Chatbot development for insurance company Kniazha Vienna Insurance Group

  • Inquiry-processing-time-was-reduced

    Inquiry processing time was reduced
  • Operational-efficiency-was-increased

    Operational efficiency was increased
  • Customer-satisfaction-was-improved

    Customer satisfaction was improved
  • Scalability-was-enhanced

    Scalability was enhanced

Project overview

Insurance company Kniazha Vienna Insurance Group contacted DICEUS to create a chatbot for round-the-clock customer support via messaging platforms such as Viber, Telegram, and WhatsApp. The chatbot's primary goal is to automate communication between the insured and insurance coordinators in a single web interface.

Client information

Kniazha Vienna Insurance Group is a reputable insurance provider operating in the Ukrainian market since 1997. In 2005, it became part of the powerful European financial entity Vienna Insurance Group.

Known as a frontrunner in traditional insurance within Ukraine, Kniazha VIG boasts a robust regional presence and a team of seasoned professionals. Over its 25-year activity, the company has cultivated an unblemished reputation and garnered the trust of over a million customers. By prioritizing customer satisfaction, ensuring financial stability, and faithfully fulfilling commitments, Kniazha VIG consistently upholds its promise of reliability.


Business challenge

Since insurance coordinators used personal accounts for communication with the insured, Viber often recognized those as spam and blocked operators. Besides, chats couldn’t be assigned to a particular operator, which made it difficult for operators to efficiently communicate with the insured. Moreover, operators had to spend much time identifying clients (asking for names, policy numbers, and other details) before proceeding directly to the user’s inquiry. Kniazha decided to create a single chatbot for three messaging platforms and ultimately improve the operation efficiency. So, the key goals included the shift to business accounts to avoid account blocking, the opportunity to allocate operators for communication in chats and track the work efficiency of each team member, and optimizing the time operators spend for client authentication. In the future, the client plans to integrate the chatbot with a core insurance platform for automated inquiries and communication history storage.

Another significant challenge was complying with the requirements that insurance clients have and being more competitive.

Technical challenges

We used a low-code platform to configure conversational flows predefined and approved by Kniazha. DICEUS studied what processes technical and medical assistance operators follow and offered the most suitable approach to chatbot set-up and implementation.

In general, there were no serious technical issues, except minor organizational ones (changes in the Viber chatbot registration policy, absence of a Facebook business account, etc.).

Solution delivered

DICEUS developed and implemented a chatbot for 24/7 customer support through the most popular messaging platforms (Viber, Telegram, and WhatsApp). Now, Kniazha’s customers can get the required assistance directly on their smartphones. Moreover, the chatbot lets users submit claims, make online appointments with doctors, and buy insurance. The solution was delivered with various functionalities for the policyholders.

img Solution-delivered
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Key features

img Key-features
  • Functionalities for the insured

    The chatbot allows users to get round-the-clock customer support and the opportunity to authenticate online without contacting medical and technical assistance. Once the person is authenticated, he/she is connected with a human assistant. Users can send doctors’ reports and attach all the necessary documents, report claims, make online doctors’ appointments, buy travel, car, and other types of insurance, and get links to FAQs and information about medical and technical assistance branch addresses and contacts.

  • Functionalities for operators

    As a result, Kniazha has received a chatbot with a single web interface for operators’ work with clients. Every operator works under an individual account, which allows storing and reviewing all the communication history with each client. Notifications about new dialogs are set up to ensure quick reaction to customer inquiries. Customer profiles can be modified by filling in new information and adding notes or tags.

Value to our client

  • Inquiry processing time was reduced

    Chatbot asks users for their names, policy numbers, and other required details before connecting the insured with operators. It saves time and makes the work of operators more efficient as they can instantly provide consultation and assistance to customers without spending time identifying them.

  • Operational efficiency was increased

    The company's staff can process more inquiries and focus on the inquiry’s subject matter thanks to reduced inquiry processing time, quick customer identification, and access to history.

  • Customer satisfaction was improved

    Kniazha's customers can contact a chatbot and get assistance whenever and wherever they need it. Also, the chatbot provides all contact information and answers to FAQs.

  • Scalability was enhanced

    Chatbot can handle multiple inquiries simultaneously, allowing Kniazha to scale its customer service without significant resource investment.

Our tech stack

  • viber Viber
  • telegram Telegram
  • whatsApp WhatsApp

Client feedback


DICEUS provided chatbot development services for medical and technical assistance departments of our insurance company, so now we can support our clients online 24/7 through popular messengers. The key functionalities of the chatbot include self-service scheduling appointments with doctors, sending doctor's reports, reporting claims, buying a car, travel, health, or other insurance. Also, users can get round-the-clock online consultations from the medical and technical assistance contact center, and quickly get links on the required information. I liked the quality of services and especially the communication with the team. The team continues to provide chatbot support services, and we plan further extensions for the chatbot functionality.

DICEUS has deep knowledge of the insurance company service processes; thus, it was easy to explain the business goals we wanted to reach with a chatbot. The team has excellent tech expertise and proactively offers the best solutions to meet our requirements.

Ihor Zhyzhara, Deputy Chairman of Board, Kniazha VIG

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