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Features of c++

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Features of c++

As a professional C++ development company, DICEUS completely embraces and effectively utilizes the unprecedented capabilities of this multi-paradigm language. C++ fits low-level programming as few other technologies do since the language stays closer to the underlying hardware and system resources. Using C++, we give customers greater control over the software regarding fine-grain details and low-level optimization.

C++ development services are appropriate for programs and applications running at high speeds with minimal overhead. In addition, C++ provides greater flexibility and adaptability in development, allowing our developers to utilize the best programming paradigms for the task at hand.

Team extension with C++ developers

Our professional C++ developers can bring diverse expertise to any development team, including high-level technical knowledge and expertise to help with development, design, and implementation. Their C++ programming skills can be precious in providing guidance and insight to an internal team and additional capacity and resources to tackle more complex and demanding tasks and projects. Having our C++ developers on board helps customers complement and supplement their internal development teams to reach a broader range of goals and objectives, both within and beyond their technical capabilities.

Dedicated C++ development team

DICEUS has vast practical experience in establishing fully-fledged dedicated teams of C++ developers able to execute tasks and projects of any complexity. Our experts help customers increase their focus specifically on C++ development. Such an increased focus and a high level of expertise typically result in higher productivity and efficiency overall. In addition, we help customers scale development efforts up more quickly and efficiently as business needs and requirements change or grow.

Standalone modules based on C++

Standalone modules based on C++ can include libraries, frameworks, and other packages built to provide specific functionality or capabilities. Our C++ modules can serve as building blocks for larger applications and systems or standalone solutions, depending on the particular functionality and purpose. Standalone modules based on C++ can provide a robust foundation for larger software, helping developers build powerful solutions by leveraging the capabilities of C++ to accomplish their broader objectives.

IT consulting (C++ related projects)

DICEUS offers IT consulting to provide knowledge, expertise, and guidance regarding the design and development of C++ development projects and applications. We deliver valuable suggestions on improving C++ development approaches, providing additional support for development teams and software vendors. Our IT consulting expertise helps customers streamline their projects and development processes.

C/C++ development services

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C/C++ development services

The value of C++ development services to modern business is immense, as C++ is an incredibly robust and versatile programming language able to handle a wide range of complex and demanding data processing tasks. C++ is essential for businesses in sectors that require efficient and robust solutions for managing and analyzing large amounts of data and performing complex, real-time computing.

As more and more businesses and organizations utilize large-scale data processing and data analysis to drive innovation and growth, the value that C++ provides will only grow alongside it. DICEUS stays at the forefront of C++ development with our continuous attention to the latest trends and advancements provided by the global community of C++ programmers. Our experience suggests that C++ can never get obsolete, whichever new development technology may appear.

Benefits of our C/C++ development services

Our C++ development services can provide a broad range of critical benefits to businesses and organizations that choose to leverage the power of C++ to drive innovation and growth. When working with a professional C++ development company, customers can see significantly improved outcomes regarding the speed of development, quality of solutions, and efficiency of businesses.

Faster time-to-market

One of the main benefits of our C++ development services is faster time-to-market outcomes. Since C++ is specifically designed for speed and efficiency, the language is a perfect option for modern, high-volume, high-performance applications and implementations. C++ programming allows businesses to spend less time and effort developing and testing products and solutions and more time and resources bringing those to market. In addition to faster time-to-market, our customers benefit from lower costs, increased competitiveness, and market share.

Expanded capabilities of solutions

C++ is a compelling programming technology that can enhance software solutions’ capabilities. The reason is that C++ is a low-level language with the power and versatility to handle complex and demanding data processing tasks and algorithms. By applying our C++ development expertise to your software solutions, you can drive more significant innovation and efficiency in a wide range of business applications and initiatives. Software advancements powered by C++ help our customers foster competitiveness and increase their market share.

Increased scalability of projects

With our team extension service, our customers can quickly increase headcount and personnel. Adding extra talent and resources to the C++ development team drives greater capacity and scalability for their workflows. Our IT consulting services help customers optimize their development process. By constantly reviewing and refining their projects, our experts help them identify and mitigate various development bottlenecks affecting project scalability.

