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Project overview

The marketing efforts of any business right now have to be up to the fierce competition. All due to shifting pandemic conditions. Thus, companies and entrepreneurs need to seek more efficient ways to impact target audiences. How to boost the efficiency of one’s efforts? Via specialized software. In particular, when it comes to social media marketing, scrapper tools can bring tons of use. And this is exactly what we had to create for our client - a scrapper orchestration solution, with two separate scrappers for specific social networks (LinkedIn and Facebook). These tools should bring numerous valuable insights to better promote online and optimize business over time as a whole.

Client information

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Business challenge

Social media is the most powerful promotion outlet right now. And modern users are especially demanding as to the ways various businesses attract them with their offers. To get to the core and figure out the most relevant needs and points of interest, we need to gather insights from users’ activity and analyze their behavior patterns, individual traits, activity tendencies, and stuff like that. This allows for the elaboration of the most efficient focused promotion campaigns, which means more user feedback, better brand awareness, and higher popularity as a whole.

Technical challenges

Ultimately, we needed to create a social media scrapper orchestration solution and two scrapper tools. While there are a lot of existing tools of the same nature, we went for a more in-depth approach. The main challenge was to convince the client that we needed to develop authentic tools from scratch to fill the gaps of other existing solutions. The client initially proposed to simply upgrade a readymade open-source solution. However, it was more about the visual representation of orchestrating tools but not about the engine.

Solution delivered

In the long run, our team created the scrapper orchestration tool and two individual scrappers for LinkedIn and Facebook that work from the client’s server. The orchestrating tool allows creating the campaigns and activities planned according to the marketing campaign plan. The solution collects raw data and stores it in the database. We have also integrated the database with a raw data analyzer that helps to analyze big amounts of data. Scrappers for social networks analyze posts and reactions in different social networks and collect the raw data for further analysis.

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Key features

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  • Raw data collection

    The scrappers help extract tons of valuable data which can be put in the foundation of efficient promotion campaigns and business optimization initiatives.

  • Raw data storage

    All the collected raw data is securely and reliably stored in the client’s cloud servers for fast access and simple import/export for analysis.

  • Tools management

    The scrapper orchestration tool is the major solution to manage social media scrappers, campaigns, activities, data storage, and other specifics in one place.

  • Raw data analyzer

    The connected database has an integrated raw data analyzer tool that helps to handle huge amounts of data (structure, process, import/export, and analyze them).

Value to our client

  • Social presence

    Boosted online social presence is achieved through promotional optimization based on specific user behaviors and mindsets extracted through insights.

  • Better campaigns

    With the same extracted valuable user insights, we can build on-point promotion campaigns that can boast extreme efficiency and relevance.

  • In-depth management

    All the promotion campaigns, social activities, social media scraping, data storing specifics, etc. can be conveniently managed via a single tool.

Our tech stack

  • python Python
  • Flask Flask
  • django Django
  • react ReactJS

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