INSIS Modernized Claims API development for Fadata 

  • Engineering-best-practices

    Engineering best practices
  • Integration-processes-documented

    Integration processes documented
  • Code-improvements-done

    Code improvements done
  • Migration-to-microservices-preparation

    Migration to microservices preparation

Project overview

Over the past years, Fadata has been working on another step in the evolution of INSIS, an insurance process platform. They are turning INSIS into a cloud-native multi-tenant software solution. Built with open-source technologies, Java is the primary language on the backend, and’s family of frameworks will be a centerpiece. Everything will run in containers on a Kubernetes cluster following the microservice pattern. The APIs are implemented in a contract-first approach, with OpenAPI as the contract specification and’s family of frameworks as the implementation platform. So, our team participates in API development for the Modernized Claims module.

Client information

Fadata Group is a leading provider of software solutions for insurance companies worldwide. It provides the next generation of a core insurance platform using end-to-end, flexible cloud services for all lines of business and all insurance processes, harnessing open ecosystems. Fadata Group empowers insurers to drive customer engagement, innovation, and business value. Recognized as a leading solution provider by analysts at Gartner and Celent, the company has clients in over 30 countries across Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Latin America.

Business challenge

In Fadata, they want to be the best, which they have succeeded with, as Gartner recognizes them in their “Magic Quadrant” with the insurance platform INSIS. Many significant technological and architectural changes have kept INSIS in the “Magic Quadrant” for many years. Over the past years, Fadata has been improving INSIS to make it a cloud-native multi-tenant software solution to meet customer demand and work on the latest technology stack with modern architecture.

Technical challenges

Even though the transformation of their platform has been going on for some time, many aspects are still open. They completely rework their architecture and use all the new technologies, so everything is challenging. Moreover, they need to ensure that the solution will be easy to upgrade and integrate.

Solution delivered

Our team is actively involved in the Modernized Claims API development. DICEUS developers participated in the Domain Driven Design approach implementation. Here are more things we already did and continue doing within the project: cover code with unit tests and extend the usage of Spring framework, execute the transition from Gerrit to Azure DevOps, and continuously implement new technologies and approaches to software development.

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Value to our client

  • Engineering best practices

    Our team participated in designing and implementing REST API endpoints, services, JPA entity definitions, persistence logic, and unit tests for components on every layer of the Spring application architecture.

  • Integration processes documented

    We discussed with the client and documented new and revised approaches employed in the structural project design and its integration with the INSIS Service Bus.

  • Code improvements done

    Our developers continuously improve code quality, do refactoring, and consistently reduce the project's technical debt.

  • Migration to microservices preparation

    We also participate in preparation for migration to microservice architecture in the future.

Our tech stack

  • java Java
  • Spring Spring
  • Spring Spring boot
  • logo hibernate Hibernate
  • Git-Icon-1788C Git
  • logo azure devops Azure DevOps
  • oracle Oracle SQL

Client feedback

Working with DICEUS is a pleasure! I feel that I work with professionals with excellent communication, fast action, fast problem-solving, and correct partner!

Ivo Mironov, Developers Team Lead at Fadata

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