Enterprise mobile app development

Enterprise mobile app development services

Enterprise mobile app development services

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Enterprise mobile app development services

UI/UX app design services

UI/UX design of a mobile application sets in motion the main thing that attracts future users and clients – the exclusive looks and vibes only your solution can deliver. At DICEUS, we have experienced, qualified specialists creating high-quality, trend-driven design outlines. These outlines are turned into user experience-boosting assets and convenient interface elements focused on the best user satisfaction results.

Mobile app development

With the main design part of the application done, our developers start filling up the design outlines with hardcoded or integrated functional elements, features, properties, operating assets, and capabilities. We offer full-cycle custom enterprise software development services, tailoring your Android or iOS application specifically to your major business goals and needs, as well as individual requirements, wishes, and desires.

Enterprise app upgrade

Have an existing SaaS application that doesn’t match the scale and business level of your company? It’s never too late and always the right time to expand. We can take your working solution, polish it up, add new features, elements, and whole interfaces to make your native or hybrid application more useful, attractive, and engaging for the end user. Revamping your legacy software, you’ll avoid missing out on a huge chunk of business-optimizing opportunities.

Mobile app maintenance

The enterprise software development project cycle we offer doesn’t end with the completion and release of your new mobile application. We have post-release technical specialists that will support and maintain the operating app while it accumulates traffic and helps you better deliver services and products to the target audience. This includes installing timely updates, mending unexpected errors and failures, patching flaws, and handling other issues.

DICEUS is your reliable outsourcing assistant in acquiring enterprise or ecommerce application that tackles your business goals and helps establish your brand more firmly in the market. We create sturdy, smoothly performing, inviting solutions with accessible interfaces and rich features.

Suppose you are looking to create a high-quality mobile software product of any scale, purpose, and complexity that would make a top-of-the-line solution for in-house use. In that case, we are indeed a worthy enterprise software development company for you.

Enterprise mobile app development

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Enterprise mobile app development

Benefits of custom enterprise mobile app development

Reaching success in the user-oriented business environment is not all about aggressive promotion or even the ultimate relevance and usefulness of your offers. It’s more about HOW you describe, offer, and distribute what you have in store. And an enterprise-grade mobile application dedicated to your particular business specifics can help you ultimately improve the way your employees handle workflow cycles, solve performance issues, and deliver products and services to clients.

Smart cost-efficiency

The main purpose of the enterprise-focused mobile application is to make internal workflows and collaborations easier, more convenient, and available for employees. Thus, employees access crucial data and updates remotely, eliminate cumbersome manual tasks with the help of centralized opportunities, stay in touch at all times, and more. Ultimately, you get to save on lots of paperwork, extra efforts, and expenses.

Improved productivity

Having your workspace hub at the tap of a touchscreen makes you as an employee more involved with the regular workflow. A useful function that helps specialists automate routine tasks and get rid of the boring stuff makes people do more work more eagerly. A mobile app developed for an enterprise can have offline functionality, which means that employees can handle specific responsibilities even without a web connection.

Customer satisfaction

Knowing and understanding your customer is a key to success. Only then can you satisfy a client fully. By using modern enterprise software, you can know your customers in the most efficient way. Various analytics, statistics, behavioral analysis can give you a lot of valuable insights. Your employees using enterprise mobile apps can find the information they need immediately. As a result, people will get instant replies to their inquiries. All this increases customer loyalty and satisfaction.

Our enterprise app development process

At DICEUS, we offer a wide range of enterprise software development services based on a well-adjusted workflow and product delivery approach. We have been growing our staff of ace specialists and perfecting our work practices for years to know how to make every penny of your budget and minute of your time spent on the project reasonable. We always focus on an individual approach to different clients, but there are essential stages we go through with every software development project we get.

Analysis and designFirst things first, we need to know what exactly you wish to get as an end product. For this, we discuss and analyze the tiniest details of your requirements, systematize them, and calculate the approximate deadlines and budget of your project. Based on this, we move on to elaborating the specifics you require and basic app outlines into a UI/UX design of the future software. This is the foundation of your application.
Software developmentWith the essential pillar of software design set in place, the most complex project’s technical part begins – the development of the whole functionality. We have separate collaborating teams working on the frontend and backend individually. Thus, we implement the essential client and server-side of the solution, tie them up together, and polish up a high-performance full-on app with a smooth user experience.
QA and testingTo ensure that the finished product goes out into the market without unexpected flaws or unpolished UI and UX elements, we have specialized teams for passing it through multiple testing iterations. Our software engineers combine manual and automated testing techniques and test an application until all possible bugs that may appear in various circumstances are fixed. This is topped off with quality assurance.
Support and maintenanceAfter thorough testing, QA, deployment, and launch of your application, the specialized team of tech support engineers continues to stay in touch and maintain the performance of the newly-implemented software. You can never predict 100% how the finished solution exactly will work in the field. As soon as it gains the traffic of users, sudden software conflicts may appear. But we make sure to help you solve them immediately.

What impacts your project duration

The duration of your particular project is a tricky thing to predict. We can make only approximate predictions and do our best to keep up with the plan. But you can impact the timeframe required to implement your product most positively if you timely provide the following information.

  • Project requirements
  • Software specification
  • Team composition
  • Tech stack used
  • Product niche

What affects your project costs

The real budget of your project is even more challenging to calculate beforehand than the duration. It depends on several underlying factors. And it helps when you as a client and we as your hired specialists are on the same page.

  • Scope of a project
  • Technology chosen
  • Completion urgency
  • Chosen engagement: Time & Material or Dedicated Team
  • Unique features

What we need from your side

As a reputable services provider, DICEUS has well-adjusted workflows and a systematized approach to each project. We certainly know how to do what we do. But your involvement with the creation of the product you need is also very important, so make sure you can clarify the following if you want us to fully meet your expectations.

  • Project objectives and roadmap
  • Requirements for the project
  • Any available documentation on the project
  • Your availability to discuss requirements
  • Understanding of desired business value

Our tech stack

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Frequently asked questions

Why are custom mobile enterprise apps better than out-of-the-box solutions?

When it comes to enterprise software product development, there are no universal niche standards. There are also not too many generally disclosed best practices of how successful companies organize their enterprise collaboration. That’s why the most efficient enterprise solution can only result from a custom approach when every aspect of the software is individually tailored to your workflow and other business specifics.

How do you ensure high security of the enterprise mobile application?

Dedicated mobile apps open a new business channel reach and impact where there are new risks of data loss and security breaches. To tackle such risks, we start with writing a secure code free of vulnerabilities and bugs, employ encryption to protect all the essential data, avoid third-party libraries and integrations. We also use only authorized APIs and high-level authentication while reinforcing the efficiency of all our efforts with thorough testing.

Do you provide integration of the app with other enterprise systems?

Throughout our practice, we’ve made it clear for ourselves that even custom solutions must be flexible and open to customizations. That’s why our specialists are pretty savvy at integrating apps with existing enterprise solutions. Thus, we can either expand and upgrade the functionality you already have or simply integrate the application with the operating in-house software ecosystem to make your system seamless.

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