Outsourced .NET development services 

DICEUS offers a comprehensive range of .NET development services to help businesses leverage the power of Microsoft's robust framework. With our expertise in this technology stack, we provide seamless solutions and deliver exceptional results for clients across industries. If you need to outsource .NET development, you are just in the right place! 

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.NET development consulting 

The first stage of outsourcing NET development is always consulting. Our experienced consultants work with clients in-depth to understand the specific requirements and identify the most suitable approach for given projects. We offer expert guidance on leveraging the capabilities of the .NET framework, choosing appropriate technologies, designing scalable architectures, and ensuring optimal performance. 

End-to-end .NET development

At DICEUS, we excel at delivering end-to-end solutions by harnessing the full potential of Microsoft’s powerful ecosystem. We have skilled developers with field experience in building custom applications using various components within the .NET framework, such as ASP.NET MVC, WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation), Windows Forms, Entity Frameworks Core (EF Core), and more.  

Enterprise software

With a deep understanding of enterprise-level challenges and complexities organizations face today, DICEUS specializes in developing robust business-critical software applications powered by .NET technology. Our experts create scalable systems tailored specifically to meet your unique business needs.  

We leverage advanced features like cloud computing, service-oriented architecture (SOA), and microservices to build efficient, distributed, and highly secure platforms. With an emphasis on scalability, reliability, and security, your organization can gain significant competitive advantages through our cutting-edge enterprise software solutions. 

Support and maintenance 

Apart from general development, we also provide ongoing support and maintenance services, ensuring smooth operations of your existing or newly developed applications built with .NET. Our team of talented professionals is available at all times to tackle any issues, provide bug fixes, and perform regular updates.  

We follow industry-standard practices for software maintenance, including proactive monitoring, performance optimization, and security enhancements. Our goal is to make sure your .NET applications remain robust, secure, and up-to-date. 

You can safely outsource .NET developers: all our experts are practiced and qualified! We follow the industry’s best practices throughout every stage of software development – requirement analysis and planning; design and architecture; coding and testing; deployment and integration – to ensure our client’s vision transforms into a high-quality product that meets all objectives. 

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Benefits of outsourced .NET development services 

Outsourcing NET development services can bring numerous benefits to businesses looking to build or enhance their software applications. By partnering with a reliable and experienced offshore team, companies can leverage the advantages of NET development outsourcing while focusing on their core competencies. Let’s explore four key benefits of .NET development outsourcing services. 

Cost savingsOne of the primary reasons why organizations choose to go for outsourcing is cost savings. By working with an offshore team, businesses can reduce labor costs without compromising quality. Offshore developers often offer competitive rates compared to in-house resources, making it more affordable for companies to develop robust and scalable solutions. 
Access to top talent.NET developers outsourcing allows access to a global pool of skilled professionals specializing in different technologies like Microsoft’s .NET framework. These experts possess extensive knowledge and experience that may not be readily available locally due to skill shortages or high hiring costs. 
Increased efficiencyPartnering with an outsource asp NET development team enables efficient resource allocation as they handle all aspects related to recruitment, infrastructure setup, project management, and maintenance tasks associated with application development projects. 
Improved time-to-marketWith dedicated teams focused solely on your project requirements round-the-clock across various time zones, outsourced .NET development ensures faster delivery cycles, reducing time-to-market for products or features updates. 

Why choose .NET for your project? 

Developed by Microsoft, .NET offers several benefits that make it an excellent choice for building robust and scalable applications. So, before you decide to outsource .NET development, take a look at those. The top reasons to opt for .NET development include the following:

Cross-platform compatibility

With the introduction of .NET Core, Microsoft’s open-source, cross-platform framework, developers can now build applications that run on Windows, macOS, and Linux operating systems. This means you no longer have to limit your user base to a specific platform but can expand it across different devices and environments. 

