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Diceus is a tech company offering reliable partnerships for creating top-class IT solutions. 100+ developers pool and strong skills base guarantee high performance and scalability of bespoke software. We don’t work according to the hourly rate system. Instead, our specialists are focused on the result. We provide complete business analysis, accurate estimate, and on-time project delivery.

We enable our employees to work on challenging projects and grow professionally in the expertise they prefer. Thus, we make a single team that supports a company in its global growth strategy.
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Our core expertise

Our core expertise

We combine proven methodologies, business domain knowledge, and technology expertise to deliver high-quality solutions. Our expertise comprises the production of both traditional and innovative solutions for different domains.

Our offices

Our offices

Kyiv, Vatslava Gavela bl., 4

Rivne, Soborna str., 1

Alytus, Varėnos g. 29

Copenhagen, Danneskiold-Samsoes Ave. 41

Dubai, Jumeirah Lake Towers

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  • 2011
  • 2012
  • 2013-2014
  • 2015-2016
  • 2017-2018

Founded by a programmer Illia Pinchuk, the company’s first focus was on enterprise-grade software development. Our first customer was a representative of a corporate sector that needed a complex “HR and Insurance” solution. The project team consisted of 5 specialists then. Gradually, the team expanded to more people in order to improve and launch our first large project.

With the rapid development of e-commerce services, we started working on the new e-commerce project. By the end of the year, our company grew up to 15 members. While the number of new projects was growing, we’ve become a fully fledged IT company headquartered in Kyiv.

We started cooperating with some new customers in the automotive and BI industries. We managed to work out effective business processes and quality standards of the services provided. New specialists joined our team. That led to the establishment of new offices in Western Ukraine, Rivne, Lviv, and in Lithuania, Vilnius.

We established an office in Dubai. Since then, we’ve been featured as an international software engineering company providing high-quality services worldwide. We are specialized in .NET, C++, Java, Python, Angular, and Microsoft technologies. Industry focus: insurance, healthcare, finance, HR, automotive, etc.

Our company was ranked as a top web developer by Clutch & GoodFirms. The commercial geography of our customers has reached several continents. Our key projects are located in North America, the Middle East, Asia, and Australia. Our team has become twice bigger and reached 120 specialists today.

Today we work on improving internal processes, building a winning company culture, and developing a successful business to become a global technology partner for market-leading solutions.

What we reached

What we reached

For any customer, it’s important to know the key facts and figures about their vendors. Here are some details about our company including the number of accomplished projects, specialists, offices, and years of experience.

  • 150

    Projects around the world

  • 100

    Specialists involved with ongoing projects

  • 8+

    Years of experience in IT

  • 20

    Countries where we launched successful projects

Our values

Our values



    We are responsible for all around us: managers, clients, team member and their decisions.



    Design game change strategy to achieve target goals.

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    We uphold the highest standards of honesty and deliver on all our commitments.

  • TEAMWORK icon


    Our team is everyone (including clients and partners) who is involved in the project. We help to drive effective collaboration in the team



    Our customers are not only about who pays us. A customer is an internal stakeholder. A customer is setting up the goals and his goals are the number one priority to us.



    We are flexible, innovative and ready to adapt to new business conditions in order to maintain sustainability and vitality of our results.

  • PASSION icon


    We approach everything with fire in our belly and never give up on doing what we believe is right.

our leadership TEAM

our leadership TEAM

We are focused on creating a team in which everyone is valued, where everyone is focused on the result and understands the importance of their efforts.

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Illia Pinchuk


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Dmytro Kazymir


team photo

Illia Vydysh


Illia Vydysh


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Mariia Dobrovolska


Mariia Dobrovolska


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Corporate social responsibility

Corporate social responsibility

Along with the employee assessment system, we introduced mentorship programs, PDPs, and experience workshops to facilitate professional development, better career planning, and higher productivity.

  • Mentorship Programs

    We regularly offer our employees the opportunity to participate in organized mentoring programs to get specific skills or knowledge to move up in work, enhance skill level, or increase performance.

  • Personal Development Plans

    Our specialists have personal development plans that can enhance the qualities they hold within the company. With a well-organized PDP in place, all the team members can improve their knowledge and skills, and plan their career properly.

  • Experience Workshops

    We organize experience workshops as a collaborative effort of professionals who want to share their experience with others. During these workshops, we focus on specific skills and innovative technologies in software development.

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Our Portfolio

Our Portfolio

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  • BenefitNet Insurance Solution

    A complete solution that provides HR professionals and insurance specialists with essential tools for the efficient and organized administration of their employee benefits programs. We have created a product for insurance companies and brokers that can automate their key business processes.

  • FSA - Benefits Management Solution

    A perfect system for both executives and workers to manage and monitor flexible spendings. We created the unique enterprise product which can completely automate FSA-related collaboration and engage people to use benefits deliberately.

  • InsuBiz Insurance Solution

    A single database that helps manage customers and business records as well as track all the insured and self-insured assets. It is aimed to organize and streamline all the processes related to risks, claims, and insurance in one system.

  • Teambase HR

    A complete human resources management system with lots of features and user-friendly interface that can improve the entire workflow in any organization. We have created a sophisticated HRMS that combines a set of tools and processes to ensure the effective management of data and human resources.

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  • Teambase HR demo screen

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