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Fleet management software development

A custom fleet management solution tailored specifically to the needs, goals, values, and other underlying attributes of your business is a real game-changer in the times of templated e-commerce and supply management systems. A solution like that will ultimately boost your long-term RoI, fleet productivity, user data and BI security, scalability, and demand tendencies. With proper expertise and enough experience like we possess at DICEUS, we can build something truly unique, created from scratch individually for your brand.

Logistics data analytics and reporting

In terms of fleet management system development at DICEUS, we prioritize in-depth work with data, focusing on thorough data analytics and reporting when it comes to logistics. Well-optimized, calibrated logistics result in the ultimate long-term success of the supply chain you maintain. We will help you outline the best new routes based on the statistical and historical data (as well as other logistics data) to save more essential costs and bear less unnecessary expenses through specialized integrations.

APIs and software integration

A fitting API properly integrated with the supply chain or fleet management system enables extensive optimization, performance, productivity, and connectivity opportunities. We have the expertise to build and integrate solutions that ultimately centralize and interconnect all your supply chain features and tools, both technical and collaborative. Sky’s the limit with the custom fleet management software development approach provided by seasoned specialists with extensive portfolios highlighting outstanding creations across industries.

IoT solutions for fleet management

To add an innovative touch to how you usually handle things and expand the efficiency of your supply chain and fleet performance even further, we create IoT solutions for fleet management. Using metrics-generating beacons and sensor devices firmly connected to the real-time data processing centralized network does wonders in terms of managing widespread fleet points. On top of that, the Internet of Things presents one of the trendiest toolsets, which will also make a great push for your marketing efforts and brand recognition.

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Benefits of our fleet management system development services

Expertise in latest technologies

The IoT, Artificial Intelligence, VR and AR, Big Data, telemedicine – at DICEUS, we do it all. Our specialists regularly boost qualifications with the help of specialized courses, both in-house and during work trips. We keep in tune with the best market practices, technological updates, and innovations that can help us make your fleet management even more hassle-free, convenient, and profitable.

Proficiency in cloud services

Cloud technologies are the future of data processing and storing that we already have. Based on the latest cloud capacities, we ultimately reinforce your level of data protection, help efficiently handle intense flows of data, grant smooth scalability, enhance collaboration capabilities, and reduce lots of costs in the long run. We can either help you integrate with a cloud provider or build a cloud software system from the ground up.

Flexible cooperation

To guarantee the highest end project quality and cut out all the unnecessary risks and expenses, we offer flexible models of collaboration, considering your business specifics, budget, particular preferences, and other deciding factors. Whatever the type of workflow that fits you best, we will surely come up with the smoothest conditions to deliver on our service quality guarantee.

On-time project delivery

With years of professional operation in the market and a perfect grip on the best fleet management app development practices, we can guarantee on-time project delivery. As much as every other project is unique and requires an individual approach, we never miss a chance to speed things up with a well-tried-and-tested scheme of completing the workflow.

Our fleet management software development process

Requirements gatheringOnly a thoroughly planned project can result in a truly sturdy, user-friendly solution. Knowing this firsthand, we start every project with in-depth preliminary research and requirements analysis. This involves discussing all the minor and major project specifics with the client, settling all the collaboration specifics, conducting business and market analysis, researching the TA, and outlining milestones and goals.
Low-fi and high-fi designOnce we gather all the requirements and get on the same page with the client, the basic design and a prototype of the future solution can be assembled. Our designer teams outline the basic software architecture of your fleet management system, app, or another piece of software. This includes the outline of major interface elements, color schemes, visuals, content representations, and lots of other front-end goodies.
Development and testingWith the design “carcass” ready and done, our programmers and software engineers start filling it up with the functional “meat” and setting things in motion. This involves hardcoding and integration of all the required features, elaboration of all the moving parts, optimization of capabilities, and lots of backend coding and calibration. The result is then thoroughly tested via multiple manual/automated testing iterations and polished up.
Deployment and supportOnce we have a finished working product that meets the client’s expectations and satisfies all its purposes perfectly, we don’t drop it, helping you introduce it to your market niche “with a bang”. This means proper deployment in the required operational area for the smoothest initial traffic flow accumulation. In the post-release phase, we also help you maintain software updates and handle other support tasks since we know the created software by heart.

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What impacts your project duration

The total duration of every other project depends heavily on the underlying specifics and scope of the workflow. We have the expertise it takes to provide fleet management app development services quite rapidly. But here are the main factors influencing the duration of your project.

  • Project requirements
  • Expected deadlines
  • Team composition
  • Chosen technology and platforms

What affects your project costs

The final cost of your end product depends on multiple deciding factors. We can help you achieve the most optimal pricing ratio based on your particular needs. Keep in mind that the following aspects mostly form the pricing.

  • Project scope and complexity
  • Chosen technology
  • Project completion urgency
  • Engagement model: Fixed Price, Time and Material, Dedicated Team

What we need from your side

We take full responsibility for every stage of the process. Our specialists have enough experience and are savvy in initiating and finalizing major project workflow stages. But you can help us achieve the best results by timely providing the following input.

  • Project goals, vision, and a roadmap if available
  • High-level project requirements
  • Project-specific documentation if available
  • Client’s availability for weekly gathering session

Our tech stack

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Frequently asked questions

What are the basic modules of fleet management solutions?

The ultimate number and types of modules necessary to implement in a fleet management software solution may differ greatly based on the underlying project specifics. For all we know, we can integrate as many different modules as you wish. The most essential things we’ll need to integrate in terms of your fleet management system development, however, include fuel management, routing, shipment management, vehicle maintenance, drivers’ management along with the features they provide (engine idling, route mapping, delivery schedule, and dispatch, remote diagnostics, drivers’ behavior monitoring, etc.).

Can you recommend a suitable tech stack for our project?

At DICEUS, we provide a full cycle of fleet management software development, including post-release product maintenance and support. To handle all this work, we have savvy specialists with immense experience in an extensive stack of relevant technologies. Based on the analysis of your business, requirements, and other underlying project aspects, we will outline the most fitting tech stack tailored specifically to your project goals and needs.

Do you provide IT staff augmentation for project scale-up?

Apart from classic models of cooperation with the in-house team and dedicated format, we also offer outsourcing and staff augmentation opportunities. If you already have a project in progress but lack some bits and ends of expertise, we have a pool of specialists waiting to jump in and help you polish up the whole workflow. This will surely help you in the difficult time of project-defining decision-making where a true professional’s touch is a must.

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