Enterprise resource planning tool for a transport company

  • 100-150

    100-150 new vehicles added daily
  • 2,000+

    2,000+ users can work without performance issues
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    Full cycle of data, from auction to delivery

Project overview

Lion Trans ERP is a comprehensive process/resource management platform. It’s tailored to the needs of an international transport brand. The solution covers internal business processes, tracks information about deals and contractors. It has an analytical module that can notify users about any changes or risks. Overall, the tool reduces costs and delays in vehicle transportation processes.

Client information

Lion Trans is the group of international transportation companies established in 2008. It works in Armenia, Canada, Georgia, the USA, and Ukraine. It handles intercontinental transportation, warehousing services, vehicle auction transaction support (from the US auctions), document support, partial or full credit financing. Lion Trans has warehouses in Canada and the USA, so it can deliver cargo by sea, air, and land.

enterprise resource planning tool for a transport compony project overview

Business challenge

Lion Trans is a big enterprise that works in the USA, Canada, Georgia, Armenia, Ukraine. It serves thousands of individual and business clients. To properly manage its business processes, the company required a custom software tool. Enterprise resource management (ERP) solutions are typical for these tasks. They streamline internal processes, improve external connections, and give access to transparent data flows.

Technical challenges

The main challenge was the complexity of the car delivery process. It involves many parties, and we had to automate the entire flow, add it to the ERP solution with core modules: warehouse management, dealership, analytics, tracking. We also had to connect the third-party service Decode This for VIN codes’ analysis. Overall, the system had to work with huge data sets, serve thousands of users daily, and remain stable.

Solution delivered

After a year of development, we ended up with a comprehensive ERP business tool. It handles high loads and big data packages. Users can track any vehicle from the first auction lot to the final delivery to the client. Data about cars, customers, and contractors is stored inside the system, is available in a few clicks. On top of that, Lion Trans ERP relies on sophisticated access management that improves security.

enterprise resource planning tool for a transport compony solution

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Key features

enterprise resource planning tool for a transport compony key
  • Access management

    Well-thought role-based access system ensures that users can’t get data they aren’t allowed to view.

  • Analytics included

    The module tracks data changes and notifies users about risks, issues, delays, extra fees. It also suggests the best delivery route.

  • End-to-end internal management

    The ERP solution itself stores information about cars, deals, clients, and interactions.

  • Full cycle of data

    Dedicated employees of Lion Trans can check the entire path of any vehicle, from the initial auction to the final arrival.

  • VIN information

    The main entity in this system is vehicle identification number – VIN. It allows to identify cars, combat fraud.

Value to our client

  • 100-150 new entries a day

    can be processed without hassle.

  • 2,000+ users can work

    with this software simultaneously, it remains stable.

  • Integration with Lion Trans auctions

    to track vehicles and buyers/sellers.

Our tech stack

  • angular js Angular
  • net .NET/ASP.NET
  • microsoftazure Microsoft Azure Cloud
  • NServiceBus NServiceBus
  • icon-256x256-1 SSO

Client feedback


DICEUS works hard for our company. They’re a professional team with skilled developers. We’ve had open communication with them. DICEUS is better at providing transparency than other companies in their industry.

Alexander Baravkov, Product Manager of Lion Trans in Georgia

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