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Mobile banking solutions are crucial for financial institutions now. As customers become more dynamic, they prefer to access core services through apps. Even websites are becoming less demanded because people focus on smooth native experience. When your clients can check balances, send money, pay bills, or find ATMs in a few clicks, they appreciate your effort. Hence, mobile banking software is one of the best investments you can make right now.

It’s not a secret that almost every modern bank has dedicated mobile banking apps. But ask yourself a few questions:


Is your mobile banking client-friendly? Can users find the feature they want easily? Do they enjoy working with your app?


Does your mobile banking solution have key features? For example, can a client take a photo of his/her passport and apply for a loan? Can a client set a payment schedule?


Is your mobile banking application flexible enough? Is it possible for you to add new features in 2-3 days without extra spending?

What We Offer

Diceus is a global technology partner for banks. That’s why you can get various services in terms of mobile banking solutions, not only development of new products. Apart from it, we optimize legacy systems, upgrade them, add new modules, change applications to make them compliant with central banks’ regulations, design architecture and UI/UX, migrate data, help with software audit and business analysis, and so on.
You can check a few typical services from our offerings. But don’t forget that we focus on custom cooperation, so you can contact us at any time and request the service you need.

Anti-fraud modeling

Mobile apps should be safe. We offer custom anti-fraud tools, reports, monitoring modules, as well as upgrades to meet new rules from central banks.

System architecture optimization

You can get improved modules so your internal experts will be able to add new processes or change existing ones in a few days.

UI design and development

This service makes the general look and interface of your mobile banking system polished and user-friendly.

UX design and development

Apart from UI, we provide UX services. They ensure that your application is understandable and that clients can find everything they need quickly. 

You can get any requested feature or module added to your application. The most popular and demanded functions differ a bit for individual clients and SMEs:


  • Registration
  • Identification
  • Deposit application
  • Card application
  • Card management
  • Loan application
  • Loan repayment
  • Money transfers
  • Money withdrawals
  • Payment templates
  • Bank communication
  • Spending tracking
  • Currency exchange


  • Money transfers by a phone number
  • Mobile phone refill
  • Payments of utility bills
  • Payments for services


  • Money transfers by a phone number
  • Mobile phone refill
  • Payments of utility bills
  • Payments for services

How We Deliver the Services

With us, you get a reliable and standard-driven approach to mobile banking software development. According to the dev lifecycle, we start any project with initial analysis. This stage helps us to understand your business better to deliver exactly what you need. After requirements gathering and planning, we design, develop, test, and implement the application. Upon request, we can change the approach to speed up certain phases or dedicate more time to them. Depending on the end-users of your mobile app, we can offer different focuses:

For businesses

Omnipresent digitalization is typical for various businesses today, especially SMEs. However, mobile banking software for business clients is pretty rare on the market, so you can get significant competitive advantage by developing one. Through mobile apps, SMEs can perform financial and salary management, accounting, money transfers, and other critical business operations. They become simpler and faster thanks to mobile.

For individuals

Apps for individual customers are more popular nowadays. Still, a lot of banks don’t have the required level of functionality, performance, and reliability. You definitely should get a new application or upgrade your existing solution if you want to attract more clients. We offer user-friendly design, responsiveness, all the required features: balance management, bank products, transfers, cash withdrawals, etc.
Regardless of the target audience, all mobile banking applications developed by our team are tailored and reliable. They come with the required functionality. In other words, you can be sure that your individual clients will be able to easily pay utility bills and send money via mobile. Simultaneously, SMEs will get convenient solutions for salary management and business invoices. Our apps have attractive design with responsive elements thanks to our UI/UX expertise. They also can be changed quickly if you need it. It’s critical for a bank to be able to make the necessary changed in any software to comply with new regulations. Just reach us, describe your request, and we will change the mobile app accordingly.

What Impacts Your Project Duration

To develop or upgrade any mobile banking software, we need from 6 to 9 months on average. Exact terms vary greatly. You can get a small project with a few updates to your existing app completed much faster than a complex one with custom development from scratch. The more features you need, the longer it takes to develop them, as a rule.

What Affects Your Project Costs

Mobile banking solutions can be different in terms of scope and complexity. Costs can be different, too, respectively. There are three core factors that affect the total cost:

  • API availability and the number of integrations.
  • Functional requirements – the requested features and modules.
  • Non-functional requirements – the desired security, reliability, performance.

What We Need from Your Side

As long as the majority of banking processes rely on core banking systems, it’s crucial to prepare your API. Hence, your primary responsibility is to provide access to API integrated with the core banking platform. Furthermore, it’s a good idea to provide at least two team members from your side to ensure knowledge transfers and efficient communication.

Our Tech Stack

  • tecnhologies icon .NET
  • tecnhologies icon Android
  • tecnhologies icon Kotlin
  • tecnhologies icon Java
  • tecnhologies icon Corezoid
  • tecnhologies icon Flutter
  • tecnhologies icon iOS (Swift)
  • tecnhologies icon React Native
  • tecnhologies icon Xamarin

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