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Since 2011, DICEUS has gained the specialized knowledge, skills, and experience to deliver high-quality software solutions for various industries. Our technology expertise includes cloud solutions, DWH, RPA, IoT, data analytics, big data, and more.

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Discover our expertise

Advanced technologies can significantly streamline your business: automate processes, improve customer experience, and drive revenue growth. With our 13 years of expertise in various programming languages, frameworks, and technologies, we’ll be happy to help you gain a competitive edge.

Cloud solutions

We help businesses adopt cloud transformation by developing an effective strategy. Whether you need to migrate from on-premises to the cloud or just do cloud assessment, our consultants can help you do this appropriately and hassle-free.

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Data warehouse services

We provide DWH and ETL development services—the outcomes will enable your organization to effectively manage and analyze large volumes of data. If you don’t know what exact assistance you need, start with data warehousing consulting.

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Data management services

Organizing, storing, protecting, and optimizing data within an organization may be daunting. Our company offers comprehensive consulting on implementing robust data management practices to maximize data value to your organization.

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Data science

Our data science expertise comprises experience, skill set, and knowledge of artificial intelligence, machine learning, predictive analytics, and intelligent automation. Programming languages we use for data science projects include Python, R, and Java.

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BI services

We build and implement business intelligence software to ensure faster planning, analysis, and reporting. Our technology stack and expertise include many BI and ETL tools, databases, and analytical servers. Our solutions are tailored to empower businesses with actionable insights for informed decision-making.

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Big data

We offer custom development, consulting on software architecture and analytical tools. Our expertise includes Hadoop, MapReduce, data quality management, algorithms modeling, ETL, data warehousing, etc.

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AI consulting

AI-based solutions simplify forecasting, customer segmentation, data flow and management, and improve fraud inspections. Our specialists can help you implement these technologies appropriately concerning your business specifics.

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Machine learning

ML technology is actively used to streamline real-time decisions, customer segmentation, recommendation systems, data visualization, market forecasting, fraud detection, and more. Our team will identify the most valuable applications of machine learning within your organization.

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Internet of things

We help companies leverage the potential of IoT technology to gather and convert data into valuable insights. Our software solutions can be custom designed for any purpose and device, from wearable devices to complex machines. Check out our Internet of Things expertise.

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We have experience building desktop and mobile applications and middleware for wearables. Our expertise includes apps for fitness trackers, healthcare sensing wearables for personal usage and clinical trials, all delivering high business value and many benefits.

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Embedded systems

We develop embedded software for IoT and human-interface devices while bringing valuable business benefits, such as high performance, low cost, fast loading, and many more. Our solutions are always based on comprehensive business analysis and an individual approach to embedded software projects.

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Augmented reality services

Enhance user perception and interaction with the virtual environment by collaborating with the DICEUS AR development team. We offer augmented reality solutions for retail, healthcare, education, and other industries.

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VR development

Virtual reality opens up new opportunities across various industries. Our team can help you embrace these opportunities with custom VR applications with smooth performance and immersive experiences. Let’s talk about your project!

Computer vision

We build applications and systems that enable machines to perceive and understand visual information. Our services cater to a wide range of industries and applications: healthcare, retail, manufacturing, augmented reality, and more.

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Blockchain solutions allow for eliminating the need for an intermediary between two sides in processes like payments, contracts, and property management. Our expertise includes the application of blockchain for supply chains, digital identity, security, and financial services.

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DICEUS is an official Oracle Partner with robust experience implementing and modernizing Oracle-based projects for data warehouses, databases, enterprise resource planning systems, business intelligence, core banking, and cloud solutions.

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Robotic process automation

Intelligent automation is one of the most trending technologies used by banks, financial institutions, insurance companies, and other business domains. We have experience automating manual organizational activities and increasing operational efficiency by implementing RPA solutions.

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What our customers
are saying about DICEUS

Elena Markova

Elena Markova

Board Member, UNIQA Ukraine

We were impressed by the depth of the UX analysis they did in terms of our customer's research, buyer persona creation, user journey mapping, etc. All the information like research findings, for instance, was presented in a clear form (presentations, Miro boards, clear infographics) so it was quite easy to understand what we need to build and why.

Antoaneta Karagyozova

Antoaneta Karagyozova

CPSO, Fadata

We are happy with DICEUS' software implementation services. The team's workflow is highly effective and professional in all aspects of the engagement. All clearly understand what goals we'd like to reach and do their best to do that as efficiently as possible. Overall, the partnership has been successful.

Phil Reynolds

Phil Reynolds

CEO, BriteCore

The DICEUS team has consistently supported the BriteCore team for many years. Their engineers are well-educated and highly invested in the ongoing quality of the BriteCore platform with sustained relationships that extend over four years. We appreciate everything the DICEUS team brings to the table as a development partner.

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