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Electronic Health Records

We provide medical software development to help health workers conveniently keep a patient history in one place and access it at any time from any device – smartphone, tablet, laptop, PC – you name it. All data is updated and synchronized in real- time. In particular, we can implement an electronic health record (EHR) or electronic medical record (EMR) solution, which are full-fledged digital analogs of conventional patient’s paper charts.

Telemedicine & Remote Patient Monitoring

Telemedicine solutions are among healthcare software development services focused on clinical integration and the use of telecommunication technologies to boost traditional diagnostics and health monitoring. Advanced capabilities allow for efficient remote medical education and various remote services for patients. The implementation examples include live consulting, digital hi-res image sharing, remote live medical advice, and more. The live-streaming feature is the usual trademark of such solutions.

Healthcare Data Analytics

At Diceus, we offer a wide range of patient care software solutions to help automate med personnel patient interactions on all stages of their responsible work. On top of that, custom healthcare software development products help patients keep better track of their health condition individually, with timely treatment schedule reminders, and triggered encrypted patient data sending to doctors for monitoring and emergency purposes.
Real-time health monitoring opportunities help save more lives more efficiently, timely tracking and accumulating sensitive patient data such as blood pressure, pulse, temperature, etc.

Medical Devices

We develop software for hospital hardware systems that facilitates automated collection and analysis of data in real time. On top of that, we create custom equipment tracking solutions to help monitor the availability and status of medical devices and equipment in a centralized manner. This is much more convenient than the outdated use of paper notebooks or software tools that were not intended for such purposes from the get-go, such as MS Excel.

Wearables and IoT

We have in-depth experience in implementing custom IoT-based software for wearable devices. For instance, we can connect user mobile devices to the global monitoring system in order to optimize patient health state readings collection and provide timely emergency medical assistance.

Computer Vision

Yet another scope of our expertise – computer vision solutions. We employ a stack of related technologies, methods, and algorithms that enable systems to process images and video streams (e.g., from cameras, scanners, 3D data sheets, etc.). Implementation of computer visions allows to better identify visual assets, classify, and analyze images. In healthcare, such solutions help enhance diagnostics and detect tumors on medical images.


In the era of all-consuming digitization, software integrations and automation capabilities shouldn’t be neglected.

Modern software solutions for centralized data access, monitoring, streaming, etc. help solve a wide range of tasks for clinics that have been sticking to out-of-date approaches for too long. For example, patients’ medical records can be automatically synchronized and have a single access point to make things easier and more precise. Even remote surgeries gradually become a real, efficient approach rather than a sci-fi movie concept.

Our company’s experts are ready to take on custom healthcare software development optimized specifically for your medical organization. We guarantee the maximum return on investment thanks to the input of a seasoned team of specialists and reduced human-factor risks in the long run.

Implementing up-to-date software solutions, our clients get to improve the level of patient service as a whole. Specialized applications speed up and automate the processing of submissions and provide 24/7 access to the business-defining data.

Our healthcare software development company is driven by the latest technology trends to improve digital data management and interconnect all aspects of your business.

In particular, our expertise in the field of medical tech covers integration with mainstream medical solutions, process automation, cloud computing, and much more.

According to Deloitte

healthcare software solutions that reinforce cybersecurity are in great demand right now, both as stand-alone software, and as modules of the main application.

Deloitte also states

that funding for health tech innovators exceeded US$7.4 billion in 2019 and funding data shows that investors continue to be bullish about investing in the health tech field.


claims that the total volume of investments in the healthcare niche only for the US companies in 2019 reached $7,8 million.

All this means

that it is time to abandon outdated software solutions and paper documentation in favor of new, promising technologies specially adapted for your business.

Benefits of Our Healthcare
Software Services

In-depth medical expertise

The development of software for the healthcare niche requires a high level of expertise. We are proud to have assembled the best team in our medical software development company, which includes experts skillful in the latest developments in the field and know how to effectively use them in terms of a custom project. As a result, our clients receive not just a working solution but a product that can significantly boost the productivity of the organization's employees and reduce human risks.

Regular tech stack expansion

We always keep our hand on the pulse of the healthcare IT market. This enables us to create products that help achieve advanced results in patient care, from submissions processing to remote monitoring of health indicators. We also back up our health software development with constantly updated means of security, ensuring full compliance with the policies and specifications of medical secrecy, GDPR, etc.

Focus on client’s business results

We provide IT services for the development of custom medical software with a focus on the client needs and business growth prospects. That is why many of our solutions are created using the latest technology trends. In this way, we offer long-term competitiveness of your business in the local market backed up by dedicated regular further support.

100% reliability guarantee

We guarantee the reliability and safety of the project throughout the whole work cycle. That is why our team, in addition to narrow-profile developers in the healthcare niche, also has experienced pentesters and a whole department of QA specialists. We also take care of the maximum transparency of your investments, helping to both save the project budget and ensure the maximum return on investment.

Our Medical Software Development Process

At Diceus, we strictly keep up with project deadlines and always try to minimize development costs where possible. This is achieved through the following steps, which are a necessary part of our healthcare software services.

Business analysis

We always conduct end-to-end market research at the early stage of custom medical software development to determine the long-term prospects for the client's business development. This helps us get the idea of what the top product on the market looks, feels, and works like in order to implement the best practices.

Interface design

Solutions created for a wide target audience require a thorough approach to UI development. That’s why our UI designers often resort to the most accessible design templates that allow non-tech-savvy users to get a good hang of the end software. Along with this, we never neglect the personal client’s wishes, finding compromises between convenience and general vision of design.

End-to-end testing

Our QA team of specialists will create a list of test cases that will cover the software code of the developed solution far and wide. This helps us minimize bugs and prevent many potential flaws, which means that you won’t have to deal with a barrage of user complaints.

Performance trials in the field

As part of our health services software development, we always check the created software in the real operating environment, on all types of compatible devices. This eliminates any risks associated with software incompatibility, which is critical for such a responsible type of business as healthcare.

Tech support

We strive for long-term relationships with our clients, offering post-releases tech support and advice. With us, you can always receive prompt technical maintenance for a launched solution or return it for the implementation of new features, integrations, and scaling.



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Frequently Asked Questions

What software is used in healthcare?

The best- known software solutions in the healthcare industry right now are applications from ClearCare, WebPT, Intergy EHR, eClinicalWorks, Practice Fusion. They are used by tens of thousands of hospitals around the world. In terms of custom clinical software development, we can help you integrate any such existing solution.

Can Diceus ensure standards compliance?

HIPAA, IEC 62304, and ISO 13485 standards are imperative when developing apps in the medical and healthcare industry. That’s why we naturally take them into account when providing offshore healthcare software development.

What are the services and solutions offered?

We can build a complete MIS (Medical Information System) or HIS (Hospital Information System). We also create custom CRM and ERP systems, patient management apps, and solutions for centralized patient history management.

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