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IoT application development

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IoT application development

Today’s global market of IoT application development empowers vast and complex interconnected networks that set in motion and ultimately improve manufacturing, energy, transportation, as well as common retail, supply chain, and healthcare capacities across industries and niches. This is a true game-changer technology employed by large service providers and individual entrepreneurs alike.

And we can help you boost the efficiency of your Internet of Things tools and infrastructures further with our field IoT expertise backed by years of profiled experience. We will help you set up a smoothly running, high-performance IoT network from the ground up, integrate required IoT solutions with the existing infrastructure, optimize your up and running IoT environment, and more – all at reasonable rates.

Benefits of IoT application development

The ultimate benefits of IoT app development include the ability to cut significant management costs (especially when it comes to manufacturing hardware or healthcare personnel management), achieve higher workflow productivity rates, analyze individual users’ behavior more in-depth, and even streamline workplace safety. At DICEUS, we reinforce all that with the benefits we provide individually for our customers.

Vast technology stack

We have an extensive staff of professionals specializing in tools for mobile (Android, iOS), web (HTTP, REST API), cloud (Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, AWS), and proprietary (Arduino, Raspberry Pi) development. We also cover all the underlying network connection technologies, such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, RFID, NFC, and more. And if that is not enough for your project, we will integrate any related tool you need or create a custom solution from scratch that would focus on particular project-running tasks and efforts.

Flexible cooperation

To make your Internet of Things app development project as efficient as possible and guarantee high-quality results, we always go the needed length to achieve the most convenient cooperation conditions. We offer flexible collaboration formats, including full-on staff team hiring, outsourcing, staff augmentation, etc., along with a common selection of engagement models – Dedicated Team, Fixed Price, Time and Material, as well as custom options to fit your particular needs and purposes. We will surely figure out the best option.

Project transparency

In terms of every project we kick off, we always settle all the cooperation specifics beforehand and seal everything with the official deal, so no hidden costs or unexpected workflow bumps appear in the process. We also give you full control over any workflow aspects, give you a dedicated project manager to keep you in tune at every step of the way, and highlight all major and minor tasks completed in regular reports. We are interested in ultimately satisfying your project needs and goals, so giving you full access is a must.

10-year experience

Throughout the course of our professional operation in the market, we have successfully implemented and finalized hundreds of proprietary, web/cloud, and mobile IoT app solutions that drive dozens of progressive startups and businesses all over the world. During our professional career, we have also gathered a strong and reliable pool of IoT app developers with some of the highest qualifications in the field that work for outsourced, staff augmented, and dedicated team-run projects alike. We can confidently say that we know how to do our work.

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Our IoT app development services

We offer a wide range of IoT development services, from IoT mobile app development based on the common market trends and standards to authentic, in-depth custom solutions of any other format based on your particular project specifics.

Custom development

No matter the scope and complexity of the required solution, there can always arise a need for an original, custom-created software or hardware asset, part, element – you name it. This helps stay in line with the detailed requirements and achieve exclusive product authenticity when it comes to completely custom solutions. We can also create and add custom integrations to existing Internet of Things applications or even implement original tools for tackling project-specifics issues and optimization aspects.

Hardware and middleware

As you probably know, Internet of Things mobile applications and web or proprietary solutions are used to manage interconnected devices or hardware solutions. If you lack the hardware required to complete your IoT infrastructure, we can develop it for you too. And if you have the hardware but you still need to integrate it with the IoT and “activate” its interconnectivity capacities, we can create a responsive middleware that will set your devices in motion. All this is, again, done either based on common standards or custom.

Edge computing

Proper employment of edge computing techniques allows optimizing data processing routines, significantly decreasing the size of usual data packages. With this approach in hand, we can help you eliminate costly downtime occurrences by tackling latencies and smoothing out data transferring from devices to the software infrastructure and back. We will ultimately help you achieve high speeds of data transfers and sturdy connections by optimizing your IoT system by enabling proper time-sensitive data processing models.

IoT integration

Leading the job to an end, we properly integrate the IoT application we developed for you, deploying it in the most efficient way performance- and cost-wise. Our IoT application development company provides well-elaborated approaches to structuring business-boosting IoT infrastructures. We can also help you integrate a readymade solution with the idle IoT infrastructure. And when it comes to system optimization, we know which additional integrations to add to the complex IoT solution to make it faster and better.

What impacts your project duration

We need to thoroughly prepare for your project implementation, settling all the formalities and outlining the project workflow. In particular, these are the main aspects affecting the overall project duration.

  • Project requirements
  • Expected deadlines
  • Team composition
  • The chosen technologies and platforms
  • IoT infrastructure complexity

What affects your project costs

Depending on the specific format of your IoT solution, the final cost of IoT application development services may differ dramatically. These are the factors setting the price.

  • Project scope and complexity
  • Chosen technology
  • Project completion urgency
  • Engagement model: Fixed Price, Time and Material, Dedicated Team
  • IoT configuration and integration requests

What we need from your side

We are trying to keep every project workflow subsequent and based on the best practices. You can help us achieve the best results by providing the following individual points.

  • Project goals, vision, and roadmap if exist
  • High-level project requirements
  • Project-specific documentation if available, for example, software architecture and mockups
  • A couple of hours per week for requirements gathering sessions

Our tech stack

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Frequently asked questions

What is your experience in IoT apps development?

DICEUS has been a professionally running IoT mobile app development company with gradually expanding scopes of services over time for more than 10 years. Throughout our career in the field, we helped set up sturdy, smooth-running IoT infrastructures and boost the regular workflow efficiency in all sorts of businesses across industries. We are ready and willing to help you achieve the same.

What technology do you use to develop IoT apps?

The final project development stack depends on the specific nature of your project. But we usually employ standard wireless connection protocols such as HTTP, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, RFID, and others combined with OS-specific platforms – Android or iOS if we are working on a mobile solution, and so on.

What are the challenges of IoT solution integration?

The main challenges include proper structuring of the infrastructure and coupling with the required devices as well as achieving firm security of wireless data communication. Thankfully, we have enough experience to handle the first two challenges via individual adjustments and the latter via employing well-tried-and-tested security transfer protocols.

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