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We at DICEUS, believe in the power of technology

— it can help your business resolve many industry-related challenges and seize new opportunities. Our experience shows that companies refreshing their software systems and investing in new technologies grow faster.

We have been developing software since 2011

Along the way, our teams obtained solid expertise in custom software, cloud solutions, web and mobile development, design, and testing. DICEUS experts provide audit and strategic IT consulting to guide you through software ecosystem optimization and transformation.

by more than 60 customers globally

DICEUS is a fast-growing software development company. We are named top software developers by Clutch and GoodFirms regularly.


More than 105

successfully delivered and launched software projects for enterprises

More than 250

highly-experienced and certified analysts, developers, designers, QA engineers


offices and delivery centers globally in Ukraine, Denmark, Lithuania, UAE, KSA ​


in Eastern Europe to have provided access to the Customer Portal to track project execution ​ ​

The services ​we offer

We provide high-level software development services, design, and testing. Below you can find the services according to your IT needs:


The Services ​We Offer

Our mission and vision

We strive to build technology solutions that will allow our clients to focus on core business. DICEUS sees a business world where processes are automated, risks are managed, customers are satisfied — let’s build this world together!


Here at DICEUS, the development processes are designed to bring business values as effectively as you expect. Our expertise in various industries is combined with a quality-driven delivery model — they together allow us to overcome challenges and needs facing your business.

our mission and Vision

Our mission

Deliver high-quality software on time, on scope, on budget.

20 reasons ​to choose diceus

A one-stop place for software development

Design and build cloud solutions, custom software, web, and mobile applications. You get these services in one place, along with testing, QA, IT consulting, training, technical support, and maintenance.

Transparent project control in the Customer Portal

You get access to a unique portal that generates all the data on your project. Here, you will be able to find all the technical, users’, legal, and payment documentation; track the progress, receive notifications and news, and contact us directly.

Immediate start of the project

Got business analysis? If yes, we start immediately in 4-6 days after the agreement is signed. If no, we gather all functional and non-functional requirements to create specifications and then start to develop.

Just-in-time project delivery

Our processes are so consistent that we guarantee you’ll get your project done on time. Critical Path Analysis and Work Breakdown Structure will help you track even a tiny task.

The surefire success of your project

Don’t trust an unknown vendor until you get a complete package of papers. Remember, you need both technical and user documentation with detailed descriptions of the software and guidelines on how to use it.

Quality is the main focus

Quality of the code and correct requirements are as critical as how well your solution works. Track how the requirements are aligned with your vision using a traceability matrix. Reviews, cross-reviews, and SonarQube ensure the high quality of code.
All types of testing
All QA standards are followed. Different types of manual and automated tests are run. Unit, integration, functional, and end-to-end, regression tests are used to ensure that the released product functions appropriately.
Certified project manager and personal assistant
The managers that lead the projects have PMI certificates. Besides, you are guided by a dedicated account manager. It means you are always on the same page with your development team.
More than 200 qualified developers with fluent English
All developers pass a series of interviews with HR and technical leads before joining our teams. They undergo obligatory onboarding to get familiar with the projects they will be involved in. Everybody speaks English fluently.
Round-the-clock availability
Have questions? Just drop a line or call to get a quick response. Our working hours and even days are flexible. You communicate with your team via the channels you prefer.
From low to high client engagement
Be ready to spend at least 5 hours of your time per week. This time will be spent on getting the information that is meaningful for the project execution. However, you are welcome to be fully involved.
Reports as regular as “The New Yorker’s” newsletter
You regularly ask your friend “Howdy?” Don’t ask us - we are proactive and send reports on project status according to an agreed schedule.
Flexible options to pay
You can choose either Fixed Price or Time & Materials or a Dedicated Team. Depending on the choice, you get detailed information on the payment procedure.
The total cost of the project is clear
The price depends on the number of functionalities you would like to be implemented. It also depends on how thoroughly market research was conducted and initial requirements were collected.
Control of spendings vs requirements
With regular project status reports, you know how much you spent. You can even track how much it took to develop a particular module or functionality. Once you’re going to modify something, you know how much it costs.
A few days to scale up a team
It takes only 4-6 days to extend your team. It’s so easy and quick because we have 10% of developers on the bench as well as a vast database of junior to senior developers.
Security is a DevOps’ responsibility
Security is taken into account from the very start. DevOps ensure safe deployment to your environment, cloud, or on-premises. They also take care of backup, disaster recovery, rollback, high availability, scalability.
Testing your software before you accept it
After the deployment tests, we run user acceptance testing (UAT). It is aimed to discover if the end product is really what you asked for. You test the product in real-world conditions and give your feedback.
Support options and maintenance
3 options to get ongoing technical support: on-call, 24/7, and during business hours. Maintenance is available anytime as we continually store the source code, requirements and architecture documents, and all the risks.
End the partnership at any time
If you decide to stop the engagement, we ensure a complete handover of the knowledge. You will easily receive all the project documentation as we keep this data in a project-specific repository.
  • Control your project with metrics

  • Choose a suitable engagement model

  • Get an on-time software delivery guarantee

  • Benefit from well-defined QA processes

  • Get access to an extensive talent pool

  • Partner with us for end-to-end development

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