we embrace changes easily. We are ready to adapt to whatever demands or conditions our partners find necessary to forward, including time zone differences, fast reaction to feedback, cultural peculiarities, etc.

Engagement models you prefer

We provide co-managed IT services according to two cooperation schemes for our clients. In the Time and Material model, you pay for the materials and the hours used to complete the project. In the Dedicated Team model, you obtain IT personnel to employ at your discretion and pay the employees monthly.

Wide tech stack

Being well-versed in software and tools honed to solve their routine tasks, in-house IT department personnel tend to have weaker expertise in technologies outside their area of responsibility. Our 250 specialists are versatile in their tech competencies to close the gap in multiple programming languages, front-end tools, cloud technologies, and more.

How it works

At first sight, it may seem that co-managed IT services are too versatile to draw a universal map of providing them. However, our long-time experience in the niche has allowed DICEUS to develop a step-by-step strategy that suits most use cases and requires only a little fine-tuning conditioned by the specifics of a particular industry or enterprise.

Requirements gatheringWe kick off by studying the lay of the land. Then, our specialists meet up with the customer’s representatives and listen to everything they have to tell us about their company, its business goals, and its current needs and challenges. Finally, after brainstorming, we determine the services we can render to solve the problem(s).
In-depth analysisWith the defined scope of services, we identify the elements the future project will require. The nature and complexity of commissioned services condition the roster of specialists handling the assignment, the tech stack they will employ, the engagement model that suits the project better, and the approximate time it will take.
Strategy developmentHaving clarified all project components and stakeholders, we outline the strategy for project completion. It typically includes a project roadmap with significant milestones and deliverables, a work breakdown structure, and resources to use. Besides, we prepare all project-related documentation, such as the statement of work and master service agreement.
ExecutionWhen all preliminary and preparatory steps and operations are completed, we get at the project hammer and tongs. Our qualified developers, designers, QA specialists, analysts, and project managers step in to fill the expertise breach in your IT workforce. The co-managed team’s composition can be scaled up or down whenever the project requires it.

What impacts your project duration

The co-managed team you hire can stay with you as long as its services are needed. A more precise estimation of the project timeframe is possible when we know:

  • Project requirements
  • Expected deadlines
  • Team roster
  • Chosen platforms and tech stack
  • The type of services you commission

What affects your project costs

The scope of co-managed IT services is extensive, so to determine how much they will cost you, we need to be aware of the following five factors.

  • Utilized technologies
  • Project scope and complexity
  • The urgency of project completion
  • Selected engagement model (Dedicated Team or Time and Material)
  • The type of services you need

What we need from your side

The co-managed IT services are the essence of cooperation, where all parties to the agreement join their efforts for the common cause. To maximize the value of such collaboration, we need you to share with us the following information.

  • The project vision, goals, and roadmap (if it exists)
  • High-level project requirements
  • Available project documentation (software architecture, mockups, etc.)
  • Project deadlines
  • Your availability schedule (typically, a couple of hours per week to hold requirements gathering sessions)

Our tech stack

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Frequently asked questions

What are co-managed services?

These services are rendered by a qualified vendor whose specialists work closely with the in-house personnel. The latter is usually responsible for its regular pipeline activities, whereas the outsourcer is called to provide expertise, support, and resources the internal team lacks.

What are the benefits of co-managed IT?

By hiring a co-managed IT team, you will retain control over your workflow and, at the same time, close your internal expertise gap, streamline your back-office IT pipeline, enhance the organization’s agility, stop hunting for IT talent high and low, and obtain a strategic partner to rely on in time of need.

What is a co-management model?

This is a collaboration scheme that involves sharing of responsibilities in pursuit of a set of stipulated objectives. In the high-tech realm, it is leveraged to supplement the meager internal workforce with the skills and resources of an externally managed IT service provider hired to fill the expertise breach.

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