Mobile application design services

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Mobile app design and development are a true game-changer for any startup, business, or established company looking to stay up-to-date and reach the widest audience of modern users possible. A dedicated mobile application nowadays is a powerful tool for boosting conversion rates, expanding the business reach, and engaging more potential customers. Have you already got one? We have all the expertise and experience to create a top solution.

Mobile application design services

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Mobile application design services

User interface design

The user interface or UI is the face of a mobile application, containing all the visual elements (images, backgrounds, content boxes, menus, etc.), most of which set in motion the underlying functionality (e.g., buttons, clickable titles and links, dropdown menus, checkboxes, etc.). We can help you build the most intuitive bridge between the user input and backend functionality via an accessible and intuitive UI.

User experience design

The user experience or UX is how your mobile application “feels” when interacting with it. It defines the way a solution responds to the user input, the smoothness of content delivery, and the overall accessibility of using the app. A well-thought-out, high-quality user experience means eager, satisfied users, which are the cornerstone characteristics of any successful business that our UX designers will help implement.

IOS and Android design

The two top mobile platforms in the market — Android and iOS, have their own development specifics and functionality nuances to be followed when designing a compatible application. We have a team of designers who excel at Flat Design developments for Apple devices, are highly-skilled in open-source software for Android smartphones and tablets, and can create an app to work on both platforms.

Custom mobile app design

Your business — your rules. Tell us your particular goals and needs to achieve with the help of a dedicated mobile app, and share your vision of the most suitable solution. We can help you translate your business attributes and the overall commercial approach into an intuitive, high-performance mobile product. For that, we will expertly build a custom mobile application according to your detailed requirements and desires.

Whatever the purpose or scope of functionality you have in mind — we can handle it. And if you are still unsure what your business needs in particular, we have seasoned specialists to recommend you the best business-boosting option.

Contact us right now to discuss the approximate functionality, scope of work to implement, and costs according to your project. We guarantee to tailor your new dedicated mobile solutions to your niche and personal requirements.

Mobile application design

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Mobile application design

Benefits of our mobile app design services

We provide full-cycle development of mobile apps for any purpose, complexity, and format. Whether you need an exclusive business native app, a lightweight, open-source solution, or a hybrid that would work on any existing platform — DICEUS is an app design company at your service. We employ an extensive staff of mobile software engineering experts that have accomplished dozens of mobile app development projects.

UI/UX best practice

We keep the interfaces we create simple and accessible, consistent with well-tried-and-tested UI elements, strategically tailored to your brand specifics, and filled with comprehensive, selling content. We know from the years of practice how to provide a hassle-free, intuitive user experience that helps lead users through the sales funnel and reach significantly higher conversion rates.

Domain expertise

Our team of app design development specialists possesses in-depth knowledge of the essential aspects of the mobile design niche. We have all the top-of-the-line tools and capabilities to full-cycle develop, optimize, test, and deploy a high-performance app created with your business specifics in mind. We strongly believe that the focused profiled approach helps pinpoint and realize what really matters.

Intuitive design

When it comes to mobile application design, it’s essential to keep everything simple, inviting, and pleasing to the eye. The efficient design grabs the user’s attention right away, keeps them engaged, and motivates people to return to your app repeatedly, turning first-time passersby into potential customers. We will help you “conquer user hearts” with impressive visuals and an easy-to-figure out interface.

High quality

Competitive top-notch end product quality is the highest global priority of our mobile app design company. And we put all the effort into providing it at reasonable costs so that you get the most optimal price-quality ratio in the market. We know for sure what lengths a reputable provider must go to make outstanding offers and outrun the competition, having a whole department keeping up with the market.

Our app design development process

Full-cycle mobile solutions development requires an end-to-end consistent approach and the involvement of several teams of profiled specialists. At our app designer company, we have been perfecting stage-by-stage workflows for years of professional operation in the industry. Keeping up with the ever-shifting market trends and taking up all the challenges, we offer the ultimate reliability of services. Our experts’ knowledge is reinforced and well-proven by the successful completion of 130 full-scale projects.

