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    Centralized access

Project overview

Personal and corporate security can be significantly reinforced with the help of new advanced software and hardware solutions. Remote control, personalized access, data and item storage can be safely managed via specialized applications. This is especially relevant when you have to manage a retail store. People need accessible, modern means of remote control, which should go beyond using a smartphone as a TV remote control. A number of interconnected can be managed via one app for universal convenience.

Client information

The Gunnebo Group is a Sweden-based global provider of advanced hardware and software solutions and services for controlling valuable assets, including finances, individual valuables, and even staff members. Companies, establishments, and regular people from over 25 countries employ Gunnebo services to improve the security of their belongings, introduce efficient inventory management, or optimize the overall workplace functionality.

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security solution for gunnebo img project overview

Business challenge

Modern retail management needs a serious update. Beacons, remote-controlled doors, locks, and alarms of all sorts, and other solutions are readily provided by Gunnebo for stores to enhance and improve functionally. Another question was providing convenient, intuitive controls for all that equipment. For that, a centralized application seemed like a perfect idea. The capabilities it provides are especially relevant in the times of the ongoing pandemic when direct contact between customers and specialists must be minimized.

Technical challenges

We needed to build a feature-rich, extensive yet smoothly operating mobile solution based on the complex .NET microservices architecture. Xamarin forms and .NET were the essential tools in the core of the project. The app required commercial functionality, an accessible interface that ties many individual elements together, and optimization according to the existing Gunnebo retail security and management solutions.

Solution delivered

Gunnebo Security Solution is a big application for business automation and retail management with extensive device management capabilities. It can be used to control Gunnebo products that are already integrated in a store or a supermarket, manage in-house specifics, and remotely access various sales funnel-pushing elements in retail chains. The app is a smoothly-running, user-oriented business management assistant optimized for both iOS and Android devices.

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Key features

security solution for gunnebo img key future
  • License-plate recognition

    Users can order a product online and get automatically recognized as a customer on the store’s or storage parking lot.

  • Online orders

    Individual Gunnebo services and products can be conveniently, rapidly ordered via a user-friendly mobile application.

  • CCTV automation

    Smart automated recording, editing, and viewing features can be integrated with Gunnebo CCTV systems.

  • Device connection

    The app can be readily used to manage and connect with a huge number of Gunnebo products a retail store employs.

Value to our client

  • Business automation

    The single mobile app can be used by a retail chain or a supermarket to reach a new level of in-house workflow automation.

  • Simpler management

    Managing the underlying retail aspects and efforts becomes that much simpler when you have an all-in-one solution on a smartphone.

  • Centralized access

    Multiple users can access the same functionality tied to the same devices for a more thorough in-house control.

Our tech stack

  • xamarin Xamarin Forms 
  • net .NET Core Microservices 

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