Mobile and web app development for digital healthcare products

  • Integration-with-the-UK-government-healthcare-system

    Integration with the UK government healthcare system
  • Integration-with-the-internal-system

    Integration with the internal system
  • Staff-and-capacity-management-for-doctors

    Staff and capacity management for doctors

Project overview

DICEUS team helped 6B to accomplish two projects called Optum and Ortus. Optum is a navigator tool for doctors and surgeons in the UK health market. This product was designed to ease the operational hurdles of primary care providers and hospitals. The navigator includes a Patient panel covering all appointments and schedule requests and a Practitioners panel, an admin side of the solution, and a knowledge area for medical practitioners to handle and assign personnel. The client planned to make integrations between these two panels.

Ortus project was about mobile application development to provide, improve, and streamline customers' experience when getting relevant health data. The mobile app is integrated with EMIS Health (the UK government healthcare system). A desktop application aggregating patients' healthcare information should relate to Ortus mobile platform, so a client gets all required data (medical records, laboratory analysis, treatment history) on a mobile app.

Client information

6B is a technology and engineering partner specializing in digital product development. The company’s expertise lies in mobile app, web, and software development. Founded in 2014, 6B has already built more than 100 products. Their clients include Public Health England, ITV, NHS Trusts, and other companies that need to optimize their software systems, grow, and scale with the help of technology.

Business challenge

6B lacked the development capacity and had tight deadlines to accomplish the project. Also, they required experience with HL7 and FHIR protocols and a solid knowledge of .NET Core. Since the company deals with sensitive personal health data, it needed a provider who could ensure a secure coding process. Alignment with the Agile (Scrum) project management environment was also required.

Technical challenges

Among the key technical challenges of the Optum project was the need to combine data from 6 B’s and external data sources. To solve this challenge, we used SQL Views for external system data. While working with the Ortus project, a sensitive third-party tool (DLL file) required the latest 4.8 version of .NET. Our developer raised a separate application (adapter) for it and used that API in the .NET Core application via Refit.

Solution delivered

We developed web and mobile apps for Ortus and Optum projects. These digital products allow doctors to simplify their everyday routine with data management and get the required data about patients’ demographics, consultations, and appointments from the EMIS Health system.

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Key features

img Key-features
  • Staff/capacity management, sandbox, and reporting

    The Optum product allows doctors to manage appointments, holidays, capacities, non-working days, and personal info in the system, whereas admins can manage all static data.

  • Integration with the internal system

    The Optum product was integrated with the internal system of the client. Some values were taken from that internal system, combined, and shown in graphs and capacity/staff management.

  • Integration with EMIS Health

    Ortus allows for getting patient demographics, patient consultations, patient appointments, and data from the EMIS Health system with a RESTful API. You can send PDF documents to EMIS Health, as well.

Value to our client

  • Ortus

    With the provided user credentials, you can connect to EMIS Health System via RESTful API.

  • Optum

    Staff and capacity management of doctors is possible. The product was integrated with the internal clinical system.

Our tech stack

  • Azure Azure
  • aws-1 AWS
  • net .NET Core
  • javascript JavaScript
  • Blazor Blazor
  • Figma Figma
  • GitHub GitHub
  • Entity-Framework Entity Framework
  • React React
  • Automapper Automapper

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