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Custom supply chain software development

Custom software always emphasizes the uniqueness of your company. The one-size-fits-all solutions can hardly work better than the tailor-made supply chain software designed strictly in accordance with your specific requirements. Our individual approach to your production process can provide what any company appreciates a lot in the supply chain management: the just-in-time reaction to the emerging needs that refers to any sort of replenishment. We can create an individual smart inventory system immediately signaling to restock your warehouse as soon as any single item leaves it.

SCM web and mobile development

Even though supply chains are usually quite multifaceted, their remote management can be arranged via web and mobile solutions with sufficient computing capacities. Neither an excessive staff always present personally at all links of your supply chain nor day-and-night monitoring via in-office desktop systems is necessary when both the internet coverage and the variety of mobile technologies allow your SCM system to work in your smartphone. We can develop web and mobile SCM solutions that help you be aware of the status of your production flow anytime, anywhere.

SCM software audit and consulting

Our professional audit and consulting services are always at your disposal to identify potential problems in your SCM software. Do your customers order more than you can deliver or vice versa? Do they complain of insufficient service? If your current SCM system does not allow you to anticipate either the shortage or overstocking, some system updates or even reconfiguration seem to be necessary. Our experts are here to analyze your SCM software before your customers are completely disappointed.

Maintenance and technical support

If your business keeps developing, your supply chain management has to do the same. More deals imply more interactions between all links of your supply chain. Maintenance and technical support can never go amiss amid the growing complexity of your production flow. We provide the full scope of work to keep your SCM system always up-to-date. Moreover, our specialists can dynamically optimize the parameters of your SCM software to make it meet any new challenge that can arise in your industry segment.

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Benefits of our supply chain software development services

IT staff augmentation option

In-house employees are not the only option for companies any longer. This is especially important when IT staff becomes a must-have for companies working in whatever industry. Optimization of labor resources stays behind the augmented IT staff we offer. We relieve the company’s supply chain management from all tensions and liabilities accumulated due to the need to recruit, pay, and control the in-house IT specs capable of maintaining SCM software in due course. The IT staff augmentation service we provide is what helps executives focus on business issues instead of being bothered with the IT routines necessary to handle SCM systems.

Turnkey development option

No multiple contractors are needed to create and deploy an SCM software system. Analyzing your production flow, prototyping the desired SCM architecture, programming and testing the system, providing deployment and post-deployment services, maintaining the finished SCM software over its whole lifecycle all belong to elements of our comprehensive turnkey development option. Moreover, our customers are spared from having to create a specification for the future SCM software on their own: it’s just a matter of an interview with our project managers to set things straight. No loose ends remain to pull when your SCM system is created under our turnkey development.

Expertise in advanced tech

Our constant desire to keep pace with the most up-to-date software technologies is the key advantage we have in terms of expertise. We face no constraints in accessing any sort of data while building SCM software systems: the IoT-generated datasets can be seamlessly integrated with ERP platforms through various B2B tools. We protect SCM systems with the most advanced cyber-security techs, including blockchain. Various AI-powered algorithms for deep business analysis are in the scope of our expertise as well. Unlikely there is anything capable of making us look puzzled with regard to IT technologies.

Outcomes guarantee

Leaving customers alone after their SCM software is created and deployed is bad manners, as we believe. We prefer sharing full responsibility with our customers for all outcomes brought by the software solutions we create. Our reputation matters too much to let our customers question our ability to provide the trouble-free operation of the delivered software. The outcomes’ guarantee is a decent approach to mitigate such doubts. We start discussing the guarantee coverage with customers at the very initial stage of SCM software development not to let any outcome appear circumstantial.

