System integration services

What we offer

At DICEUS, we deliver software integration services, focusing on creating new business values, and improving IT infrastructure. We offer tech advisory, custom development, custom and ready-made APIs and software solutions integration. Make your disparate systems run like clockwork.

System integration services

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System integration services

System integration consulting

DICEUS is a system integration company providing IT consulting for enterprises that need to connect various sub-systems into one well-functioning mechanism. Our experts will consult you on how to do that in the most efficient way. A discovery phase will help define the best strategy, tech stack, and team composition for the project.

Service-oriented architecture

Align your business objectives with your company’s IT environment. We deliver service-oriented architecture services and solutions, providing many benefits to your organization, including enhanced information flow, configuration flexibility, ability to quickly build new functionalities, advanced integration capabilities, and many more.

Data migration

We help businesses organize their data across disparate data sources and databases for improved information consistency and quality. We also design and build modern data warehousing solutions, modernize your existing DWH systems according to current business logic and end-user needs.

API connection

Align multiple systems using API integration services. We offer custom API development and ready-made solutions integration for a wide range of business applications and functions for a more efficient workflow and higher productivity. Our expertise includes REST, JSON, XML, SOAP.

Efficient information usage across organizational systems increases productivity and optimizes business processes. It is possible to gain such efficiency through improved interoperability of your software and IT integration services.

We offer system integration services and solutions to ensure your seamless access to multiple data sources and well-defined information flow.

Software system integration

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Software system integration

Benefits of system integration solutions

System integrator companies in the USA and Europe offer the most comfortable conditions of cooperation. Our clients always have a clear vision of results and know the project release date beforehand. Learn what benefits we have for you.

Strong expertise

During more than ten years, we have been delivering enterprise system integration services to small and million-dollar businesses in various niches. Thus, our team can provide you with professional consulting on your specific project and ensure end-to-end execution.

Predicted outcomes

We adhere to well-defined delivery processes to assure our clients that the expected results will be delivered as projected, within the scope. You get a 100% high-quality software guarantee and full guidance by a certified PM within the project execution.

Project control

We continuously provide reports on project status, deliverables, and metrics. If required, we provide you with access to Jira where you can track changes, get notifications, and access the required project and financial documentation under one roof.

Free strategy

We have a good option for those having no idea how to start their projects. The session with our experts can help you get a step-by-step strategy for your development ideas for free. You will get many useful materials to kick off. If you are interested, please send your request.

Custom IT system integration services

We analyze your business models and IT infrastructure to deliver the most effective solution. Our goal is to improve the datum quality and consistency inside your organization and increase compatibility across disparate software applications. The scope of system integration services includes system analysis, system assessment, IT infrastructure modernization, and custom software development based on project requirements. For more information, read the next sections or contact our team for free consulting.

System analysisEach project starts with a comprehensive analysis that serves as a basis for further solution design and architecture, time and cost estimations. Our IT integration services are aimed at identifying the project’s business challenges; based on findings, we offer the respective technology solution.
System assessmentAfter the analysis stage, you get comprehensive documentation with detailed recommendations and offered solutions. The latter is built to increase agility, reduce costs for IT maintenance, and improve data quality.
IT modernizationWe deliver IT infrastructure improvements as part of system integration or legacy application modernization services. Our experts will explore your current IT landscape to prepare it for a smooth integration process.
Solution designWe deliver custom software development and implementation services for integration purposes. Based on functional and non-functional requirements, our specialists will create software requirements specification and confirm it with you.

What impacts your project duration

The service delivery time depends much on the following factors:

  • Functional and non-functional requirements
  • Expected deadlines
  • Team composition
  • Chosen technology and platforms
  • Integration strategy

What affects your project costs

The total cost of any IT service depends on the points below.

  • Project scope and complexity
  • The chosen technology
  • The chosen integration platform
  • Project completion urgency
  • Engagement model: Fixed Price, Time and Material, Dedicated Team

What we need from your side

Every enterprise is unique so that we may need different things from the client’s side. We highly recommend starting with a discovery phase, also known as the business analysis phase. It allows us to determine what outcomes you actually want to see at the end and how we can do that in the most effective way. So, we will tell you how many people you will need, what technologies should be used, how much time your project will last, etc. So, traditionally, for the first calls, we will need the following things from you.

  • Project goals, vision, and roadmap
  • High-level project requirements
  • Project-specific documentation if available, for example, software architecture and mockups
  • Your availability (a couple of hours per week for requirements gathering sessions)
  • Project deadlines

Our tech stack

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Frequently asked questions

How do you integrate systems together?

To harmonize your systems, first off, we start with determining all processes and their relationships. Afterward, we can come up with the best suitable integration solution.

Why is system integration important?

System integration is important for ensuring consistent data flow, effective collaboration across departments, better business intelligence and reporting.

What tools do you use?

We have expertise in various integration platforms, database and reporting technologies, and cloud computing. Our stack includes a great number of programming languages, web frameworks, databases, libraries, etc.

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