Expertise we provide

Expertise we provide

Cloud Computing, IoT, Blockchain, Data Science are only a few areas of our expertise. Due to the long experience and versatile skills of our specialists, we are able to develop innovative technology solutions to meet the business needs of our clients.
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how we work

how we work
  • Business Analysis

    We deliver professional value chain mapping to identify your core business needs and come up with a comprehensive analysis of the most critical requirements.

  • Legal Agreement

    Receive all documentation for project monitoring and delivery. Along with legal contracts, you’ll get the work breakdown structure (WBS), metrics, software requirements specification (SRS).

  • Guarantees

    We are focused on project outcomes and guarantee the high quality and performance of the final software product. These guarantees are documented and can be negotiated beforehand.

  • Agile Development

    We adhere to the Agile development principles which means that each SDLC consists of multiple four-week milestones, and our customer can easily monitor the progress.

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  • Precise Conditions icon

    Precise Conditions

    We provide a complete critical path of the project with precise team composition, duration, and requirements.

  • On-Time Delivery icon

    On-Time Delivery

    The SRS documentation is approved and signed by each of the sides. On-time delivery is guaranteed.

  • Quality Assurance icon

    Quality Assurance

    We deliver bugs-free products as our SDLC is supported by certified test and QA engineers.

  • Improved Time-to-Market icon

    Improved Time-to-Market

    With Agile development and project outcome guarantees, your time-to-market can be faster.


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our expertise

our expertise
  • Advances services
    Software Development icon Software Development
    Dedicated Team icon Dedicated Team
    UI/UX icon UI/UX
    Mobile App Development icon Mobile App Development
    Reengineering icon Reengineering
    Software QA & Testing icon Software QA & Testing
  • Great solutions
    AI and IoT icon AI and IoT
    Big Data icon Big Data
    Blockchain icon Blockchain
    Business Intelligence icon Business Intelligence
    Cloud Computing icon Cloud Computing
    CRM icon CRM
    Data Science icon Data Science
    DevOps icon DevOps
    ECM icon ECM
    ERP icon ERP

our portfolio

our portfolio
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  • RiskVille Cloud Solution

    • Insurance
    • Azure Cloud
    • Software product development
    • AngulaJs
    • .Net

    A smart solution that allows managing insurance-related risks, expenses, and claims in one place. The solution allows users to monitor the renewals and notify of the upcoming end date of the insurance policy.

  • BenefitNet Claims Management

    • MS SQL Server
    • AngularJS
    • iOS
    • Android
    • .Net
    • Azure Cloud
    • NServiceBus
    • PowerBI

    A next-gen solution for the insurance and HR industry that provides a comprehensive set of tools to manage employee benefits and policies. It is aimed at automating key HR processes and simplifying the self-service for employees. Users can get access to lots of data including claims and rewards.

  • FSA Benefits Management

    • MS SQL Server
    • ReactJS
    • SSO
    • .Net
    • Azure Cloud
    • NServiceBus
    • PowerBI

    A centralized platform to manage flexible spending and benefits of your employees that is applicable to any type of enterprise and industry. The solution streamlines the work related to the FSA issues.

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