Big data consulting services 

The proper realtime analysis, management, and usage of business and client data is the bedrock of success for any modern enterprise. However, today, the amount of information is so huge that even the best software utilized to work with it can't guarantee the favorable outcome of your data handling endeavor. By commissioning high-quality data consultancy services, your company can make sure you get the best value from the data processing solutions it employs. 

Big data consulting services we provide 

Nowadays, many organizations have a data warehouse equipped with a range of business intelligence systems and tools. DCIEUS, as a competent big data consulting company, will take your BI analytics to a new level and increase its efficiency manifold by providing professional advice in the following areas.  

Big data implementation strategy 

Random attempts to harness the power of big data are doomed to defeat. Big data experts of DICEUS will offer their recommendations on the full cycle of the design and implementation of big data programs, starting with devising a roadmap and picking a relevant tech stack and ending up with the development, deployment, and consistent support of big data products.  

Big data app development 

If you aim to launch a big data app, our vetted big data consultant will accompany you on this journey. In close collaboration with your staff, they will outline detailed functional and non-functional requirements for the solution, develop a proof of concept and a prototype, create a UI/UX design, and deliver a full-fledged product.  

Consulting on big data analytics 

Unless you can analyze the collected information adequately, it is of little use. Our data consultancy will enable you to translate your hoarded records into valuable insights by helping your organization build fast, scalable, and cost-efficient analytics solutions with intuitive dashboards where the security of your data is the top priority. 

Big data integration 

Even top-notch big data products fall short of their purpose if they exist as standalone solutions that operate independently and don’t play well with other enterprise software. We will unite them into one system and provide their seamless integration with your existing IT environment, creating a single point of truth for all departments.  

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Benefits of big data consulting 

Companies leveraging big data in their shop floor activities often suffer from insufficient expertise, lack of coordination, poor data assets visibility, data security issues, and disproportionate expenditures. We can help you eliminate these flaws and usher in the following perks. 

Improved decision-making  

Having all relevant information at your fingertips 24/7, you will be able to plan your tactical and strategic moves, choose the best course of action to take, assess consequences, forestall risks, and consider viable alternatives to the initial scheme.

Efficient resource allocation 

Calculating and far-sighted entrepreneurs can’t afford to waste the valuable human, financial, technical, and other resources they have at their disposal. With qualified data consultancy, they will be able to direct them where they are most needed and minimize their inefficient utilization. 

Enhanced customer experience 

A satisfied customer is the ultimate goal of any business. By analyzing clients’ behavior and discovering their tastes, preferences, concerns, and pain points, you will cater to all their whims and turn them from one-time shoppers into loyal customers. 

Optimization opportunities 

When you have a comprehensive picture of your organization’s pipeline drawn with its internal performance data, you understand what cogs in this mechanism require greasing or replacement. Armed with this knowledge, you can take corrective steps to improve the situation. 

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Our approach to big data consulting 

Strategy development This is a kind of discovery stage when we study the current state of the IT environment our customer leverages. Also, we conduct communication sessions with them to learn the challenges they want to address by recruiting our assistance and the deliverables they expect to receive as an outcome of our cooperation. 
Data collection and integration When we know what to steer by, we begin to assemble available company dossiers from all internal and external sources the organization relies on. These records are unified and homogenized within one virtual venue (data lake), laying the foundation for their further processing for operational and analytical purposes. 
Data analysis and modeling Here, our data experts leverage multiple analytical tools to sift through, inspect, and evaluate data we have collected to discover patterns and regularities in the datasets. To facilitate this analysis, they resort to creating various data models whose architecture is honed to enhance understanding and support the employed analytical techniques.  
Implementation and deployment When data models are designed, they are turned into code by our programmers or by the customer’s in-house IT staff under our guidance and supervision. After the data solution is completed and thoroughly checked to avoid bugs and malfunctions, it is geared into operation.  
Monitoring and optimization We don’t call it a day after your new big data environment goes live. At the post-deployment phase of such projects, we stay with our customers as long as necessary to observe and control the initial stage of the product’s functioning, give advice and recommendations as to its usage, and introduce corrections to ensure the seamless operation of the data solution. 


2011the year DICEUS was established
130projects delivered successfully
8offices around the world
GlobalDelivery Center in Poland
250full-time tech professionals
100IT services available

Why choose DICEUS? 

Industry expertise

During 13 years of our presence in the IT market, our specialists have accumulated a vast store of knowledge and hands-on skills in delivering big data consultancy services to insurance, banking, healthcare, retail, logistics, and other companies. 

Custom solutions

There are no two identical use cases for the big data solutions we develop, so we tailor our products to the requirements of each client to maximize their efficiency and yield fast ROI. 


Discovery phase

Architecture and design


Testing and QA



Our tech stack

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Frequently asked questions about big data consulting services

What are the typical challenges in implementing big data solutions? 

While setting up big data software, its developers should take thought for managing massive amounts of data, integrating data from multiple sources, ensuring its quality and security, providing the system’s scalability, and choosing the right big data tools. Competent big data consulting firms can efficiently address such challenges. 

How may big data help my business make better decisions? 

When you have the entire scope of information about your customers and internal workflow at your disposal, your decisions will be highly knowledgeable. Using the data as actionable insights, you will be able to plan your business strategy based on solid and objective factual material. 

Is my data secure with a big data consulting provider? 

The security of your company’s data is protected by the contract you sign with the consultancy provider. In addition to a non-disclosure agreement, which is typically a part of the contract, you can request data security reports and evidence (like incident logs or audit results) to be delivered to you on a regular basis. 

What technologies are commonly used in big data solutions?

Big data software relies heavily on Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), deep learning, and the Internet of Things (IoT). Besides, big data experts make extensive use of NoSQL databases, data lakes, R programming, and Apache stack (Spark, Hadoop, Flume, Hive, Kafka, etc.). 

What is the typical duration and cost of a big data consulting project? 

Every project is unique. To arrive at a definite figure in both duration and budget, you should take into account project type, scope, complexity and requirements, expected deadlines, the tech stack and team roster necessary for its implementation, and the engagement model (Dedicated Team or Time & Material) according to which the vendor will deliver its services. 

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