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Cloud environment opportunities we get with solutions like Amazon Web Services grant truly industry-disrupting benefits with all the versatility of optimization, reinforced security, and accessibility of management they have under the hood. At DICEUS, we have seasoned professionals providing a range of AWS cloud managed services to cover every tech need you might have and step up your business competitiveness. The following service options aim at your productivity, profits, and long-term results.

AWS cloud migration

Does your existing software operation or production environment perform according to your goals and standards? If it doesn’t, or you feel there is still space to grow, we have the skills and tools to move your projects safely to the AWS managed cloud for more potential, flexibility, and power.

AWS management

Amazon Web Services stand out in that the system is accessible on most levels, but one may only achieve its total capacity if it is appropriately managed. As a result, we offer teams of specialists that handle every AWS aspect, from system monitoring and security compliance to threat discovery and incident response.

AWS cloud support

Apart from ongoing internal management, a managed AWS system requires real-time support for all related users and emergencies beyond regular workflows. For this, we have dedicated support teams focused on prompt reaction to any relevant issue in the managed AWS cloud operation.

Database backup

We ensure sturdy data protection and reliable recovery of assets, even if something goes faulty or missing, with the help of a timely database backup. The out-of-the-box Backup feature of AWS allows us to safeguard data from any existing database engine you might be running your storage on.

AWS consulting

Get a professional consultation based on firsthand expertise across all AWS cloud managed services to educate your in-house staff, or simply get the hang of the processes of advanced cloud environments. Our specialists consult on deployment, management, migration, and more.

Engineering services

We build custom solutions based on and meant for the managed cloud AWS, enabling streamlined business and cost optimization opportunities via scaling into the cloud. The versatile foundation and enterprise readiness of the AWS platform in the hands of our seasoned developers can make a powerful yet authentic business solution

AWS cloud managed services

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AWS cloud managed services

We offer a full range of opportunities for complete cloud adoption without going too far or spending too much. Contact us to discuss any custom needs of yours that we may fulfill.

No matter the scope and complexity of your vision, DICEUS is your one-stop cloud adoption and management partner.

Benefits of AWS cloud managed services

The employment of AWS cloud managed services as core business tools for performance and business scaling is a well-proven method of organic expansion through cost optimization and long-term dynamic growth. Combined with the proper skillset and profiled experience, you get guaranteed results – streamlined workflow and continuous business growth.

Optimized costs

With our AWS cloud management services, you get more than one way to cut unnecessary expenses and save costs in all the places that may be unexpected. A flexible cloud environment where you pay for precisely the amount of space used and integrations added is cost-efficient. At the same time, you also get long-term saving opportunities with always up-to-date security and support.

Flexible security

The AWS cloud environment is neatly monitored by the AWS managed services providers. At the same time, we also take an extra step to grant dynamic threat detection, timely elimination of flaws, and prevention of common risks. We have years of experience protecting sensitive data in all environments, using the expertise and well-tried tools to keep your cloud storage safe and sound.

Long-term scaling

The scope of AWS cloud managed services we provide lays a reliable foundation for continuous tech-driven business improvement. As you scale in the cloud, the underlying expenses are distributed optimally, enabling profitable business expansion over time. At the same time, adding new integrations and acquiring more space is as simple and rapid as it gets.

Streamlined productivity

Deploying your project or digital business infrastructure in the cloud, you basically get a highly available centralized workflow hub that serves multiple purposes at the same time. It is a database, interactive storage, and a corporate management platform in one. And with the cloud managed services we offer, you get to also turn it into a collaborative tool that looks and functions exactly the way you need.

Our AWS managed services provision process

With years of firsthand profiled experience, specialists at DICEUS know the importance of keeping service provision well-segmented, flexible, and transparent. Depending on your particular needs and AWS deployment aspirations, we take your projects through the following stages.

Discovery phaseWe kick things off by getting familiar with your specific needs, requirements, and existing system constraints (if any) to better tailor the AWS cloud managed services provision. Thorough requirements discovery and planning allows us to achieve guaranteed quality results and avoid common risks for your data and workflow.
Data migrationSuppose you are running a database or a business management platform and are looking to scale. In that case, we seal the discovery of your existing capacities with a timely database backup and secure migration to the pre-configured AWS environment. No matter what storage format you have, we can safely move its contents in terms of our AWS cloud managed services.
Deployment and configurationWe conduct the new data infrastructure deployment in the proper environment, either post-migration or entirely new. Our specialists handle all the necessary configurations to get the most potential out of the newly-established system and simultaneously grant your convenience of use.
Custom developmentIn case you want to achieve more authentic, brand-tailored opportunities of the managed services in AWS, we may develop and add any custom functionality that fits you. This includes but is not limited to data access limitation by levels, setting of system access privileges, collaborative dashboards, integrations with the required systems and tools, etc.

What impacts your project duration

Every project is unique, and its final duration is shaped by numerous factors related to its scope, complexity, and deadline. The major duration factors include:

  • Project requirements
  • Deadlines and time expectations
  • Team composition and size
  • Tech stack and related tools
  • Availability and quality of existing data

What affects your project costs

It is challenging to forecast the ultimate cost of every other project (and the density of AWS cloud managed services). The closest we can get is via an approximate estimate in terms of the discovery phase. Here are the main points that shape the costs:

  • Overall project complexity
  • Scope of custom development
  • Time constraints
  • Collaboration model (Dedicated Team, Time and Material)
  • The extent of required support

What we need from your side

With well-adjusted delivery processes and in-depth experience, we try to accelerate the time-to-market as much as possible and deliver all the quality we can. Here’s what you can do to help us achieve that together:

  • Have clear goals, needs, and requirements
  • Provide a reference of what exactly you expect to get
  • Prepare all related documentation or existing software assets
  • Dedicate time for regular meet-ups and discussions
  • Be open to innovation and flexible collaboration

Our tech stack

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Frequently asked questions

How can AWS managed services help enterprises accelerate cloud adoption?

The range of AWS cloud managed services we provide at DICEUS allows you to move a legacy system or an underperforming solution to the flexible and intricately managed cloud environment. Cloud data storage, access, interaction, and collaboration opportunities are the best up-to-date options for projects and businesses looking to scale. With its accessible nature and our specialists’ skills, you get one of the fastest and most convenient ways to adopt the cloud and scale.

What does AWS services DICEUS provide?

We are your managed service provider AWS if you are looking for full-scope cloud migration, deployment, configuration, and further scaling opportunities. Namely, we prepare the environment and migrate data from storages of any format; we dedicate our specialists to manage your internal system needs properly; we grant continuous cloud support to keep your managed services in AWS safe, stable, and smoothly performing; we also create tailored cloud solutions by offering custom software development and integration opportunities.

What are the benefits of outsourcing AWS cloud-managed services?

We can help you achieve the ultimate cost-saving opportunities of adopting AWS cloud managed services and achieving the maximum productive and profitable end cloud system. With our outsourcing opportunities, you can find remote specialists abroad with cost-efficient rates ready to take on your tasks promptly. Moreover, you hire the required specialists on demand from a pool of well-screened candidates.

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