Business analysisAny substantial, fruitful design project that results in the end product precisely meeting or exceeding your expectations requires thorough planning and preparation. We always focus heavily on laying the groundwork for your future top-of-the-line solution without missing a single detail and working through every step of the way. That’s why we kick off your project with in-depth research of competitor offers and detailed market analysis so that we are able to deliver a niche-defining product based on the best practices and top trends.
Wireframing and mockupsOnce we settle with your requirements and analyses, our seasoned mobile software engineering specialists outline the technical foundation of your future application. Wireframing helps define the basic structure of the solution’s functional core and allocate the efficient placement of design elements. The resulting mockups serve as reference points for our mobile designers to properly fill up your app with traffic-stimulating UI and UX assets. In the long run, a well-structured app is built on a sturdy core.
App design and developmentWe provide mobile application design services to work exclusively on an authentic design of a readymade or to-be-implement solution or build a full-scale application from scratch. Based on the thoroughly outlined wireframe and early mockups, our in-house designers draw up the finalized design assets, come up with the most proper in-app placement for them, and deliver an aesthetically impressive, user-inviting design solution. Working on a full-cycle project, we also implement sturdy functionality and create an app end-to-end.
Design improvementsPolishing up the finished design is a crucial pre-release stage of application development or an extra effort to improve what’s been already released for better user impact. In the first case, we always put the finished design through a bunch of tests with multiple iterations to make sure everything is done at the top level of quality and there are no flaws or bugs. In turn, polishing the released solution, we analyze the early-user impact the solution achieved, see which points of engagement can be fine-tuned, and optimize the app based on that.

What impacts your project duration

DICEUS is a mobile application design company that puts a heavy emphasis on the client benefits, including speed, cost, reliability, and quality of the project completion. Still, there are common aspects that define the time frames of your whole project and future product’s time-to-market.

  • Project requirements
  • Expected deadlines
  • Team composition
  • Chosen technology and platforms
  • Brand specifics

What affects your project costs

We try to offer the most reasonable price-quality ratio by constantly checking competitive market trends. However, if you wish to achieve the most cost-efficient results, it’s crucial that we pay attention to, analyze, and optimize the following points.

  • Project scope and complexity
  • Chosen technology
  • Project completion urgency
  • Engagement model: Fixed Price, Time and Material, Dedicated Team
  • Market analysis if necessary

What we need from your side

In order to ensure the achievement of project results that would fully meet your expectations and require a minimum of changes if any, we need your overall vision of the end product. To make things clear and simple, here are the particular points best to be figured out on your side.

  • Project goals, vision, and roadmap if exist
  • High-level project requirements
  • Project-specific documentation if available
  • Client’s availability (a couple of hours per week for requirements gathering sessions)
  • Market analysis if available

Our tech stack

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Frequently asked questions

What tools do you use for mobile app design?

We provide a wide range of mobile app design services using the essential design and development tools, including Kotlin, Flutter SDK, TypeScript, and JavaScript libraries for native development for iOS and Android, Objective-C and Swift for native iOS-compatible apps, C++, React Native, Xamarin, and Ionic for cross-platform solutions, and more (Flutter, TypeScript, etc.). We compile tech stacks individually for specific projects.

What are the latest trends for mobile app design?

Like any other development and market aspect, mobile app design trends constantly shift and transform. Right now, the demanding mobile user community craves minimalistic visual designs free of excess elements, implementation of interactive and 3D assets everywhere possible, integration of advanced technological concepts, such as virtual and augmented reality, voice search, etc. DICEUS keeps the hand on the pulse of these and other trends.

Why mobile app design matters?

The design of your mobile app is an ultimate immersive element of your whole solution. If the functional core is the app’s skull and the interface is its face, then the design defines specific “facial features” of the solution that make it ever-so attractive and enjoyable. Our application design company puts the efficient design specifics as the top priority of implementing any full-cycle project we get to put our hands on.

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