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IT consulting services

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IT consulting services

Our IT consulting services help businesses and organizations optimize their IT investments and infrastructure to maximize their operations’ benefits. DICEUS provides insights and advice on various IT-related matters, including hardware and software choices, security and risk management, system integration, workflow management, networking, data warehousing, and more.

Cloud transformation consulting

A successful cloud transformation usually results in reduced costs, increased flexibility and agility in IT operations, and broader business innovation for businesses moving forward. Our information technology consultants help companies create effective strategies for developing and implementing the necessary policies, procedures, architecture, and systems to ensure a smooth and sustainable cloud transformation. We guide customers through an impactful journey of cloud evolution to reap the multiple benefits and advantages of cloud computing.

Digital transformation consulting

A core aspect of digital transformation is digitizing business operations, including everything from customer service to product development. The need to survive and thrive in an ever-changing and competitive business environment drives digitization. By leveraging digital technology, businesses can unlock new levels of productivity and efficiency and deliver better experiences and results to customers. Our IT consultation services help customers identify specific opportunities for their particular industry and implement the necessary digital plans and strategies.

Agile transformation consulting

Our agile transformation consulting helps customers develop a more agile mindset within their teams and organizational culture. We assist organizations in identifying the goals of their agile transformation to create a custom-tailored approach to their needs and requirements. As an IT consulting services company, DICEUS supports developing an agile framework and assists in implementing specific practices, such as incremental development and prioritization of work. We help organizations learn about agile methodology and principles to determine if they apply to their industry and business context.

Security strategy

Our IT consulting experts create a detailed and comprehensive action plan and measures our customers can implement to protect their IT infrastructure and systems from potential threats. It includes utilizing security tools and solutions, establishing and maintaining solid and secure networks, implementing a security policy and framework, and security best practices across the organization. We help companies regularly review and update their strategies to address new potential risks and threats that may emerge over time.

Customer experience (CX) strategy

With our IT consulting services, any business can develop a successful customer experience strategy to build a positive and distinct brand identity that distinguishes an organization from its competitors and drive increased sales. We help define the overall customer value proposition to ensure that every step of the organization’s client relationship is positive and satisfying. As an IT consulting agency, DICEUS focuses on the customer journey, and touchpoints customers experience when interacting with a business. With our professionally created CX strategy, your customers feel valued, heard, and appreciated.

Product discovery

Understanding the organization’s needs and wants to create the necessary features and functionality for IT or software is known as product discovery. DICEUS identifies the challenges you experience and then leverages that information to guide the product development process. All stakeholders are engaged, and all input and feedback is considered. Our IT consulting specialists use creative and innovative solutions to assist customers in developing products and services that provide genuine value and impact for their business.

Project/program management

Project and program management is a vital part of our IT consulting, as it ensures that individual projects of our customers go smoothly according to plan and schedule with no problems. Typically, it involves defining and managing budget and financial constraints, planning and scheduling work, coordinating with stakeholders and executives, and monitoring progress against milestones and deadlines. Under our IT consulting supervision, organizations can effectively manage their day-to-day activities to complete their projects on time.

DWH consulting

Our DWH consultants work with clients to design, develop, and implement data warehouse solutions to meet specific business needs and requirements. Data visualization and analysis, data cleansing and profiling, and data preparation and integration, constitute integral components of our DWH consulting services. We help organizations manage large volumes of data from multiple sources to provide a single, consolidated, and integrated flow of information for various business goals and strategies. We provide a combination of technical, strategic, and operational elements that help businesses utilize and leverage their data for maximum benefit.

Technology transformation

As part of our IT consulting services, technology transformation aims to embrace and incorporate new technological innovations and advancements into business operations, workflows, and processes. It includes deploying more robust systems and technologies, migrating and integrating existing ones into a more centralized and secure infrastructure, and improving the overall IT management process within the organization. In addition, cloud computing, AI, machine learning, automation, and other related techs enable our customers to enhance their operations’ efficiency, productivity, and outcomes.

Technology consulting

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Technology consulting

Our IT consulting services provide specialized, personalized support and guidance in various technical and digital domains. They help businesses and individuals navigate and leverage the power of IT and technology in their work and lives.

Our advanced IT consultancy empowers customers to find the resources and solutions that best fit their needs. We offer professional IT consulting services in various forms, from on-site consultants to online resources and guides, to deliver valuable knowledge and insight to those who need it.

Benefits of DICEUS IT consulting services

Different IT consulting service providers may vary in professionalism, availability, and quality of delivery. The differences include services and offerings, approaches and strategies, experience and expertise, costs and rates, etc. It is critical to compare and research different providers to determine which best matches their needs and requirements to maximize IT consulting services’ potential benefits and impact.

Trusted by 130 customers worldwide

Such a level of trust speaks to our ability to deliver quality work and achieve positive and meaningful results, no matter where or in what market we work. Our reputation is only built through years of hard work and dedication to create and maintain robust, long-standing customer relationships. Those numerous referrals form a valuable source of our credibility. It is a strong indication of the effectiveness of our IT consulting services when we are trusted by so many customers across different cultures and environments.