Fewer organizational efforts

Time is money, and our customers’ leadership realizes such a maxim well. Successful time management is interdependent with the organizational effort necessary to establish a cohesive development pipeline. Our dedicated C++ development teams can start working almost immediately. Fewer organizational efforts our customers make result in improved performance and higher business efficiency.

How we develop software

Since C++ is an ideal language for building operating systems and kernels able to provide the needed performance and efficiency for low-level programming modules, we approach each project with an open hand. When our customer assigns us tasks related to multithreading and multiprocessing to enable more excellent scaling on multicore and multi-CPU platforms, we arrange our C++ development pipeline in the following manner:

Requirements gathering and planningWe start by gathering high-level requirements to grasp the project’s objectives. Then, over the process of gathering, we go down to low-level requirements articulated by our C++ experts. Thus, thoroughly prepared project planning makes no mistake in both fundamentals and nuances of the future solution.
Design and developmentAfter the project requirements are precise, our C++ programmers get down to the development of the solution. The stage implies actual coding that runs through multiple iterations when each programming module is checked and tested before moving to a subsequent phase of our pipeline. The customer usually approves the newly created features to eliminate any misunderstanding.
QA and deploymentIn addition to testing each line of code during the iterative development, our quality assurance engineers run various tests of the finished solution to check how it behaves under load conditions. They collaborate closely with programmers and system administrators within our DevOps culture. The entire C++ development team participates in the product’s deployment to exclude delays with possible bug fixing or re-coding.
Maintenance and supportWe never leave our customers without post-deployment maintenance and support since a win-win strategy is what we always follow. Besides, the low-level programming attributed to C++ development projects involves top professionals when the finished product requires maintenance, updating, and upgrades. Therefore, we provide 24/7 technical support to all our clients under various models of post-release cooperation.

What impacts your project duration

Any C++ development project has an individual timeline that can be affected by several internal and external factors, such as follows:

  • Unplanned functionality changes
  • Poorly formalized project specifications
  • A need for extra IT staff
  • The project’s complexity
  • Unforeseen external factors

What affects your project costs

Even though a particular C++ development project may seem simple and easy to execute, the project costs can vary due to the following:

  • A tight project schedule
  • Additional work required to meet the project changes
  • Extra charges for licensing special features
  • The number of staff involved
  • Engagement models

What we need from your side

The win-win paradigm we follow in every project implies a solid mutual understanding between parties. To make every project maximally successful, we typically ask our customers to provide us with the following:

  • Well-prepared project requirements
  • Communication managers from the client’s side
  • A clear project budget
  • A project’s roadmap, if available
  • Design and functionality descriptions

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Frequently asked questions

Can I hire C++ developers at DICEUS?

DICEUS offers various engagement models to provide our customers with highly skilled C++ developers. For example, our team extension service can add professional programmers to the existing development department of our customers. We also can establish a dedicated C++ development team from scratch to complete projects of any complexity. Besides, we design, develop, and deploy various custom projects based on C++ programming by request.

What projects are developed using C++?

Some of the most common software products developed using C++ include operating systems, web browsers, word processors, office suite applications, database software, graphics software, game development, medical imaging software, scientific computing software, and more. C++ is also utilized in various embedded systems, including routers, switches, and other networking hardware.

What other developers can I hire at DICEUS?

DICEUS is a multidisciplinary vendor capable of building projects in any existing segment of modern software development. Our staff is saturated with highly skilled programming engineers who can provide our customers professional expertise in web and mobile application development, AI, blockchain, data warehousing, clouds, and robotics.

What tools do you use for C/C++ programming?

Typical tools and instruments for C++ programming include Integrated Development Environment (IDE) – a dedicated environment or application for writing, compiling, and debugging C++ code. Source Control Systems constitute software that helps track changes, versions, and documentation for C++ code over time. And tools for testing and debugging to identify and repair errors or bugs in C++ code to ensure that the final product is free of defects and works as intended.

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