HIPAA compliance consulting services 

HIPAA compliance refers to the adherence to the regulations and standards outlined in Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, which primarily focuses on protecting the privacy and security of individuals' sensitive health information.

The privacy and security of personal data are the top concerns of people in our internet-reliant age when information about anyone seems to be in open access on the web. In the realm of healthcare, private and sensitive patient data protection is ensured by the 1996 Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Each healthcare organization and insurance company dealing with health insurance must be compliant with its regulations to avoid hefty fines, penalties, or even criminal charges. HIPAA consulting by DICEUS will help you avoid any complications in this matter. 

Our HIPAA compliance services 

The legal sphere is a rather intricate and often confusing field, making head or tail of which without the guidance and assistance of qualified HIPAA compliance companies is a serious challenge for any medicare or insurance firm. HIPAA experts of DICEUS and our HIPAA compliance solutions will help you navigate this domain by providing the following services. 

Penetration testing and vulnerability assessment 

The chief security threat to any IT system comes from cyber criminals who attempt to penetrate it and steal data. Our specialists will imitate real-life hacker attacks on your infrastructure and software to expose weaknesses, identify their nature (logical defects, architecture flaws, design inadequacies, etc.), prioritize them according to the severity of the risk they pose, and outline a roadmap for eliminating them. 

HIPAA security awareness and training 

Even the most secure IT environment may fail to resist penetration if the personnel that operate it are negligent or unaware of existing threats. Our competent HIPAA compliance consultant will check the level of the employees’ knowledge on the subject, evaluate their working habits and practices that have an impact on cyber security, and conduct in-depth training of stakeholders who have access to data handling. 

Risk analysis of data 

We conduct a comprehensive audit of the security of records your company relies on in its workflow, assess the quality of the risk management policy it employs, pinpoint its shortcomings, and offer a complex of measures to doctor them. After such measures are implemented, we monitor the performance and report on the efficiency of the steps taken to forestall any risk of data leakage. 

HIPAA compliance consulting 

Our experts providing this kind of advisory services cover all needs of an organization related to administrative and technical HIPAA requirements. They determine ways of reaching complete HIPAA compliance, issue recommendations on designing and developing HIPAA-compliant software, help with migrating to a HIPAA-compliant environment, and more. 

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Benefits of being HIPAA compliant 

Abiding by HIPAA regulations is a must for all actors working in the field of healthcare. Violating them will result in greater security risks and possible security breaches. A failure to conform to standards will bring about increased regulatory scrutiny from authorities, incur fines and litigations, and entail reputational damage. If you stay HIPAA compliant, you will enjoy the following boons. 

Enhanced data security

Proactive risk management measures and enforcing the security of a company’s IT environment will help avoid data leakages and all adverse consequences they may have. 

Legal conformity

When you follow all regulations, you rule out any possibility of legal actions against your organization and avoid fines or penalties resulting from them. 

Patient loyalty

HIPAA compliance manifests your readiness to safeguard your clients’ privacy and security, and patients are sure to appreciate it. 

Partner trust

By adhering to the top security standards and legal regulations, you will position your organization as a prudent and reliable partner, cooperation with which is safe and risk-free. 

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Why choose DICEUS 

Selecting a competent vendor that provides HIPAA compliance services is a no-nonsense task since you must consider numerous factors that give a company the edge over its rivals. What makes DICEUS an excellent choice for a HIPAA compliance consultant?  

More than 12 years in the healthcare software development marketOur experts have delivered numerous projects for medical organizations, so we know this niche inside out. 
Qualified and certified specialistsConsultancy requires top-notch technical and organizational skills to draw upon, and the seasoned mavens of DICEUS are proud to possess a wide array of competencies they hone constantly. 
The customer-first approach we practiceWe prioritize our customers’ interests, so we are ready to meet them halfway regarding communication schedules and channels and welcome any feedback they have to maximize the value of our cooperation. 
The choice among two engagement modelsYou may opt for the Time and Material or Dedicated Team model depending on the nature of the services you need or your preferences in cooperation style. 


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What is HIPAA compliance consulting? 

It is a scope of services aimed at reaching total conformity of an organization (typically a medical or insurance one) to the standards stipulated by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. Such consulting covers various aspects, including risk analysis and management, security assessment of infrastructure and software, implementing protected health information (PHI) security measures, and teaching personnel HIPAA compliance and security awareness. 

Why do healthcare organizations need HIPAA compliance consulting services? 

If they fail to comply through neglect or by intention, medicare companies will incur fines and other penalties from national healthcare authorities and face criminal charges from disgruntled patients whose personal or sensitive data was compromised. To avoid such consequences, hospitals and other medical organizations need qualified advice and guidance from experts in this field. 

How much does HIPAA compliance consulting typically cost? 

It depends on the scope of consulting services you commission. A complete package can range from $13,000 to over $1000,000. Anyway, it is never a chump change issue, but you should remember that this price considerably outweighs the expenditures you will have to defray in case of non-compliance. 

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