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Through the IT audit software, we can analyze any system or application developed by our clients or other companies. This service helps to identify weaknesses and risks, find out software issues, get improvement suggestions.

Overall, there are four basis evaluation technologies that power the software audit tools:

  • Measuring
  • Questioning
  • Review workshops
  • Validating

Software audit services

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Software audit services

A software audit provides for an independent review of software architecture by external specialists. In our case, we offer a professional assessment of various software parameters and criteria. If you have a digital solution but aren’t sure of its quality, a professional software auditor is exactly what you need as unsuitable architecture may harm business processes, increase unnecessary spending, and limit growth opportunities.

Depending on the client’s requirements, we use different approaches to our services. Nevertheless, our best practice is the Architecture Trade-off Analysis Method or ATAM. It combines different tactics and software audit tools. Through the ATAM, we can assess software architecture and its impact considering requirements and business goals.

Simultaneously, we can adapt our audit approaches. There are more options, for instance, the Cost-Benefit Analysis Method or CBAM. While different options suit different projects, we think that the ATAM is the most versatile strategy for IT audit software. Let’s check the fundamentals of this approach and its advantages.

Benefits from software audit tools

A sophisticated software audit comes with a few core benefits. Regardless of the complexity and general structure of your solution, you can get professional software license audit and other types of assessment. Here’s the software audit checklist of core advantages that you can get by accepting our services:

Custom software improvement recommendations

We’re always ready to share our insights with you. Before, during, and after audit, we can provide our ideas and suggestions related to your software.

New business values based on growth

Thanks to proper audit services, you can easily optimize your business development, knowing key issues and ways to solve them.

Reduced direct and indirect expenses

Undoubtedly, our software audit processes result in the optimization of costs. By improving your software and filling gaps, you can save significant budget portions.

Timely risk identification and mitigation

In case of any problems with security or business growth, our auditors can spot them and notify you. Thus, you can reduce general risks thanks to audit services.

Our custom software audit process

The ATAM helps you to discover issues and problematic decisions through our eyes. The method relies on proper communication between stakeholders. It starts with the right questions that unveil risks, tradeoffs, and related mitigation activities. While the results of IT audit services may include suggested analysis, design, or development activities, the main purpose is not to find the best solutions but to discover risks.

Moving to cooperation, we have four critical stages of the ATAM. Mutual work begins with IT audit consulting, preparations, and discussions. It ends with the final report.

ATAM phase 0: Partnership and preparationThe evaluation team begins working with the client. Our representative gathers information about the customer, the target software system, and the preferred audit methods. This stage is non-technical, it’s all about formal preparation and IT audit consulting. Before moving further, we have to sign the audit agreement and prepare the evaluation team itself.
ATAM phase 1: Initial evaluationTech work begins here. The team focuses on the architecture, analyzes it, gathers information, and begins the top-down analysis with security audit software. This phase includes six steps: present the ATAM, present business drivers, analyze existing architecture, identify architectural approaches, generate quality attribute tree, analyze architectural approaches and define risks, non-risks, sensitivity points, and tradeoffs.
ATAM phase 2: Complete evaluationThe evaluation team continues providing IT audit services, working with more stakeholders. Here, we switch our focus from architecture and move to customers, their points of view, and expressions. Experts verify the previous results, providing the bottom-up analysis. This phase relies on three steps: brainstorm and prioritize scenarios, analyze architectural approaches, present results. After presenting the audit results, the process ends. Analysts proceed to the final IT audit consulting phase that is more formal and concluding.
ATAM phase 3: Follow-upThe final stage produces the ultimate report for clients. Often, it comes as a written document with the detailed audit results, as well as the visual presentation. As well, we’re open to further cooperation. Let’s say, if the results include improvement tips, our team can start the new project to implement them via security audit software and other tools.

What impacts your project duration

Audit software services usually take at least five days. Nevertheless, there are many factors that affect the project’s schedule. Specialists need time to get familiar with the system, identify its core points, run scenarios, and define risks. Your industry matters, too.

  • Project requirements
  • Expected deadlines
  • Team composition
  • The available technologies and platforms
  • The complexity of your system

What affects your project costs

When it comes to budgets, the importance of the project’s complexity becomes even more essential. We can barely predict the total cost before knowing your requirements and goals. Software audit services may start from $5,000, but the upper cap is almost unlimited.

There are a few factors that may increase or decrease the cost:

  • Project scope and complexity
  • The chosen technology
  • Project completion urgency
  • Engagement model: Fixed Price, Time and Material, Dedicated Team
  • The issues and bottlenecks of the existing solutions

What we need from your side

According to the descriptions of ATAM phases, there are a few client tasks. Proper knowledge sharing is essential for audit success. The evaluation team needs to understand how the organization operates and how it works with the analyzed software solution.

To be precise, the next activities rely on the client:

  • Project goals, vision, and roadmap if exist
  • High-level project requirements
  • Project-specific documentation if available, e.g., software architecture and mockups
  • A couple of hours per week for requirements gathering sessions
  • Project deadlines

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Frequently asked questions

What Is a software audit and why is it performed?

The software audit process is a set of activities focused on the all-around analysis of digital solution or solutions. It’s required to ensure that the software works as it has to, all the features are providing values, and there are no potential issues. Auditors also can propose fixes and improvements.

What is a software audit – simple explanation

In a nutshell, the software audit process is similar to plumbing services. You know that you have water pipes and sewerage, but you can’t be sure if it’s working properly. Software auditors come to your home and check everything to find problems and ways to solve them.

How do you conduct a software audit?

Generally, it depends on the solutions and processes in your company. The basis provides for initial discussions and agreements, on-site or remote analysis of the target digital solutions, interviews with stakeholders, actual assessment, and final reports with the audit results.

What is an audit review process?

The basis software audit process is a set of activities divided into subsequent steps. In ATAM, this process includes four phases: preparation, initial evaluation, complete audit, and follow-ups. In other models, processes may differ.

What is the software review process?

Specifically, software review is a bit narrower than a general audit. While the latter may include organization processes, employee interactions, legal things, and other non-tech things, software review focuses on the analysis of computer software only.

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