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Why does a discovery phase matter?

A discovery phase is a starting point for getting the expected values of any software product. This stage is a must-have to correctly identify all functional and non-functional requirements, and analyze business goals, which ultimately allows us to offer you the most appropriate technology stack, define the project scope, and estimate its cost.

How it works

You might wonder how a discovery phase works and what steps it includes. Here are the key stages.

Identifying project stakeholders

These include business and IT executives, investors, product owners from the client's side; the discovery phase team — from the vendor's side.

Defining the project objectives

The vendor explores and identifies the critical business and technical challenges that are to be solved with the help of a software solution.

Technical aspects orchestration

The team conducts in-depth research on existing IT infrastructure and architecture, including functionality, dependencies, QA practices.

Formalizing project scope and requirements

Once all requirements are defined, the client gets a software requirements specification (SRS) for approval.

Offering a technology stack and a team

The client is offered the most effective technology stack regarding SRS and best practices. Based on that, a development team is built up.

Deciding on project management methodology

It's not about choosing Agile or Waterfall only, but also about a communication plan, reporting, acceptance criteria, and metrics.

Estimating costs, timeframe, and managing risks

For guaranteed project success and accurate costs, we create a Work Breakdown Structure as a part of the discovery phase deliverables.

Handing over the deliverables

The client receives the discovery phase deliverables predefined at the beginning. Check out the standard deliverables list below.

Our Senior Business Analyst says:

“Business analysis is helpful when it comes to decision making.”
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Discovery phase benefits

Clear understanding of project goals
Effective roadmap and timeline
Reduced risks
Reduced and managed risks
Optimized costs
Optimized project costs

Discovery phase deliverables

Software requirements specification
Project roadmap and strategy
Work Breakdown Structure
Recommended tech stack
Recommended team composition
Software architecture design
UX wireframe /prototype
Project cost
Risk evaluation and mitigation plan

Discovery phase team

Here’s a standard team composition for the discovery phase activities. However, this list is not limited to — we’ll provide other specialists if required.

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Project manager

Manages discovery phase project, ensures effective communication between stakeholders.

Business analyst

Uses data to identify gaps between business and IT, determines and formalizes requirements.

Software/solution architect

Creates software architecture and lays out the requirements for functionality and design.

UI/UX designer

Creates a wireframe and prototype according to UI/UX requirements.

Case studies

SAP ERP audit for Palmers Textil

Palmers Textil AG is a famous Austrian fashion/clothing brand founded in 1914. Back in 2017, the company was still using the outdated version of its ERP developed by SAP. This software was never optimized or upgraded. Our task was to complete a comprehensive assessment of core systems, find issues, and propose ways to optimize SAP management.


Software audit in the oil & gas company

SubC Partner is a Danish company focused on offshore works in the oil and energy industry. This team had an internal project control system based on Microsoft Access and SQL. We organized a two-day on-site workshop with one core goal: identify how this system can be upgraded and improved.


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