Full stack development services 

Full-stack development services provided by DICEUS offer excellent efficiency, flexibility, and the potential to streamline and improve application development and deployment. We provide companies and organizations with a one-stop shop for all their application and development needs. Our advanced full-stack technologies help customers consolidate resources, reduce costs, and provide a greater sense of cohesion and efficiency in app development. 

Full stack development services: Our expertise 

Front-end development services 

As a part of our full-stack development services, the front end implies designing various intuitively graspable and user-friendly elements such as buttons, menus, and other elements of user interfaces. Our engineers apply their unique expertise to positively impact the user experience and overall look and feel of any software product developed. 

Back-end development services 

Our back-end development services allow customers to handle the more technical and functional aspects of their software products – such as storing and accessing data, managing payments and transactions, and ensuring security and reliability for the end user. Our experts create components requiring high programming and technical knowledge, such as protocols, servers, databases, and the software code itself. 

API/System integration

With our API/System integration services, customers acquire an invaluable inter-program and inter-system communication and collaboration tool. An API is an interface that allows for the exchange of data and information between multiple systems, while system integration is the process of connecting different systems and integrating them into a single, unified network.  

UI/UX design 

Under our top-notch full-stack development services, we enable customers to create efficient and appealing-to-user products and services with robust UI/UX design. We help them achieve an engaging user experience by considering and integrating various UI/UX aspects, such as usability, accessibility, and visual design. Our designers help create homepages, menu bars, buttons, and other crucial components for success in the modern digital landscape. 

Data migration 

With our data migration service, we help businesses or organizations avoid the potential risk and hassle of losing important data and information as they switch to a new operating system or platform. Data migration provided by DICEUS is a crucial component of any system or platform upgrade – it makes for smoother transitions, less downtime, and improved security and reliability. 

Cloud transformation 

Adopting cloud-based platforms and technologies within full-stack development services can be an ideal way of maximizing the potential and value of a development project. Our cloud migration service provides increased efficiency, flexibility, and scalability – as well as improved security and reliability – all of which can result in a superior overall outcome for our customers and their end users. 

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Why choose DICEUS as your full-stack development team?  

Our programming engineers are highly specialized in their training and development to bring a wealth of knowledge and experience, making them indispensable contributors to any full-stack development team. Working with DICEUS helps customers achieve the overall success of their full-stack development projects as we ensure the smooth and efficient development and implementation of a complex, scalable, and reliable end product. 

Cutting-edge technologies

Our development engineers are highly-skilled experts in the most up-to-date technologies, such as cloud-based or API-integrated solutions, AI/machine learning platforms, blockchain, and the like, that are practiced with Agile development methods enabling us to maximize the potential and value of any full-stack development project. 

Constant striving for innovations  

Our continuous exploration of new creative avenues and possibilities is the driving force that helps our engineers push themselves beyond their limits in achieving the best possible balance between the resources they spend and the level of performance they deliver to our customers when providing full-stack development services. 

Partnership with major IT providers 

Our long-lasting partnership with Microsoft, Oracle, and Google Cloud enables us to use and leverage these large and influential companies’ resources, expertise, and infrastructure – thus providing a robust and valuable platform to build a successful full-stack development practice and operation. 

Expertise in enterprise-scale solutions  

Our deep expertise in developing and deploying large-scale, complex, and resilient full-stack solutions helps our customers handle the massive amounts of data and business processes required by complicated enterprise-scale operations while keeping them scalable and flexible to be adapted securely.  

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Your full-stack development team 

Hiring our dedicated full-stack development team ensures that the customers derive the utmost value and benefits from their full-stack development investment. Our full-stack development engineers enable customers to streamline and automate the tasks and processes involved in managing and implementing full-stack solutions, ultimately helping the customer save time, money, and effort. 


Developers are responsible for the actual programming work, such as writing and implementing the code necessary for the front-end and back-end components under full-stack development services and creating the required integrations and connections between different technologies and data sources. 

Test Engineers  

QA specialists are responsible for the testing, evaluation, and validation of any full-stack solution with running a wide range of tests and processes, such as unit tests, integration tests, performance tests, and more – all aimed at ensuring that the solution meets quality and reliability standards, and works correctly as intended in a real-world environment. 


Designers are responsible for the design and development of the visual components and elements of the solution, as they create a user-friendly, intuitive user experience and a visually appealing design that represents the company or organization’s brand. 

Business Analysts 

Business analysts provide a crucial link between the technical and business side of a full-stack development project as they are responsible for gathering and analyzing various business and project-related information and data to understand the specific requirements and goals of the project. 

Project Managers  

Project managers play a critical role in the overall success of full-stack development as they ensure that team members have all necessary resources and information, monitor progress towards project goals, and resolve any issues or challenges that may arise along the way. 

Product Managers  

Product managers work closely with technical teams, including programmers and designers, to ensure that the product is technically viable, feasible, appealing, and user-friendly for the end user. 


