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Cloud data warehouse

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Cloud data warehouse

A cloud data warehouse is a cost-effective data management solution that gives businesses the scalability for informed decision-making, reporting, and analytics. Software solutions by DICEUS aim for the highest results by allowing our clients to focus on their core tasks and management risks. Thanks to our extensive experience across relevant industries, we can overcome any data challenges your business may face.

We have specialists, experience, and tools to create a data warehouse that will be a game-changer for your business. With full-service coverage, personalized collaboration, and focus on your goals, we don’t just offer good products; we create value that helps our clients outrun competitors.

Data warehouse solutions provide all-around available, remote data access and enable easy scalability of resources. Reducing the cost of building and maintaining IT infrastructure allows you to create flexible business processes. Data can be accessed at any time and from any location. It also makes obtaining and sharing information much more effortless.

We know how to develop and implement the best cloud data warehouse to fit a specific industry, efficiently analyze business data, provide actionable insights, and meet your strategic goals.

We help organizations quickly move to the cloud and utilize all their capacities. Our experience includes building and implementing turnkey and custom cloud solutions and performing cloud-to-cloud and on-premises server-to-cloud migrations.

Benefits of a cloud data warehouse

Cloud platforms harness the power of big data and the flexibility of solutions at a fraction of the cost of traditional platforms. Therefore, it is a critical choice for building effective analytics to increase operational efficiency dramatically.

Our cloud warehousing services help you gain a competitive advantage, including creating continuous business processes and opportunities for effective collaboration with partners. In addition, our experts can advise you on how to implement them best based on a professional assessment of your industry and business area.

Our in-depth analysis allows you to assess your market prospects better, understand your customer’s behavior, and offer personalized offers. Turning to DICEUS, you can convert the information you gather into a real asset. We provide new ways to monetize your business and give you a golden opportunity to improve your performance.

Reduced TCO

Cloud data warehousing solutions can be adopted without purchasing and maintaining expensive hardware. You won’t have to deal with administration, upgrades, and security. Moving your operations to the cloud lowers your IT administration and maintenance costs. In addition, you get a virtual business repository that can be accessed anytime, anywhere.

Optimized development costs

With a well-tailored cloud data warehouse, you can save on maintenance, capital, and operating costs. You can use these savings to grow and expand your business. In addition, a solution adapted to your needs can eliminate many data quality risks. So, you get a holistic view of your business and can successfully modernize your IT infrastructure and synchronize management processes.

Faster decision making

Ensuring your business continuity is vital. And managing your data in the cloud is much easier. You can do meaningful, accurate analysis, create reports more quickly, and share them with your stakeholders. A newly built cloud data warehouse with customized BI analysis processes will make critical decision-making easier and quicker. We enable companies and entrepreneurs to strategize and react quickly to new challenges.

Real-time analytics

More than half of business leaders believe fast, real-time data processing is essential. That is why real-time data analytics is equally critical. A cloud data warehouse supports real-time streaming, reception, and updating of data. We offer universal solutions for continuous loading, automated processes, and model-based approaches, making your analytics as accessible and accurate as ever.

Scalability and flexibility

Cloud-based services let you work remotely. You can instantly respond to customer inquiries whenever and wherever. A cloud data warehouse immediately provides an easily scalable and almost unlimited resource without buying new hardware. Our model-based approach and total automation let you do this faster than traditional solutions.

Data security

In the cloud, data stays available in case of crashes and failures. Moreover, automatic replication, encryption, access rights settings, and constant monitoring ensure high security. With DICEUS, you get an advanced storage and analysis environment protected by the latest relevant encryption approaches. Moreover, we guarantee your assets never fall into hackers’ hands or get lost due to global cataclysms.

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How we implement a cloud data warehouse

We help you seamlessly adapt to ever-shifting markets, minimize costs, and enter the arena much faster with the rapid deployment of DWH on cloud infrastructure. In addition, we offer equal amounts of expertise in development and business intelligence analytics. The latter involves discovering your operations and identifying the technologies that can positively impact your business. In doing so, we use the latest technologies and best practices.

Cloud DWH consulting

Our services help form a holistic picture of your current business needs and prospects, however complex they may be. We have extensive experience in creating and implementing bespoke solutions from scratch to increase the efficiency of your operations many times over. First, we examine in detail and compute the readiness of your current business model for migration to the cloud. Then, we thoroughly analyze your IT infrastructure, develop the right strategy, and provide valuable recommendations to prepare a project landscape.