IDE support

Visual Studio IDE provides comprehensive tools for developing .NET applications efficiently. It offers features like code completion, debugging capabilities, and integrated version control systems such as Git integration so teams can collaborate seamlessly while working on projects together. 

Scalability and performance

The runtime execution environment provided by the Common Language Runtime (CLR) ensures high scalability in handling concurrent users’ requests without significantly compromising performance levels compared to other frameworks available in the market today. 

A rich ecosystem with libraries

The vast library collection known as Framework Class Library (FCL) and NuGet package manager integration within Visual Studio IDE simplifies accessing ready-made solutions created by other developers who contribute their work through open-source platforms like GitHub or CodePlex.

In addition to all benefits mentioned above, one cannot underestimate the advantages offered exclusively by using C# language alongside ASP.NET Web API – which allows the creation of RESTful services, quickly deploying them to cloud-hosting providers Azure App Services, making sure infrastructure management doesn’t become burdening task due having dedicated team handle low-level complexities involved maintaining servers physical hardware along with software configurations ensuring uptime reliability never jeopardized by external factors beyond one’s control! 

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Our development process 

At DICEUS, we follow a structured and efficient development process to ensure the successful delivery of high-quality software solutions using the Microsoft .NET framework.  

Requirements gatheringOur usual process begins with thorough requirements gathering and analysis, where we collaborate closely with clients to understand their unique business needs and objectives. This initial phase sets the foundation for a well-defined project scope, allowing us to align expectations and define clear goals. 
DesigningOnce the requirements are established, our team proceeds with designing comprehensive architecture that leverages best practices in.NET application development. We carefully consider factors such as scalability, security, performance optimization, and user experience during this crucial phase.
CodingNext comes coding – transforming design specifications into functional code utilizing various components of the.NET framework like ASP.NET MVC or WPF. Our experienced developers adhere to industry standards and employ clean coding techniques that enhance maintainability while minimizing future technical debt. 
TestingFollowing coding completion is rigorous testing – both automated unit tests conducted by developers themselves alongside dedicated quality assurance (QA) testers who perform extensive manual testing across multiple devices/platforms/browsers configurations, ensuring optimal functionality under different scenarios. 

DICEUS’s disciplined approach ensures smooth execution throughout every step, from concept inception to final product release. It enables seamless integration within existing IT ecosystems, further enhances overall organizational efficiency and productivity levels, and keeps pace with the latest technological advancements! 

What are the costs of .NET development services? 

When considering .NET development services, it is important to understand the factors that can affect their costs.  

  1. Project complexity: Your project’s complexity level will impact the overall cost. Simple projects with basic functionalities may be more affordable than complex enterprise-level applications. 
  2. Development hours: The number of hours required for development directly affects costs. Factors such as project scope, features, and customization needs contribute to this aspect. 
  3. Experience and expertise: Hiring experienced developers or agencies specializing in .NET can increase costs but often ensure quality results. 
  4. Third-party integrations: If your application requires integration with other systems or APIs, additional time and effort might be needed, affecting pricing. 
  5. Technical support & maintenance: Ongoing technical support and maintenance after deployment should also be considered when estimating total expenses. 

Considering these factors upfront during the planning stages, you can better assess the potential investment required for your specific .NET development project. 

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What types of applications can be developed using .NET?  

.NET can be used to develop a wide range of applications, including web applications, desktop applications, mobile apps, cloud-based services, and IoT solutions. The underlying framework offers all the powers and capacities for the implementation of unique, tailored digital solutions.  

Can .NET applications be integrated with other systems and technologies?  

Yes, .NET provides various integration options like APIs and libraries for seamless integration with other systems and technologies such as databases (SQL Server), third-party software (CRM tools), messaging systems (MQTT), or even cross-platform frameworks like Xamarin. 

What is the cost of .NET development services?  

The final price range of .NET development services varies depending on factors like project complexity, the scope of work involved, team size required for development & support. It is best to consult with a professional service provider who can provide you with an accurate estimate based on your specific requirements. 

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