Improvements of Google Cloud Platform environment for Clear Labs

  • Enhanced-system-productivity

    Enhanced system productivity
  • Scalable-infrastructure-for-future-growth

    Scalable infrastructure for future growth
  • Streamlined-data-management-and-analytics

    Streamlined data management and analytics

Project overview

Clear Labs, a genomics testing company based in the USA, specializes in providing comprehensive solutions for genetic analysis. Their cutting-edge, fully automated next-generation sequencing (NGS) platform offers a range of turnkey diagnostic services. These include the characterization and detection of SARS-CoV-2 genomic variants and the identification of foodborne pathogens such as listeria and salmonella. Additionally, Clear Labs can verify the ingredients of food products, determine their GMO status, and perform various tests.

The company contacted DICEUS to work on one of their products called Clear Dx™, particularly on SARS-CoV-2 Whole Genome Sequencing. The latter is an automated platform for genome sequencing of RNA extracts and assembling FASTA files for SARS-CoV-2 analysis.

Since the platform uses the Google Cloud Platform services, the company contacted DICEUS to create a new GCP environment, make the system more resilient, and improve data throughput to handle requests quickly.

Client information

Clear Labs, Inc. was established in 2014 by a team of software engineers and genomic scientists with a shared vision of introducing next-generation sequencing (NGS) technologies to food safety. The company’s mission is to support renowned food brands and service labs worldwide in guaranteeing the excellence and safety of their products.

It offers two solutions: clinical testing products and food safety testing products. Thus, Clear Lab’s state-of-the-art sequencing (NGS) platform can enhance efficiency and precision across various applications, from detecting food-borne pathogens to diagnosing infectious diseases. The platform revolutionizes sequencing technology, delivering faster results and improved accuracy for diverse genomic analyses.

Business challenge

All Clear Labs’ products should ensure consistency and accuracy of results, which requires efficient system productivity. Thus, the company continuously works on improving data consistency, throughput, and processing speed. Clear Labs wanted to improve the system using our cloud computing expertise to generate accurate test results that researchers can confidently use.

Technical challenges

The Clear Labs project is run on the Google Cloud Platform. Its architecture is based on Event-Driven Architecture and Domain-Driven Design. Communication between services is asynchronous. The project utilizes Google Cloud Platform (GCP) services such as BigQuery, Cloud SQL Instance, and Google Pub/Sub, among others. The key technical challenge lies in making the system more resilient and improving the throughput to handle requests quickly and without latency.

Solution delivered

DICEUS successfully designed and implemented business requirements per the customer’s request. As part of this project, our Senior Java Developer played a key role in developing a new centralized logging solution. Additionally, we were responsible for setting up a new Google Cloud Platform (GCP) environment to support the system’s operations. Implementing these enhancements resulted in a notable improvement in the system’s overall throughput and performance.

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Value to our client

  • Enhanced system productivity

    Clear Labs achieved enhanced system efficiency by using our cloud computing expertise and optimizing the Google Cloud Platform environment. The improvements in data consistency, throughput, and processing speed ensured that their products delivered accurate test results consistently. Researchers can now rely on the system to provide fast and reliable genomic analyses.

  • Scalable infrastructure for future growth

    A new Google Cloud Platform environment supports the company's current operations while laying the foundation for future growth. GCP services enabled the platform to scale seamlessly to handle increased demand as the company expands its customer base and services.

  • Streamlined data management and analytics

    The new centralized logging solution allowed Clear Labs to streamline data management and analytics. The centralized approach made monitoring system activities, tracking errors, and gaining valuable insights into platform performance easier.

Our tech stack

  • java Java
  • Spring Spring boot

Client feedback


Good collaborative partnership and ability to provide required skills and expertise.

Henrik Gehrmann, VP of Engineering at Clear Labs

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