Business analysis

Our data warehousing company provides analytical services that ensure error-free reporting, high accuracy of forecasts, and customer segmentation. We use functional and non-functional requirements to provide a solution that meets customer expectations. Thorough preparation includes steps to develop the right strategy and provide recommendations for project implementation.

PoC (complex projects)

We build, implement and upgrade data warehouse solutions for enterprise-level businesses. Our pros find the most appropriate software solution based on your operational scope and specific requirements. In addition, we provide PoC for complex projects with an eye to expansion. This includes examining your concept in detail and offering our product version adapted to your requirements and enhanced by state-of-the-art technology.

ETL processes set-up

We are experienced in developing and using top-of-the-line platform implementations that meet hard-to-reach strategic goals. Our ETL consulting services enable you to leverage dozens of tools to gather, manage, and analyze a wide range of data from various sources. Our services help you stay competitive with the ever-changing demands of your clients or customers.

DWH development

We offer custom cloud storage development from scratch. Our specialists have extensive experience integrating existing systems that run on Oracle Database and DI, MS SQL, IBM Datastage, Azure Cosmos DB, and others. That’s why you get a product that’s among the best on the market. That being said, you don’t have to choose one service model. Instead, you can choose different approaches for different infrastructure components.

DWH integration

Configuration based on analysis allows you to solve the problem of quick integration with your existing ecosystem. We offer you the widest choice and deployment flexibility when deciding which platform your data will be on. We adhere to best practices that may include re-hosting, refactoring, architecture changes, rebuilds, and consolidation. We also examine and prepare your management systems, storage, and databases for a seamless data transition to the new infrastructure.

Quality assurance

We develop and implement best practices for control, transaction analysis, and customer reporting systems. In addition, we run quality assurance at every stage and upon project completion. To ensure the finished product is fully functional, we carry out several tests regularly reported to the client. With us, you can be completely confident that your cloud data warehouse will be a quiet and safe haven for your confidential data.

DWH maintenance

Our services include modernization, recovery, and comprehensive support of the functionality of created solutions. If necessary, we also provide training for the client’s personnel. Our products are based on careful business analysis, free from technical gaps, and thoroughly tested by our in-house experts. If you need to change, upgrade or optimize its parameters, we gladly do so precisely when and where you need it.

What impacts your project duration

Understanding the goals and how to use all kinds of data and ensure its availability, support new workloads, and analytics determine the complexity of the task. The timeframe for implementation also depends on the experience of the developer. We are a punctual company that delivers projects on time. The duration of your project depends on the following aspects:

  • Requirements
  • Timeline
  • Team composition
  • Technology and platforms
  • Type of migration

What affects your project costs

The developer’s technological capability and experience, the requirements’ complexity, and the client’s remoteness determine the project’s cost. You also must consider other important factors like:

  • Project scope and complexity
  • Technology
  • Urgency
  • Engagement model
  • Ready-made or custom solution

What we need from your side

We have the competence to implement any, even the most ambitious project, but we need to make sure that we see it in the same way as you do, so please provide the following:

  • Objectives, vision, roadmap
  • High-level requirements
  • Documentation and layouts (if available)
  • A couple of hours a week of your time to gather requirements
  • Implementation timeframe

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Frequently asked questions

What is a cloud data warehouse?

A cloud-based data warehouse is a data storage model that enables one to store and manage data online over a public or private network or through a third-party service. Such solutions are helpful for companies and projects with extensive data storage needs looking for the best data maintenance costs, security, and availability ratio.

What is an example of a cloud-based data warehouse?

A cloud-powered data warehouse can be file-based, object-based, or block-based. First, read the article above to determine which type best fits your goals. Some renowned real-world examples include Azure Synapse Analytics, Dropbox, Amazon Redshift, Google Disc, BigQuery, and Snowflake.

Which is the best cloud data warehouse?

The best kind of data warehouse is one that fits your specific goals, offers balanced management and costs, and provides a consistent user experience with minimum security risks. In each case, the final choice is determined by the priorities – some may not need a custom solution, while others can boost profits and even save more costs with a tailored product.

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