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Our quality assurance process is built with a focus on the continuous excellence of the software products. Within complex system development, our automation testing company combines manual testing with automated testing to deliver the maximum level of quality. This approach allows us to get what is expected in the shortest terms possible.
  • Test Automation Strategy

    We create a test automation strategy concerning your project needs and requirements. It includes selecting the right tools, a shortlist of cases that should be automated, test environment description, automation scripts reusability opportunities, objectives of test automation, and expected outcomes.
  • Test Environment Setup

    Every test requires establishing the right test environment, including servers, networks, hardware, and software. Our teams are experienced setting up, configuring, and maintaining test environments, testbeds, test data, etc. Test automation allows us to easily organize multiple test environments using the right continuous integration (CI) tools.
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    • Automation Team

      We offer test automation services either within Agile teams or within dedicated automated testing teams. Traditionally, such teams may consist of developers, test automation engineers, infrastructure specialists, and niche specialists. These teams cooperate with manual testers closely to ensure the most effective testing approach.
    • CI/CD Pipeline

      Our specialists build and implement CI/CD pipelines to ensure continuous development and integration. CI/CD pipelines simplify and speed up the development, deployment, and test automation in various projects, especially in cloud-based ones.
    • Regression Testing

      At least once before release, we run full regression testing. Partial regression can be performed after certain development milestones; it includes tests affected by the deployment changes, according to impact analysis. Once automated, these tests could be launched after every deployment.
    • Load Testing

      Load testing is needed to check the system’s behavior under the predicted peak user load. It should be executed using automation tools, as automated load testing allows for agile configuration of load parameters and precise metrics.
    • Performance Testing

      Performance testing is used for collecting data on system performance in normal conditions. It should be performed using automation tools as they allow for easier configuration and data aggregation.
    • Stress Testing

      Stress testing is needed to test the system’s robustness under extreme load. Using automation tools for stress testing allows us to emulate an extreme number of users, which is impossible to get done with manual testing.
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    We are an automated testing company to increase test coverage, reduce test execution time, eliminate quality risks on early stages, speed up the time-to-market with professional automated testing services. Our experience and expertise in custom development for various business domains allow us to deliver the best testing practices.

    Software test automation services are needed to develop testing strategies according to your specific project needs, set up test environments, build continuous integration and development pipelines using the latest tools and technologies.

    Benefits of Software
    Test Automation Services

    We provide software automation testing services to save time and costs for testing, increase test coverage, build a test suite that could be reused, and increase time-to-market. Automated testing has a lot of advantages worth considering and including in your software testing strategy.

    Reduced Costs

    Automated tests allow saving costs for testing as they require fewer specialists, can be reused, can be scheduled, and launched without involving humans. Our automated software testing company is focused on delivering quick automation ROI.


    Unlike manual testing, automated testing allows imitating the actions of many users. Thus, it’s important to use automation to check how your software would work under high load, and various scenarios, how different users would interact with the application or system.

    More Resources

    With automated testing services, you can check basic functionalities and free up resources. While some tests are automated, manual testers can focus on testing some new features to check how much customer-centric they are.

    Increase Accuracy

    Automated testing is performed with maximum accuracy and saved results. Automation tests check everything that is described and written, with no mistakes and skipping. Unlike manual testing where a person can miss something, they are more reliable.

    Our Automated Software Testing Process

    Our automated testing company has a clear and simple approach to providing QA automation testing services. We are focused on the high quality of software and flexible cooperation.

    In-Depth Analysis

    We start test automation by discovering the existing quality assurance process, approaches, and tools. The next stage includes reviewing the current infrastructure, creating a preliminary test automation strategy, and service-level agreement with pre-defined metrics.

    Knowledge Transition

    While setting up an automated testing process, we create a detailed test strategy and plan, optimize the existing QA processes, put a test automation team together. We also cooperate with manual testing teams to get all the necessary knowledge on tests to be automated.

    Test Execution

    Our automated testing services include test environment setup, test case development, test data preparation, test scripts development and maintenance, reporting according to the pre-defined metrics in the SLA.

    QA Optimization

    We continually improve test automation by cooperating with Agile teams, collecting feedback from technical leads to enhance automated test coverage, minimizing defects, enhancing CI/CD pipelines, and implementing new testing technologies and tools.

    What Impacts Your Project Duration

    The time for test automation usually depends on the complexity of the requirements under testing, but also depends on the factors below.

    • Project requirements
    • Expected deadlines
    • Team composition
    • The chosen technologies and platforms
    • The time needed to write and execute tests

    What Affects Your Project Costs

    The cost of automation is lower than manual execution of the same test multiplied by the expected number of execution times. The cost of test automation services depends on certain factors:

    • Project scope and complexity
    • The chosen technology
    • Project completion urgency
    • Engagement model: Fixed Price, Time & Material, Dedicated Team
    • The time needed to develop, run, and maintain tests

    What We Need from Your Side

    Before creating a test strategy and plan, we hold multiple brainstorming sessions with our clients to uncover all the issues they would like to solve with test automation. The list of things we need from you is as follows:
    • Project goals, vision, and roadmap if exist
    • High-level project requirements
    • Project-specific documentation if available, for example, software architecture and mockups
    • Client’s availability (a couple of hours per week for requirements gathering sessions)
    • Project deadlines

    Our Tech Stack

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    • tecnhologies icon Docker
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    Cloud Solutions

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    • Automated testing
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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What are automated testing services and what their goal is?

    Automated testing services are provided by test automation engineers and are aimed to automate testing process, make it more efficient, and free up resources for higher-level jobs.

    How much do automated software testing services cost?

    Automated testing services cost depends on the scope and complexity of your project and tests to be written. Our QA engineers will provide you cost estimation after analyzing your requirements.

    What are the advantages of automated software testing?

    Automated testing can reduce time and costs for testing, improve the quality of software, speed up the delivery, and make software development process more efficient.

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