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We offer database development services for businesses that deal with complex and data-heavy projects. Since 2011, DICEUS has created custom database solutions and mobile and web applications to manage databases and data warehouses and offers professional IT consulting.

Custom database development

We realize the importance of the security and ease of use of DBs for enterprises. Our software engineers provide consumers with an individual approach to database development. The DICEUS specialists employ well-tried tools and custom database solutions to match personal clients’ requirements.

Mobile app to manage a database

A mobile app for DB management may take a business to a previously unattainable level. Our engineers create apps with simple interfaces and comprehensive function menus. You get an incredibly efficient tool to handle your DB when ordering the database development service in DICEUS.

Web app to manage a DB

We tailor versatile web software, making it universally compatible with the most popular browsers (Opera, Safari, Chrome, and so on), with qualified developers delivering adaptive designs. This enables you to use custom online applications to manage a DB on any hardware you have without any problems.

Database development consulting

DICEUS can assist you in making your DB even more effective. Our specialists have tactical and strategic experience implementing and managing relevant modern technologies. That’s why we can provide numerous pro tips on data strategy planning to improve your business.

Data integration services

Our database development company offers customers simple solutions to gather and process corporate information. Today’s cloud-based integration services can be easily employed even by unskilled administrators. However, comprehensive user interfaces are necessary for that. Our IT specialists provide intuitive software that allows specialists of any tier to work efficiently with corporate data.

System migration services

Our specialists help to avoid costly own time and schedule delay issues. We are sufficiently skilled to move your digital information to more advantageous virtual storage devices with no data losses and delays. Moreover, DICEUS provides its clients with solid support throughout the migration process.

Database development services

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Database development services

We carefully check the work done at each stage of the development of a database. This includes regression, performance, load, stress, and other types of testing. Our QA engineers are proficient in creating suitable test environments to obtain verified results. It makes digital products made by DICEUS extremely credible.

Our software engineers employ innovative solutions when creating DBs. As a result, you may be sure that your database will be much more advanced than other enterprises’ storage systems. Consequently, our customers always stand out from the competition.

Benefits of custom database development

We propose plenty of DB creation packages. You may pick the most suitable one according to your requirements and financial capabilities. Our software engineers always strive to make client-centered apps. Your DB administrators can learn and work with a new digital environment quickly. This would speed up your business and dramatically increase the efficiency of information processing.

Reasonable development spending

DICEUS employs Agile management methods to lead its programmer teams. Such an approach to software creation helps cut digital products’ completion time and decreases efforts spent. As a result, we can offer our clients lower prices for database development services in the USA, Canada, and other developed countries.

Entire insight into your necessities

We comprehensively analyze our customer business branches before starting DB and application creation. This helps us understand key points of the industry you work in. As a result, our employees can make a digital product that would comply even with your business environment’s hidden demands.

Quick, effective, and comprehensive solutions

Our database development company offers clients software that is compatible with different OSs. Be sure that we do everything possible to find the best matching solutions specifically for your enterprise. That makes your DB significantly more effective.

Ability to control your projects

We suggest an entirely transparent monitoring system to consumers. Our clients can track all ongoing processes, control current projects, and make necessary changes. In addition, the specified service lets you communicate easily with our highly-qualified help desk managers.

Our data base development process

DICEUS specialists stand out for their hefty work experience with any-size projects. Our services fit both small-scale companies and huge corporations. We are skilled in Scrum, Kanban, Waterfall, and Agile workflow models. DICEUS prefers the last one, though. The Agile model gives better results, helps to control the development process carefully, and enables delivering completed digital products more effectively. Here are the primary stages of our software creation algorithm.

Business analysisInitially, we strive to assemble your wishes, ideas, and technical and non-functional demands. Then, our business analysts check the received information. After that, the project department transforms all the requirements into effective digital solutions. As a result, SRS, along with detailed project plans, are created.
Basic design creationOur developers create main wireframes (blueprints) to implement software database design. These are structures of future applications. Next, we make mockups. This shows how graphics, text, etc., will fit the blueprints. Such an approach assists in gaining general ideas about consumer apps.
Architecture and prototypeAt this stage, basic Frontend and Backend structures are developed. Our employees also create original UI/UX mobile and web application designs. Finally, we prepare software prototypes for consumers to try app interfaces.
DevelopmentHere, we implement adaptive as well as cross-platform software layouts. Our programmers work with the approved interfaces as a part of the highlighted stage. We use the most widespread technologies (MySQL, SQLite, etc.) as part of the mentioned step. This makes DICEUS one of the best database development companies worldwide.
ImplementationAt this point, we create specific storage-related structures. For example, they contain table spaces, storage groups, etc. After that, the necessary data is loaded. Moreover, our software engineers convert the uploaded digital information if necessary.
Testing and evaluationOur QA engineers conduct thorough evaluation and testing procedures. First, they perform various checks to detect available errors. Then, QA specialists decide on the digital product quality. Finally, if the software contains critical flaws, our employees hand it over for revision.
Maintenance and supportHere, we delete, add, or shift features of a DB structure. Furthermore, our specialists fix the remaining errors. Next, we recover databases if any faults are in place. The final digital product made by DICEUS turns out fast-operating and meets necessary business conditions.

What impacts your project duration

This depends on clients’ requirements in terms of bespoke database development services. The essential factors that affect project durations are:

  • Project complexity
  • Deadlines set
  • Team composition
  • Platforms and technologies needed to complete the project
  • The necessity of integrations with third-party applications

What affects your project costs

The price of database development depends on the following features:

  • DB scope and difficulty
  • Selected technology for performing the project
  • Engagement model (Dedicated Team, Time and Material)
  • Project realization urgency
  • Number of components to be implemented

What we need from your side

Database creation processes involve both developers and clients. Our company guarantees on-time project completion, the absence of freezes and lags, as well as total secureness. In addition, we ensure fulfilling all operations within the predefined budget as a part of our services. We need the following things from your side:

  • Database idea
  • Project urgency
  • High-level project requirements
  • Software architecture, mockups, and specific papers, if any
  • Several free hours per week for requirements gathering session

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Frequently asked questions

What is a database development project?

DB creation is complex, including analyzing, coding, and testing software operations. Specialized professionals called DB programmers create a digital environment for storing, accessing and managing data (with extra interaction and processing features). Such projects may require a different scope of functional, user interface, interconnection, and security implementations based on particular needs.

What are the main stages of database building?

Here, the main steps are requirements gathering, analyzing customer information, basic design creation, candidate architecture, engineering, deployment, data loading, and maintenance. The stages are usually described in detail in the project roadmap.

Why is a custom database better than a ready-made one?

That’s because bespoke DBs typically contain many more personalized features. Thus, every custom database design better fits the peculiarities of each separate business. This simplifies workflow and speeds up DB operation. On the other hand, ready-made solutions frequently freeze and lag as they are often based on poor source codes.

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