Healthcare IT outsourcing 

When it comes to digital healthcare and related IT services, it’s crucial to have a reliable technological core that is kept updated in line with the times. While customer and patient demands grow and your competitors find new ways to outrun each other in the market, DICEUS helps you adapt quickly and cost-effectively through efficient healthcare IT outsourcing.  

Whether your healthcare company experiences staff shortage, lack of tech expertise, poor protection from common risks, or insufficient productivity, we have just the right specialists to assist you. Professionals sourced by DICEUS are thoroughly screened industry aces that will push your business without making you go bankrupt. 

Benefits of healthcare IT outsourcing 

Timely coverage of tasks and responsibilities through outsourcing is a well-proven method of filling workflow and qualification gaps without going far. Outsourcing healthcare IT through DICEUS, you get a range of advantages. 

Access to technology expertise 

Turning to DICEUS, you get immediate access to a thoroughly screened healthcare outsourcing network of proven candidates ready to tackle the widest scope of needs. We can help you pick specialists experienced exactly in the tech stack you need, dedicating their knowledge of relevant tools to your project or business tasks. This includes specialized knowledge in areas such as Electronic Health Records (EHR) systems, Health Information Exchange (HIE), and telemedicine solutions.  

Reduced operational and IT costs 

You also tap into a huge potential for overall expense reduction. All because you get rid of the need to invest a ton in in-house infrastructure, license and manage your own hardware and software, cover cumbersome recruitment processes, and train your IT staff. With IT outsourcing, you pay for what you get, with no hidden costs involved. This minimizes overhead costs, streamlines budget allocation, and enables your healthcare company to redirect savings toward research and patient care improvement. 

Scalability of custom solutions 

The niche of healthcare is ever-evolving and based on dynamically shifting demands. IT outsourcing helps efficiently keep in tune with this situation and offers a consistent level of satisfaction for your target audience through inherent scaling. Our outsourced specialists build clear code structures and implement software architectures that can be easily expanded in the future, even when taken up by a new team of developers unfamiliar with the original system outline. 

Risk mitigation 

Healthcare organizations must deal with tons of sensitive patient data, strict compliance requirements, and complicated regulatory frameworks. Failing to manage these aspects effectively leads to major risks, like data breaches, legal liabilities, and reputational damage. Healthcare IT outsourcing helps mitigate these risks by leveraging the expertise of experienced professionals. We give you professionals well-versed in adhering to regulations like HIPAA, GDPR, and others. 

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Services we provide 

Healthcare outsourcing by DICEUS can be your one-stop solution to a range of organization-wide issues, risks, and hindrances. We handle an extensive range of services. Namely, here’s what we provide.  

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Some facts about DICEUS

2011the year DICEUS was established
130projects delivered successfully
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GlobalDelivery Center in Poland
250full-time tech professionals
100IT services available

Why choose DICEUS 

In your quest to pick a partner among healthcare outsourcing companies, the ultimate task is to get everything you need in one place, at a reasonable budget, and with the highest-quality guarantee. To cover all of that, DICEUS gives you experience shaped by more than 12 years of operation in the field and 130 outsourced healthcare IT projects implemented.  

Outsourced professionals from our talent pool have been building, optimizing, and scaling healthcare systems of all scopes and purposes, accumulating enough expertise to now give you all the guarantees and grant reliability. In turn, in-house DICEUS specialists make sure to help you handpick and manage outsourced dream teams. 

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Frequently asked questions

What is healthcare IT outsourcing?  

Healthcare IT outsourcing is the practice where healthcare organizations partner with external technology experts or firms to manage, maintain, develop, and support their information technology (IT) infrastructure and software applications. It usually involves delegating specific IT functions or entire IT departments to third-party service providers. Outsourcing healthcare services is designed to improve the efficiency, security, and effectiveness of healthcare IT operations while allowing healthcare providers to focus on their core mission of delivering quality patient care. 

Why do healthcare organizations outsource their IT services? 

Healthcare organizations of all scopes may find a number of compelling reasons to outsource their IT. These include fast access to a pool of high-value expertise, cost-saving opportunities, the goal of achieving scalable software structures for future expansion, mitigation of common risks and pitfalls, as well as the ability to focus on other core tasks while outsourced professionals handle routines.  

What types of IT services are typically outsourced in healthcare?  

Healthcare organizations may outsource IT services like system infrastructure management (e.g., servers, cloud environments, data centers, and networks), development and maintenance of applications (e.g., EHR systems, patient management apps, and telehealth tools), support and help desk services, data security and compliance, system integration, managed IT services, and more.  

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