10+ years of experience in IT consulting

IT is a rapidly changing and highly dynamic industry, and having so much experience allows us to follow the changing landscape and constantly adapt and evolve our skills and knowledge. This level of expertise means that DICEUS has worked on and completed many different and unique IT projects throughout the years. We have created a strong and diverse portfolio of IT consulting services across various clients and markets. A decade of experience in IT consulting makes us clearly understand how information technologies work and what it implies to be a successful professional within the industry.

Official partnership with Microsoft, Oracle, and Google Cloud

Being an official partner of Microsoft, Oracle, and Google Cloud means our company has a unique and exclusive relationship with the global digital giants and is recognized as an industry leader and expert. This special relationship provides DICEUS with access to a wide range of resources. It shows trust and confidence from worldwide IT leaders regarding networking relations and future opportunities. We are happy to translate such opportunities to our customers via our IT consulting services provided under the guidance of the technology triumvirate.

250 top IT professionals on board

An IT consulting agency with such an army of professionals can offer customers service and quality that can be hard to obtain from other providers. Our capabilities and benefits include deep industry knowledge, extensive IT expertise, a wide range of industry connections, access to advanced networks, and abundant technology resources. Our rich workforce can handle complex and demanding consulting projects and can address and solve a wide range of diverse and highly technical tasks and needs. As a result, our customers become confident that they are in good hands.

How we provide information technology consulting

It is crucial to remember that IT consulting is not a one-size-fits-all service, and individual needs and requirements usually vary from business to business and organization to organization. Therefore, it is worth considering the specifics of each industry or company and customizing a solution accordingly. Our IT consulting services are highly specialized for each client and sector since we always follow a well-proven execution algorithm.

Business analysisThe stage implies analyzing the customer’s business’s needs, requirements, and processes to determine the most appropriate and effective technologies and tools to address those needs and requirements. The business analysis includes examining the organizational nuances of the company, its current policies and procedures, and the existing technology environments. This is a necessary starting point for identifying gaps and opportunities for further improvement and growth.
Strategy and planningStrategy and planning imply outlining a plan of action to implement IT consulting services. The goal of strategy and planning is to determine the most effective execution approach and ensure that the services are aligned with the business’s strategic objectives. It also involves identifying the potential for future growth and expansion of IT infrastructure and setting the direction and vision for the business in terms of implementing and using IT technologies and solutions.
ExecutionExecution is an essential element of any effective IT consulting project, as it is the process of putting the strategy and plan into action. The goal of execution is to ensure that everything developed during the strategy and planning phase is actually implemented and successfully executed for maximum impact and benefit. DICEUS is always keen to effectively conduct IT consulting services to ensure that the client’s individual and unique business needs are addressed and satisfied appropriately for their specific business context.
OptimizationIn terms of IT consulting services, optimization implies utilizing technological elements of the client’s IT infrastructure to improve their performance and efficiency further. It can include advanced data analytics techniques to identify and address potential bottlenecks in data flows or use sophisticated infrastructure automation to reduce and manage resource consumption and costs. DICEUS always focuses on strategic and operational optimization to ensure that our IT consulting services provide optimal value for clients.

What impacts your project duration

The below factors working together and interacting with each other can significantly affect how long an IT consulting project lasts and determine whether the project can deliver the desired outcomes within the assigned timeframe:

  • The size and complexity of the project
  • The scope and depth of the engagement
  • The resources and capabilities of the customer’s IT ecosystem
  • The level of collaboration between the IT consulting provider and the customer
  • The pace and availability of the customer to participate in the project

What affects your project costs

The costs of every IT consulting project can be calculated individually based on the numerous traits that determine the project’s budget throughout its execution.

  • The project’s scope and complexity
  • The customer’s needs and expectations
  • The number and type of IT consultants involved
  • The level and scope of involvement of the client’s IT personnel
  • The content of support services offered by the IT consulting provider

What we need from your side

To achieve a balance between the duration, costs, and quality of every IT consulting project, we expect to receive the following information from the customer:

  • A clear description of the client’s business needs and requirements
  • A detailed scope of work (if exists)
  • A budget and timeline that can accommodate the various activities and tasks involved
  • Access to the necessary resources and infrastructure
  • An open and cooperative attitude with strong communication and active involvement of the customer

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Frequently asked questions

What does an IT consultant do?

An IT consultant is a professional who has relevant expertise in the technical aspects of IT related to organizations and businesses. IT consultants work with their clients to determine the organization’s needs and requirements regarding hardware and software and create and implement the necessary solutions and services to address and meet their client’s specific business needs. IT consultants work closely with all teams within the organization to implement and utilize new and existing IT systems and tools to help the organization realize and derive maximum value from their IT resources.

What is the difference between IT consulting and technology consulting?

IT consulting focuses on IT-related services and capabilities and their implementation in organizations. In contrast, technology consulting focuses on all types of technology and their implementation and application. The primary difference between them is the scope of the services offered; IT consulting focuses more on the organization’s technological aspects, while technology consulting includes more non-technical elements such as organizational structure, business strategy, culture, processes, and people.

Why Choose Our IT Consulting Company?

DICEUS is trusted by 130 customers across different cultures and environments. With over a decade of experience in IT consulting, we have built up a strong and diverse portfolio of IT consulting services across various clients and markets. As an official partner of Microsoft, Oracle, and Google Cloud, our company has a unique and exclusive relationship with the global digital giants and is recognized as a top-notch expert. Having 250 top IT professionals on board, DICEUS offers customers a level of service and quality that is hard to receive from other providers.

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