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DICEUS offers a vast range of digital transformation services that help keep your business up-to-date, automate workflows, and sharpen up the competitive edge. A timely shift towards an advanced digital foundation is a game-changer step for any business, resulting in higher productivity, smoother workflows, and streamlined ROIs. We provide that at the highest level of industry standard with the help of seasoned specialists, well-tried tools, and approaches that have filled our project portfolio with successful digital transformation solutions of all scopes.

Digital transformation

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Digital transformation

Digital transformation consulting

Turn to a reliable digital transformation services company with years of firsthand field experience for professional consultations on any aspect of digital transformation of business. Our consulting services include a thorough analysis of your existing digital workflows to indicate the best ways to optimize, automate, and perfect an overhauled infrastructure.

Business model transition

Employ a full range of IT transformation services to plan, prepare, and implement a tailored business model transition from a more traditional structure (brick-and-mortar, word-of-mouth sales, etc.) to an up-to-date digital format. Automate management and quickly adopt the latest market software standards into your competitive edge.

Smart automation

Adopt the best tried-and-tested strategy for streamlined management, performance, and productivity with the help of complete automation of the underlying technology and business processes. Assign custom intelligent software solutions to tasks ranging from customer support and order processing to tech maintenance and supply chain management.

Customer experience digitization

Step up the level of customer experience you provide by making every sale or service provision ultimately intuitive, fast, and convenient for every target user. For this, we set up accessible online/offline interaction opportunities for customers, create dedicated apps, design virtual sales hubs, build custom chatbots, and more where all that comes from.

Digital risk management

Reinforce internal data access and personal user data security with our digital transformation services’ continuous digital risk management. We use advanced tools, years of experience, and predictive protection approaches, combining common security integrations with in-depth identification of potential flaws and timely emergency response.

Cloud-powered transformation

As an official Microsoft and Oracle partner, and a Google Cloud Certified provider, we are your digital transformation company when it comes to a complex upgrade of legacy solutions and a profitable long-term transition to the cloud foundation. Employ seamless scaling opportunities, vast performance- and cost-optimization options, and streamline in the cloud.

We turn legacy methods and out-of-date approaches into market-disrupting processes. And we are ready to take on your project. Turn to DICEUS for qualified assistance in a business-pushing digital transition. Achieve a unique digital transformation solution with reliable professionals.

Digital transformation process

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Digital transformation process

Benefits of digital transformation services

A range of digital transformation services we offer at DICEUS enable businesses of any scope and purpose to stay in line with modern industry standards and boost overall performance based on the latest digital trends, from must-haves and common best practices to individual solutions.

Automated processes

Numerous everyday aspects of business management, workflow collaboration, customer interactions, order fulfillment, and security can be automated with the right integrations and custom solutions thrown in here and there.

Centralized operations

At DICEUS, we build tailored platforms that tie up all essential communications, workflows, daily tasks, briefings, and whatnot inside a versatile environment equipped with intuitive dashboards and automated tools.

Streamlined productivity

Instant access to the central hub of all business operations granted to your in-house employees at any time, from any place, speeds up processes and makes things so much easier to handle for every system user.

Optimized costs

Our digital transformation services enable short-term savings via digital optimization of workflows and long-term expense cuts based on data-driven decisions across all business aspects, reinforced security, and flexibility.

Our digital transformation process

DICEUS is among the leading digital transformation services companies, offering you years’ worth of experience backed by a vast portfolio and individual focus. To keep you satisfied and guarantee high-quality results, we prioritize project workflow segmentation and subsequent approach to every task at hand.

Discovery and planningFirst off, we inspect and study your existing business infrastructure, settle with the client on all the crucial aspects, and set milestones to thoroughly plan a project roadmap with all the nuances of digital transformation service provision (e.g., collaboration model, the approximate scope of work, deadlines, etc.).
Modernization and automationWe may implement a range of readymade and custom-tailored digital solutions, including CRM, ERP, and hybrid platforms, integrations for tasking and management, custom dashboards, tracking tools, dedicated apps, and more. We also modernize and improve legacy systems and migrate databases and existing business structures to up-to-date environments.
Configuration and consultingWe seal every step of each technology transformation service provided with proper configurations, individual adjustments, and core customizations. This includes cloud infrastructure deployment when migrating to the cloud platform. We also offer specialist consultations on every aspect of your digital solution and the regular use of custom-made tools.
Support and reportingWith post-release support out-of-the-box, we keep all newly-designed solutions stable and protected with timely updates, patches, troubleshoots, real-time response to incidents, and more extra digital transformation services. And to give you even more long-term improvement and scaling opportunities, we also provide insightful reports on digital operations.

What impacts your project duration

Every project is unique, and it is difficult to predict the ultimate duration of each. Therefore, at DICEUS, we try to speed up processes by focusing on the main things, like the following factors that shape general project terms.

  • Project requirements
  • Deadlines and time expectations
  • Team composition and size
  • Tech stack and related tools
  • Availability of existing business data

What affects your project costs

A range of underlying aspects influence the final cost of your project. At DICEUS, we focus on granting reasonably priced technology transformation services that result in long-term profits. Here are the main cost-shaping factors.

  • Overall project complexity
  • Scope of custom development
  • Time constraints
  • Collaboration model (Dedicated Team, Time and Material)
  • The extent of required support

What we need from your side

DICEUS is among the best digital transformation companies in its line of work, so we usually take care of everything for you. However, you can help us speed things up and better target your final expectations if you provide the following.

  • Clear goals, needs and requirements
  • A reference of what exactly you expect to get
  • All related documentation or existing software assets
  • Time for regular meet-ups and discussions
  • Openness to innovation and flexible collaboration

Our tech stack

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Frequently asked questions

What are the benefits of digital transformation services?

Timely adopted digital transformation services allow you to scale your business and ultimately expand your operations’ versatility, efficiency, and profitability with the help of custom digital solutions. A dedicated platform equipped with convenient features, real-time access, secure data storage, and insightful analytics helps improve business in the long-term perspective in more than one way.

What is digital transformation consulting?

Turning to DICEUS for digital transformation consulting services, you get reliable guidelines from experienced field specialists concerning all aspects, challenges, and methods of business transition to the digital realm. We give big pictures, share pro tips, and prepare you and your staff for real-world scenarios.

What goals usually stand before digital transformation?

The main goals of digital transformation are to centralize and automate some business aspects, tasks, and responsibilities you need to manage for successful market performance. Our take on digital transformation services encompasses initiatives from virtual infrastructure planning and consultation to custom development of the underlying solutions and their further tech support.

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