IT infrastructure services 

In an age of the across-the-board advent of Industry 4.0, big-time success is conditioned not only by the entrepreneurial talents of CEOs and employees but also by the smoothly functioning IT environment of the company. If you want to focus on the business aspects of running your organization, it is wise to outsource managing your digital assets to a vetted IT infrastructure service company. 

IT infrastructure services DICEUS provides 

The high-technology environment of modern enterprises is a complex combination of software, hardware, and network system. Our team can ensure a wide scope of your operations, seamless performance, utmost security, and efficiency by rendering the following infrastructure IT services.

Consulting on IT infrastructure 

While your personnel can be smart IT infrastructure users, its proper design, handling, and maintenance require special expertise. Our IT infrastructure consulting services cover a thorough evaluation of your current high-tech environment and the development of a comprehensive strategy aimed at keeping it fully operable and issue-free in the long run.  

Support and helpdesk services 

Since a company’s digital ecosystem is a many-faceted structure, its users may have numerous questions about the functioning of a new application, ETL solution, or device leveraged in pipeline activities. Infrastructure services in IT provided by DICEUS include 24/7 support and consulting of personnel regarding any element of your high-tech environment. 

IT infrastructure management 

IT infrastructure management services are the core of the roster of technology infrastructure services we offer. Our leading experts tackle the full cycle of measures related to planning, implementing, administration, transformation, monitoring, risk mitigation, testing, security protection, and evolution of all digital assets and the IT ecosystem as a whole. 

Managed IT infrastructure services 

You have a choice of commissioning IT infrastructure services from our dedicated team on a turnkey basis or reinforcing the work of your internal IT department with the efforts of DICEUS’s seasoned mavens. Whatever approach you prefer, we guarantee close collaboration between our experts and your in-house employees for the common cause of your infrastructure’s excellence. 

Cloud infrastructure services 

Old-school on-premises infrastructure leaves on borrowed time, being unable to provide the scope and flexibility of IT operations future-oriented organizations seek. Being aware of this fact, we emphasize harnessing cloud infrastructure and offer services as to its design, deployment, performance optimization, monitoring, support, and upscaling. 

Cloud migration and integration 

Hydrating the cloud is always a laborious venture that is especially challenging for organizations that rely on huge amounts of data in their workflow. Our specialists will help implement it end-to-end, starting with the assessment of data to be moved and the development of migration strategy down to executing the process and ensuring seamless integration of all elements of the new environment.  

IT security services 

Nowadays, cybercrime is experiencing its heyday, wreaking havoc across all digitally-driven industries. Realizing the financial and reputational damage enterprises can incur due to data leakage, we provide a range of protective and preemptive steps, such as security audits and penetration testing, to expose infrastructure vulnerabilities and eliminate security gaps.  

Data storage and backup solutions 

Enterprise and customer data are the most valuable assets of any company. They become primary drivers of business success when adequately stashed, managed, and utilized. DICEUS designs and develops high-quality DWH and ETL solutions that provide safe data storage, processing, management, backup, and retrieval to enhance the efficiency of your shop floor operations.  

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What sets DICEUS IT infrastructure services apart from competitors 

The contemporary digital market is oversaturated with companies offering various outsourced IT-related services to organizations in different fields. Why is DICEUS a perfect choice of a high-tech vendor to deliver IT infrastructure services for your enterprise? 

ExperienceWith 13 years of presence in the niche, we have accumulated enormous experience in providing IT infrastructure services to retail, insurance, banking, healthcare, and other ventures. 
Top talentsOver 250 competent and certified specialists whose wide skill range enables them to tackle an IT infrastructure project of any scope and complexity.  
Result-oriented teamsOur commitment to results, where quality and timely delivery are two touchstones with which we measure the success of our products. 
TransparencyThe client-centered approach we practice prioritizes flexibility in setting up communication channels and schedules, informing our customers about the project’s progress in regular reports, and openness to discussing rates and engagement models. 

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IT infrastructure consulting by DICEUS 

One of the hallmarks of a first-rate IT vendor is the existence of a well-established pipeline of delivering various niche services. Our long-time experience in providing IT infrastructure services to multiple organizations allowed us to devise a three-stage strategy we stick to when dealing with such projects.  

Assessing the client’s needs and requirements At this preliminary stage, also known as the discovery phase, we hold meetings with stakeholders and perform in-depth research to learn the organization’s business goals and expectations regarding the character and range of services they commission, as well as the current state of the infrastructure we are hired to optimize, update, or transform. 
Designing IT infrastructure solutions All the information we have received at the previous phase we turn into actionable insights which we rely on in outlining the plan of IT infrastructure revamping, designing and developing the software and hardware to be leveraged for it, and envisaging the seamless integration of all elements of the company’s ecosystem to play well with each other. 
Implementing best practices and industry standards Every enterprise is unique in its scope, range of business goals, target audience, and IT landscape it employs in its workflow. Yet, there are some universally recognized standards and time-tested practices that guarantee the success of IT infrastructure endeavors. The seasoned professionals of DICEUS are aware of them and prioritize such methods and approaches to accomplishing IT infrastructure projects.  

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What are IT infrastructure services? 

This umbrella term encompasses a wide range of services aimed at providing smooth functioning of an organization’s IT ecosystem. Such services cover consulting on IT infrastructure, support and help desk assistance, IT infrastructure design, implementation, transformation, and management, cloud infrastructure services (including cloud migration and integration), infrastructure security support, and the creation of data storage solutions. 

How can you ensure the security of our IT infrastructure? 

We harness the best practices of providing IT security infrastructure: utilizing strong passwords and encryption, performing risk assessment, implementing endpoint security, observing security compliance standards, monitoring network traffic, regularly updating software, and limiting access to network infrastructure to authorized persons only.  

Can you help with IT infrastructure upgrades without disrupting our operations?

To upgrade IT infrastructure without disrupting the regular workflow of the organization is possible when our experts assess the risks and implications of introducing updates, obtain an in-depth awareness of the infrastructure elements to be upgraded, work out a meticulous strategy of introducing changes, and leverage automation tools to perform the upgrading.  

How do I get started with your IT infrastructure services? 

First, you should audit your organization’s infrastructure and pinpoint problem areas and elements that underperform. Then, you should form the vision of the IT ecosystem you want to obtain and define your functional and business requirements for future solutions. When you know what to aim for, you contact us, and we allocate human and technical resources to perform the tasks you set for us. 

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