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DICEUS has 10+ years of experience providing professional data warehousing services for banking, insurance, healthcare, and other enterprises. The robust approach to data warehousing provides improved operations, saved resources, and valuable business insights are the main takeaways for up-to-date companies. However, data as such can hardly make any business data-driven. Moreover, the increasingly abundant information flows threaten to turn data processing into a mess unless data warehousing is built correctly. The skills and expertise of data warehousing consultants help avoid data flow bottlenecks and information security problems. Our cloud data lakes and data warehouse consulting services ensure powerful tools allowing you to get the most out of your data. Here’s what we offer.

Data warehouse

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Data warehouse

Candidate architecture for DWH

A high-level design describing how an organization should store and manage data can include details about the hardware, software, and network architecture that make it the best fit for individual data warehousing purposes. As a result, it provides an excellent way for an organization to develop a data warehousing strategy and plan to manage data effectively.

Front-end development for DWH

Designing the user interface and creating various tools that a user will need to interact with the data warehouse include designing the database structure and creating a data model to store data securely. Front-end development for DHW is a vital step in building successful data management.

Back-end development for DWH

As a critical part of any data warehouse operation, back-end development for DHW refers to developing the software, networking infrastructure, and security protocols that help protect all assets stored in the data warehouse. It goes hand-in-hand with designing the database structure and data models via front-end development.

Data warehouse testing and QA

Running different types of tests in a data warehouse and ensuring that databases are consistent and error-free helps operate DWH correctly with precise and reliable data. Data warehouse testing and QA are crucial for implementing and maintaining successful data warehouse operations.

DWH migration services

We help businesses migrate their data from one database or storage system to another quickly and easily. Moving data not regularly used out of the current storage system and placing it into another server or database can free up space and resources to improve business performance. Additionally, data warehouse migration helps foster data security by preventing the data from being stored in a single location for an extended period.

DWH optimization services

Data warehouse optimization helps improve the performance and efficiency of a data warehouse by reducing the amount of data that needs to be stored and making it easier to find specific types of data relevant to a business’s needs or objectives. It implies various techniques and approaches, including pruning excess or unused data from a database, using data compression to minimize storage costs, and applying data profiling tools to identify areas of interest within a database.

Data warehousing consulting

Data warehousing consulting is an essential aspect of any data processing. It can help improve the efficiency and performance of a data warehouse and provide businesses with the information they need to make better business decisions. It involves various services and tasks, such as designing a data warehouse, implementing it, and providing training and support to business employees responsible for warehouse operations.

ETL process services

ETL process services involve extracting, transforming, and loading data from one database or storage system into another. It helps ensure the data is accurate and reliable, which is critical for businesses relying on their data to build successful business models. In addition, ETL process service is valuable for data warehouse operation, as it helps keep data processing consistent and scalable.

Our data warehousing consulting services enable organizations to keep their data flows in order. Building successful business strategies becomes easier when data comes from various sources in a systematic, well-organized way. We assist our customers in data distribution across their workflows to simplify information-intensive processes.

Our complex approach to data lakes makes sophisticated things simpler to grasp and master. The inherent creativity and vast hands-on experience of our data warehousing experts leave no aspect of data processing untouched. We create data-related software and build hardware infrastructures allowing businesses of any scope and range to run data-processing scenarios trouble-free.

Enterprise data warehouse components

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Enterprise data warehouse components

Benefits of DICEUS data warehouse consulting

Data warehousing consultants help organizations implement and upgrade their data processing and storage facilities. They arrange consistent data flows, enabling thorough analysis and informative reporting. Turning data into strategic knowledge is one of the significant benefits that cloud data warehousing consulting services bring to businesses.

Addressing data-intensive routines

Our cloud data warehousing experts can build a comprehensive, scalable, and cost-effective data warehouse architecture that covers both the current needs of your business and the potential future ones. In addition, this solution can save your staff valuable time by eliminating manual and repetitive tasks.

Implementing advanced tools

By integrating the most appropriate data warehouse technologies according to your specific business scenarios and budget, our data warehousing consultants help improve your productivity dramatically. Query quickly and easily, generate reports, and use predictive analytics to make critical decisions without downtime.

Data lakes management

Harmonizing the entire lifecycle of your data warehouse in terms of compliance, security, and governance, we help make your data lakes easy to manage. By comprehending the definition of data warehousing, you can integrate data from various sources into a unified structure. This enables you to guarantee the accuracy and excellence of your business data.

Improving data workflows

Our specialists educate your staff to optimize your data warehouse’s performance by improving its operation, troubleshooting, and maintenance. Account managers will save precious time by replacing laborious and prone-to-error copy-and-paste processes.