Our supply chain software development process

Discovery phaseAll your requirements regarding the future SCM software are collected during the discovery phase. Both personal meetings with customers and online ones should be arranged as many times as necessary to clarify all possible aspects of the system’s functionality. Nothing must be left to chance when the business reputation of our customers is at stake: the stronger the mutual understanding between a customer and our developers is, the fewer the redesigning works can occur over the process. Frictionless operation of the future SCM system originates just in the discovery phase.
Design and developmentWhen the project specification, team composition, technology stack, and other relevant terms and conditions are finalized, our developers start programming under the selected development life cycle. Our customers are always able to supervise every iteration no matter which type of SDLC we use in each particular case. Keeping the design and development phase as transparent for our customers as possible helps us reduce redundant efforts: the time-saving development becomes very cost-effective.
QA and testingWe appreciate proactive testing along the entire development life cycle. Such a sort of QA allows us to deliver high-quality code for every module of the SCM system. Besides, our team makes sure that every function works in the way it should work according to the customer’s expectations. Both automated tests and manual ones go under a preliminary created plan. All the testing results are meticulously recorded in a special document to facilitate future updates and possible reconfigurations.
Deployment supportCorrect operation of any SCM software depends on both the predesigned functionality of the system and properly executed deployment. The second factor includes the examination of the customer’s IT infrastructure to avoid any sort of incompatibility that might occur between the new SCM system and the existing IT environment. Our support specialists check the customer’s software ecosystem to identify all possible gaps that might compromise the successful deployment of SCM software. We support our customers in mitigating technical issues in both pre-deployment and post-deployment periods.

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What impacts your project duration

Despite many SCM software solutions looking similar, they may require different periods of time to be completed. Especially when it comes to the highly customized software products which we use to propagate. Software development is a very artistic process that implies many non-trivial approaches, the timeframe of which is hardly predictable. Nonetheless, our specialists can make more or less precise calculations of the working hours necessary to complete the project when the software development specification (SDS) is available. In general, the following factors should be taken into consideration:

  • Project requirements
  • Expected deadlines
  • Team composition
  • Chosen technology and platforms

What affects your project costs

As in the case of project duration, the cost of each SCM system depends on the final configuration of the developed software. There is a direct correlation between the amount of work required to complete the project and the final cost. We always represent a transparent calculation in which even customers who stay far from software development can find exhaustive information about why the solution costs as it costs. Such info usually includes the following cost-determining factors inter alia:

  • Project scope and complexity
  • Chosen technology
  • Project completion urgency
  • Engagement model: Fixed Price, Time and Material, Dedicated Team

What we need from your side

We never require a ready-to-use SDS from our customers: creating such a document is far from what they do in their business. However, we seek to have as tight collaboration as possible with our clients to avoid any misunderstanding in the future development process. That’s why we propose to arrange face-to-face meetings (the online ones are also acceptable) to reach a shared vision of the project through the most natural communication. If such meetings appear problematic for some reason, we’d like to get the following data from customers to start our work:

  • Project goals, vision, and a roadmap if available
  • High-level project requirements
  • Project-specific documentation if available
  • Client’s availability for weekly gathering session

Our tech stack

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Frequently asked questions

What are the must-have features of supply chain management software?

Neither overstocking nor understocking should happen at your warehouses to compromise your business sustainability. The inventory and stock management features help optimize your stock levels, therefore. The highly configurable billing management feature allows you to process orders from a single location in your SCM system. For efficient shipping of both raw materials and finished products, you should have a transportation and dispatch management feature in your SCM software. A portal for communication with both suppliers and customers makes your entire supply chain work smoothly. The end-to-end tracking feature provides you with real-time info about everything that happens within your supply chain. The above-mentioned features are essential for any SCM system. At the same time, you can develop any other feature according to your particular requirements.

What are the latest technologies used for logistics software solutions?

The integrated AI known as augmented intelligence is a very promising trend, especially in warehouse management. The technology combines a human experience with AI algorithms capable of delivering various helpful suggestions based on stats and big data. IoT sensors are another trend that facilitates real-time tracking of vehicles and products that move over the entire supply chain. Distributed ledger technology, better known as a blockchain, offers a revolutionary approach to inventory management. The technology provides the most secure data sharing protected by cryptographic encryption. Finally, the last-mile delivery is the emerging trend that implies the urbanization of deliveries comprising various methods of shipping automation and ML-based predictive analytics. We can implement any of the technologies into your bespoke SCM software.

Why is moving a supply chain software to the cloud popular nowadays?

Cloud migration is a megatrend that covers everything that happens in the global digital environment. Almost unlimited computing capacities along with enormous data-storage space are offered by the cloud providers for a very reasonable price (monthly/annual subscription model). Besides, the cyber security properties of in-cloud solutions outperform the ones inherent in the majority of on-premise systems. The functionality and complexity of supply chain management software make any SCM system a perfect candidate to migrate to a cloud. We have vast hands-on experience in cloud migration of various sorts, along with sufficient expertise to create a cloud-based SCM solution from scratch.

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