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Project overview

Maritime management is a highly responsible field that sets the stage for all maritime transportations, voyages, shipments, and plain old sailing. And this field may have been lacking more advanced, technologically-driven input lately. In particular, many still neglect to implement software powers to investigate and analyze the main causes of certain maritime accidents and happenings while this is a major way to prevent tons of dangerous, often, lethal circumstances. That is exactly why our client offers a universal platform for progressive maritime management set in motion by specialists with in-depth expertise in the field of maritime accident investigation, software design and development, and delivery of services.

Client information

Scoutbase is a Danish provider of professional maritime management services with a both practical and ideological philosophy. The guys know how numerous big maritime accidents can be prevented, and they are keen on sharing that knowledge with anyone setting out on a sea trip of any sort and purpose. For this, the Scoutbase platform addresses human factor-driven mistakes and helps prevent costly accidents, compliance issues, unreasonable resource management, etc. The company tries to focus on the core reasons for issues to happen in the first place, offering a complex approach to making marine traffic safer and smoother.

scoutbase web project development and optimization img project overview

Business challenge

Our client’s existing maritime monitoring and management platform is one that grows and adapts to shifting market conditions over time. Which is only reasonable, given the Scoutbase is really concentrated on establishing itself as a major provider of crucial services in a non-so-well-explored niche. For this, every small part of what users see and manipulate when they launch the platform must be polished out. And this should be reinforced with a sturdy and capable backend so that everything works error-free and friendly. This is exactly what we needed to handle to revitalize a bit the existing platform.

Technical challenges

The biggest patch of work for our team was to go through a number of pinpointed user interface elements, fix any major or minor issues, change certain objects the way the client wanted, and improve a bunch of other elements in the best way according to our expertise. Thus, menus had to be optimized, menu icons had to be revamped, lots of main menu elements had to be reworked either completely or tweaked in a minor manner. At the same time, our backend software engineers were also working on certain core backend mechanisms.

Solution delivered

We did a lot of work on the frontend elements that might seem small yet they predefine the total success and efficiency of the whole solution when properly tied up and optimized. Thus, we scaled out-of-date menu icons, fixed tagging issues that were in hand, optimized dropdown functionality, tweaked responsiveness rates, made the main menu scrollable and smoother as a whole, fixed headers, and removed unnecessary cumbersome objects. Some other major tasks included replacing anchors to Link all dashboards, refactoring path structures (which also implied adding, configuring, and optimizing pages), and validating to date in the chart for randomly generated dates.

scoutbase web project development and optimization img solution
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Key features

scoutbase web project development and optimization img key future
  • Improved menus

    There were occasional dropdown menu dysfunctionalities and either lacking or cumbersome menus that were optimized.

  • Better responsiveness

    We tweaked the overall responsiveness rates of the solution to reach 13 inches and higher indicators.

  • UI/UX improvements

    An essentially new level of user experience should be achieved with thoroughly revamped UI/UX elements.

  • Code optimization

    Our specialists reworked huge patches of code to achieve a clean, readable low-level software infrastructure.

Value to our client

  • Frontend optimization

    All major interface elements and functional user objects are synced and optimized where possible for a better user experience.

  • Backend optimization

    Frontend changes were backed up by thorough work on the major backend elements to tie everything together and set things off.

  • Backend database

    We also did a good patch of work on restructuring and improving the performance of the main backend database of the solution.

Our tech stack

  • GraphQL GraphQL 
  • aws-1 AWS
  • Zeplin Zeplin 
  • Dynamo DynamoDB 

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