Our data warehousing consulting process

Data warehousing consulting is a comprehensive process covering every data warehouse operation stage. The number and scope of the stages may vary depending on the needs and objectives of every particular customer. At the same time, there is a typical framework within which the entire variety of data warehousing consulting services circulates. Skipping any of the stages is theoretically possible but hardly reasonable. Usually, the process includes the following essential elements:

Needs assessmentThis stage implies assessing a client’s specific data to run a business and the infrastructure and resources necessary to process and store the data in a data warehouse. The needs assessment helps ensure that all parties are on the same page about the specific data and requirements that should be met during the process. Clarity and transparency inherent to this stage are the must-have traits determining how smooth and fruitful all subsequent measures can occur.
Data warehouse designThe design stage begins once a client’s exact specification of the desired data warehouse is finalized. It includes designing the data warehouse infrastructure, database architecture, and data formats for the data warehouse. Nothing prevents the client from changing the DWH design when it is still under development. Sudden epiphanies may descend on the customer and data warehousing consultants at any moment. Since the design process implies multiple iterations, our cloud data warehouse experts never refuse to run another one to satisfy our customers completely.
Data warehouse implementationThe stage includes installing and configuring software and hardware, training employees on using the DWH, and creating business processes based on assets from the data warehouse. Finally, the task comes to achieving the specific business needs and goals identified during the needs assessment stage. End-to-end DWH deployment is preferable but not the only option available. An alternative to it is a hybrid deployment, which combines on-premise and cloud-based resources. The hybrid deployment is an excellent choice for businesses that appreciate the flexibility and scalability of cloud-based resources but still need access to on-premise resources offering better control over certain DWH aspects.
Data warehouse testing and QATesting the data as such, along with underlying tools and protocols, helps ensure customers that their datasets meet all the necessary standards and requirements before the data warehouse is put into production. Both manual testing methods and automated QA approaches are worth using. Even though manual testing is labor-intensive, it provides precise data evaluation and analysis. Automated approaches include various functional, performance, and security testing methods. Specialists check the overall functionality of a data warehouse by running tests on the software and tools in bulk. It can help identify problems or issues with the servers and infrastructure storing and processing data.
Data warehouse migration and cutoverThe option remains relevant in various scenarios when a data warehouse is to be either built from scratch or upgraded based on the existing system. Different data warehouse migration and cutover methods include direct copy, replication, and backup/restore. Direct copy allows for quick and simple transfers of large amounts of data via appropriate hardware channels. Replication involves creating multiple copies of a database or storage system to use them subsequently for a data warehouse. Backup migration is a versatile approach for backing up the data in a database without transferring all the data simultaneously. Choosing the most feasible migration solution in each particular case is what our specialists help to tackle.
Data warehouse operations and maintenanceEven a perfect data warehouse is not enough for successful business processes. Any software system must be monitored to ensure it operates correctly and efficiently. Any DWH should be regularly updated to account for new data and new data sources. An excellent DWH is a good starting point for successful operators. Still, more is needed in and of itself to ensure success. Professionally performed data warehouse operations and maintenance is the service that helps organizations focus on their specific business activities instead of spending time and resources on maintaining their DWH infrastructures.

What impacts your project duration

The more specific a customer’s requirements are, the longer it will take to build the data warehouse. Projects differ in the time required to account for unique DWH design and implementation aspects. The following ones are worth considering, among others:

  • Size of data lakes and technical complexity of the project
  • Hardware infrastructure specifics (on-premise, in-cloud, hybrid)
  • Data format and standards applied to the DWH
  • Skills and composition of the customer staff responsible for the DWH operation
  • Scope of DWH consulting services (end-to-end implementation, DWH-as-a-service, data migration, post-deployment maintenance, etc.)

What affects your project costs

The project’s budget depends on the scope and complexity of work to be done to get a DWH ready to operate. The following factors usually affect the project cost:

  • Project’s starting point (from scratch, upgrading the existing system, migration, etc.)
  • Number of DWH consultants engaged in the project
  • Hourly rates of particular experts involved
  • Overall execution period of the project
  • Tools and technology stacks applied to the project

What we need from your side

A clear understanding of the specific data our client works with is critical for cloud data warehouse consulting firms to ensure they provide the correct services and resources. We should get access to the client data and infrastructure to begin setting up the project. The following info helps avoid errors and delays when developing a reliable warehouse:

  • Roadmap reflecting the customer’s vision of the project, if available
  • High-level description of the project requirements
  • Approximate project timeline and estimated budget
  • Available project documentation (software architecture, hardware specification, etc.), if any
  • A few hours per week for communication sessions

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Frequently asked questions

How is a data warehouse created?

A data warehouse is created by gathering data from multiple sources, such as customer information, business performance metrics, web traffic, and social media data. The data is stored in a central location accessible to all parties. It is typically used for analytics purposes, such as analysis and reporting. Organizations use the information stored in their data warehouses to gain a more holistic view and better understand their businesses.

What is data science consulting?

Data science consulting analyzes and interprets data to draw conclusions and make decisions. Data science consulting can be used in various contexts and applications, including business intelligence, healthcare research, risk management, and marketing. Data science consulting helps businesses make informed decisions based on data analysis and interpretation.

How to build a custom DWH solution?

A custom DWH solution can be built by selecting the right software platform, importing the data from the source systems, defining the data warehouse design and schema, and implementing monitoring and testing procedures. A custom DWH solution is an effective way to store and process large amounts of data. At the same time, it is crucial to carefully plan and design the solution to ensure that it meets specific business needs and requirements.

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