2011the year DICEUS was established
130projects delivered successfully
8offices around the world
GlobalDelivery Center in Poland
250full-time tech professionals
100IT services available

Benefits of our full-stack development services 

Full-stack development services provide a cost-effective and efficient way to develop and deploy complex and scalable solutions without needing multiple external providers or vendors. As a full-stack development agency, DICEUS offers a variety of benefits to businesses or organizations, such as a high level of quality and reliability, scalability, flexibility, and adaptability to drive success and further growth in a competitive and dynamic market. 

Agile project management  Our agile project management greatly emphasizes adaptability and collaboration between stakeholders and team members. This approach is well-suited for full-stack development, as it allows for rapid and continuous iteration and improvement of the overall solution and the ability to adjust and adapt to changing requirements or market conditions quickly. 
High quality guaranteed Our full-stack development services can guarantee the quality of your end product by ensuring that a high level of quality control and standards is maintained throughout the development process. We provide rigorous testing, quality assurance, and thorough deployment planning – which can help identify and resolve any issues or bugs in the code early. 
On-time project delivery  Clear and well-defined communication and collaboration with stakeholders and regular status updates and reporting help keep the development process on track and the project moving forward. Our effective time management and prioritization ensure that the development process is always completed on time and efficiently. 
Bespoke solutions The inherent flexibility and scalability of our full-stack development approach imply any project to be easily adapted and adjusted to the customer’s specific requirements and preferences, allowing for the creation of a customized and tailored solution based on those requirements. The ability to develop and offer bespoke solutions is a significant advantage of our full-stack development services that drives success and growth within a business or organization.  
Transparent cooperation All our team members effectively communicate with each other, share information and progress, and ensure that the overall project is on track and running smoothly and efficiently. Our emphasis on transparency and communication ensures that all stakeholders are kept informed and engaged in the full-stack development process enabling us to foster productive collaboration.
Technical support and maintenance  We always have a dedicated and experienced technical team in place and a well-defined set of processes and procedures for technical maintenance and support. They include a robust and well-implemented monitoring process, regular updates and maintenance of the full-stack solution, and a comprehensive and well-documented system for responding to and resolving technical issues and challenges. 


What do full-stack development services imply?   

Full-stack development services imply a comprehensive and specialized approach to software and web development, in which a dedicated team of professional developers and engineers is responsible for creating and implementing a complex and scalable full-stack solution from A to Z. It includes planning and prototyping, coding and developing, testing and debugging, deployment and implementation, support and maintenance. Full-stack development services aim to leverage a combination of cutting-edge technologies, techniques, and platforms to create a reliable, scalable, and adaptable full-stack solution meeting the customer’s or organization’s specific needs and goals. 

How much does full-stack development cost? 

The cost of a full-stack development project can vary significantly, depending on some factors such as the specific project or solution involved, the level of complexity and scale of the project, the required timeline and schedule, the level of expertise and experience of the development team, and the specific technologies and platforms being used. Generally speaking, a full-stack development project can cost from tens of thousands of dollars up to hundreds of thousands, depending on the goals and expectations of every particular customer.  

What can be a full-stack development example? 

An example of a full-stack development project could be an e-commerce application, which involves a complex and intricate full-stack solution that combines various technologies and platforms, such as mobile technologies, cloud-based or API-integrated systems, AI/machine learning techniques, database management systems, and more to deliver a comprehensive and scalable e-commerce platform. It includes supporting and processing multiple transactions, managing multiple user accounts and permissions, creating product listings and inventories, processing payments, and managing customer relationships and interactions. 

Do you have dedicated teams?  

Since DICEUS is a professional full-stack development agency focusing on dedicated teams, we have. Our typical dedicated team for full-stack development includes a range of technical and creative professionals, such as programmers, developers, designers, testers, project managers, business analysts, product managers, product owners, scrum masters, team leads, and others. This team is responsible for the end-to-end creation and implementation of a complex and scalable full-stack solution, which requires various technical and creative skills and knowledge. Such a dedicated team works collaboratively to ensure the successful development and deployment of a high-quality, reliable full-stack solution. 

What kind of reporting do you provide? 

We usually provide several different forms of reporting that fit well with a full-stack development project or solution. They include various reporting and tracking mechanisms, such as project status and timeline reports, user engagement reports, metrics and analytics, and user feedback and satisfaction reports. They help manage and track the overall progress of the development project, from planning to deployment, allowing for effective time management, resource management, and course correction, as needed. The reports can provide a clear and comprehensive overview of the project status at any given time, helping to ensure that the development process stays on track and that the end product or solution meets the desired standards and requirements. 

Do you have full-stack developers for hire? 

In addition to dedicated teams, we have individual full-stack developers to hire. They have a comprehensive and flexible skillset, which allows them to create and implement complex and scalable full-stack solutions. They can leverage various technologies and platforms while solidly understanding user and business needs. Besides, our full-stack developers can help drive efficiency and collaboration within a team or organization while also bringing creativity and innovation to the development process. 

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