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Project overview

Wired Quote contacted DICEUS requesting penetration testing services to check how their web application copes with various cyber vulnerabilities and threats and discover and prevent potential issues that can cause reputation, customer trust, and revenue loss. The primary goal of this project was to provide WiredQuote with an understanding of the current level of security in the web application and its infrastructure components.

Client information

Wired Quote has served the health insurance community since 2009, offering online group quoting, presentation, and enrollment in Washington and Oregon states. The company provides an online, user-friendly quoting tool for insurance agents that saves time, reduces costs, and helps eliminate quote errors.


Business challenge

Since Wired Quote is a fast-growing tech company that provides software for financial services, it should always take care of its reputation and security. So, they decided to check how well-prepared they were for cybersecurity issues. And pen testing is the best way to show how easy it would be for scams or cyber attackers to breach the company’s defense. Our customer contacted us to help them uncover all existing and potential vulnerabilities and develop a list of recommendations and techniques to prevent the risks.

Technical challenges

The team had to thoroughly explore the customer’s network, server devices, web apps, and all the tech stack used to build the tool.

Solution delivered

To reach the primary goal of the project, our team identified application-based threats to vulnerabilities in the application, compared WiredQuote current security measures with industry best practices, provided recommendations that WiredQuote can implement to mitigate threats and vulnerabilities and meet industry best practices.

DICEUS provided web app penetration testing services that included the following tests: application security testing, bypassing security controls like Intrusion prevention systems (IPS and WAF), testing for the latest OWASP Top 10 and SANS25 security risks (SQL-injections, XSS, SSRF, XXE, etc.), testing REST API security implementations and misconfigurations according to the OWASP API Top 10, unauthenticated and Authenticated testing, access control matrix verification, testing for vertical and horizontal privileges escalation, bypassing multi-tenancy security controls, and more.

We provided the client with a penetration testing report and remediation report including a summary of business risks, high-level recommendations, and findings details.

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Key features

  • Discovery phase

    The team defined a scope for penetration testing and developed a mutual agreement to govern the parameters and limitations of testing. Also, DICEUS discovered and identified the network, security, and server devices, web applications, APIs, and network services to proceed with testing.

  • Grey Box testing

    Vulnerability scanning and manual vulnerability assessment of identified devices and services were done. Manual and automated attempts to exploit identified vulnerabilities and web apps were also made.

  • Recommendations

    After the testing, we developed a list of remediation techniques for the identified vulnerabilities and recommendations for technology solutions to secure the vulnerabilities discovered. The customer received a comprehensive report with the outcomes of the penetration testing project.

Value to our client

  • Proof of Vulnerability provided

    The customer got the Proof of Vulnerability (PoV) in the form of screenshots and videos taken during testing and detailed description of how to reproduce security defects for the customer’s QA team and developers.

  • Vulnerabilities list

    We provided a list of vulnerabilities ranked by risk level. The customer can consult the list anytime and check what issues are of top priority and should be worked on as soon as possible.

  • Remediation recommendations

    One of the most valuable outcomes of the project is a list of remediation recommendations on how to correct the situation.

Our tech stack

  • Burp-Suite-Pro Burp Suite Pro
  • OpenVAS OpenVAS
  • nikto Nikto
  • arachni Arachni
  • Nmap Nmap
  • crackmapexec Crackmapexec
  • hashcat Hashcat
  • jtr JTR
  • ffuf Ffuf
  • XSSHunter XSSHunter
  • sqlmap-1 SQLmap
  • dirsearch Dirsearch

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