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    Project management
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    Data decentralization
  • a blockchain solution for vlantana ico service digitalization

    Service digitalization

Project overview

Currently, blockchain-powered solutions are beneficially used in a wide range of niche businesses. Companies and enterprises simply cannot miss out on the reinforced security and reliable cost-saving opportunities this advanced technology provides. In particular, the trucking industry can use blockchain and smart contract capabilities to optimize many underlying specifics and save lots of costs to both employers and employees.

Client information

Vlantana is a large-scale Lithuania-based trucking company that specializes in logistics and transportation serving industrial, commercial, and consumer supply chain needs. The main business spotlights for Vlantana include logistics innovation and high-quality services for any eager client. The company has industry-specific standard and reputable qualification certificates.

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Business challenge

Small business owners and self-employed truckers can experience lots of trouble connected to pre-financing, administration, and payments as a whole. To make their life easier, we set out to implement a solution that reduces the time required for all such procedures by enabling the storing of documents in the blockchain network, which speeds up and firmly protects all payments as well as helps reduce administration costs.

Technical challenges

The main goal of the project was to automate the underlying commercial processes with Smart Contracts by implementing a dedicated blockchain-based solution. Thus, we needed to enable payments settling via digital currency, allowing Vlantana platform users to purchase special tokens for initiating transactions and paying for freight services. The scope of technical work at hand implied building a complex logistics-dedicated blockchain platform.

Solution delivered

The blockchain logistics platform for Vlantana is a powerful, performance- and cost-optimizing tool for truckers looking for employment as well as businesses requiring profiled logistics services. The ability to go through contractual execution and make the underlying payments for transport documents via Smart Contracts and with dedicated storage makes such procedures utterly simple to handle, fast, and protected with advanced software capabilities.

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Key features

a blockchain solution for vlantana key
  • Smart contracts

    Blockchain enables the ultimate security of all the assets stored and transacted due to advanced Smart Contracts protection.

  • Digital currencies

    The platform supports multiple digital currencies for making convenient, fast, and protected logistics transactions in real time.

  • CMR management

    An electronic CMR is reliably stored in the blockchain where payments are released only upon the respective Smart Contract fulfillment.

  • Intuitive interface

    The interface of the implemented solution is simple to grasp for any interested user, be it a trucker or a business representative.

Value to our client

  • Project management

    The DICEUS team took on full-scope management of the project and its final delivery specifics.

  • Service digitalization

    With the implemented platform, we basically transferred the logistics opportunities Vlantana provides to the digital format.

  • Data decentralization

    With the help of blockchain, valuable, business-defining data is well protected via decentralization capabilities.

Our tech stack

  • AngularJS AngularJS
  • HTML5 HTML5 
  • nodejs NodeJS
  • Solidity Solidity

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