Blockchain-based crypto wallet for ICO and crowdsales

  • blockchain based crypto wallet for ico and crowdsales ico blockchai core

    Blockchain core
  • blockchain based crypto wallet for ico and crowdsales ico crypto assets

    Crypto assets
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Blockchain and cryptocurrency are the leading advanced trends in the IT industry as a whole and in the commercial software niche in particular. Every reputable business or service provider focused on finances, and substantial commercial activities must have the highest level of data security and asset protection. That’s where crypto and blockchain act as the most efficient solutions. We employed our expertise in these advanced concepts with the crypto wallet project focused on ICO and crowdsales initiatives.


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blockchain based crypto wallet for ico and crowdsales project


Companies in the market struggle to design and build a robust crowdsales solution. It’s not profitable at all to spend a lot of internal resources on a one-time implementation. That’s why we needed to produce and implement an accessible and reliable crowdsales software solution that can be hassle-free integrated with a company website or an ICO landing. The main global requirements were to enable this solution to perform ERC20 Token distribution and support the top market cryptocurrencies.


For the project at hand, we had to provide full-scope R&D, project, product, and delivery management, as well as frontend and backend implementation. To make the end product easy to integrate, we decided to build it based on the commonly employed software libraries and programming approaches. The main challenge at hand was the perfection of the underlying blockchain ecosystem, which allowed us to deliver a sturdy, highly-protected solution in the long run.


The finished crypto wallet is a web-based application for efficiently managing ICOs and crowdsales. The web interface is intuitive and really simple to figure out. The solution makes it ultimately painless for companies to make smart investments in crowdsales with cryptocurrencies. As a whole, the web wallet is a time- and cost-saving tool for keeping and spending crypto gathered during crowdsales that is based on a highly secure, sturdy software infrastructure.

blockchain based crypto wallet for ico and crowdsales solution

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Key features

blockchain based crypto wallet for ico and crowdsales key
  • Smart contracts

    Blockchain-powered smart contracts are a proven way to firmly protect financial transactions and deal-making online.

  • Functional wallet

    The implemented crypto wallet isn’t for holding assets exclusively, but for managing and investing them as well.

  • Web functionality

    A web-based interface is highly-available, fast, easy to manage, and protected via blockchain server capabilities.

  • Simple integration

    Companies can easily integrate the wallet with their website or ICO landing without any compatibility issues.

Value to our client

  • Blockchain core

    Software infrastructure based on blockchain allows delivering an advanced level of firmest cybersecurity.

  • Crypto assets

    The web-based wallet supports a number of the most popular cryptocurrencies in the market.

  • Accessibility

    Companies get to speed up the process of initiating their participation in ICOs and crowdsales dramatically.

Our tech stack

  • python Python
  • AngularJS AngularJS
  • 512px-HTML5 logo and wordmark.svg HTML
  • Solidity Solidity

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