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In the IT-driven landscape of the 21st century, any organization bent on growth and expansion should embrace cloud computing to stay vibrant and competitive. However, hydrating the cloud is never a cakewalk since companies face multiple challenges related to data migration, security and privacy, performance, interoperability, flexibility, handling multi-cloud environments, and more. If you lack expertise in these aspects, it makes perfect sense to address the cloud enablement desk of a vetted vendor in the niche. 

What we offer

What is cloud enablement? It is a set of practices that include the analysis of the digital environment of an organization with the subsequent engineering, deploying, and running its part or even the whole of the company’s IT infrastructure, applications, databases, and other resources in the cloud facilities. DICEUS can cover all your needs in this domain by offering the following cloud enablement solutions and services. 

Cloud transformation 

If you still rely on on-premises infrastructure and software but want to hydrate the cloud, we guarantee the full-cycle implementation of such projects. Our vetted specialists will provide the development of a custom roadmap for the transformation process tailored to suit your IT environment and its workload to a tee. 

Cloud assessment 

The current cloud computing offers a range of delivery models (SaaS, PaaS, or IaaS) honed to fit various use cases. We will analyze your IT landscape and your requirements for its future functioning to recommend the most appropriate cloud service scheme that will bring maximum value to your company’s workflow. 

Cloud and data migration 

Our professionals are well-versed in outlining software and data migration strategies and meticulously carrying them out. Besides, in line with the data enablement definition, they create well-thought-out and detailed policies to provide efficient data management automation and harness the power of data analytics and utilization.  

Multi-cloud architecture 

Various cloud providers offer different sets of services, cooperation models, and usage conditions. With the help from DICEUS, you won’t get lost among these intricacies and choose the features and services across available options to arrive at the best cloud solution that will be simple to manage and easy to operate. 

Backup and disaster recovery 

Internal and customer data is companies’ most valuable asset in our data-driven age. Losing them can cause a hiatus in the functioning of an enterprise and take a long time to repair. We will build a first-class infrastructure for disaster recovery that will ensure the backup of critical information and uninterrupted business continuity. 

Cost optimization 

Pricing schemes of different providers can be quite bewildering for average users. The advisory services of DICEUS will help you select the models with maximum benefits for your business. It means ordering only the services and capabilities you need at the lowest price point with top-notch quality and accessibility in view.

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Benefits of our services 

Cloud transformation is a big-ticket item, so calculating entrepreneurs want to be sure they receive maximum value for the money they pay. What do companies obtain by hiring DICEUS as a cloud enablement company? 

A qualified team of expertsOur 250 employees have in-depth competence in providing cloud enablement services for fintech, logistics, retail, insurance, and healthcare enterprises of various sizes. 
Innovation driveWe make it a special point to keep in the know of the latest trends in the IT realm and leverage cutting-edge technologies in our projects. 
Client-focused approachWe always put ourselves in our customer’s shoes to deliver the optimal solution in terms of scalability, flexibility, resilience, efficiency, and price. 
Utmost securityWe realize our clients’ concerns as to the safety of data that leaves the premises to be deployed in the cloud. To protect the system, we leverage specialized tools and mechanisms compliant with current security regulations. 

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How to get cloud enablement services 

The IT outsourcing market is rich in vendors offering services in multiple high-tech sectors. How can you select a competent cloud enablement company and avoid paying through the nose for its services? 

Step 1. Gauge your requirements To know what specialists you need to do the job, you should understand what kind of job you have for them. That is why the headhunt’s first stage is analyzing your organization’s needs and forming a clear vision of deliverables you want to obtain at the end of the project. 
Step 2. Dissect the market Now, you should make a shortlist of candidates for the task you have in mind for them. It should contain companies with a solid background and excellent reviews. Goodfirms, Clutch, and other rating platforms are a good source of information about such vendors. 
Step 3. Dig into portfolios Visit the sites of companies you have narrowed your choice to. There, pay attention to the direct proofs of their efficiency (completed projects in the niche) as well as to other important details (industry experience, staff qualification, the term of presence in the field, pricing policy, etc.). 
Step 4. Talk face-to-face Personal communication is a second-to-none means of shaping opinion about your potential partner. It is not only about filling in the dots. During your conversation, you can assess the soft skills vendor representatives display, their experience in dealing with clients, and their eagerness to showcase the samples of projects they delivered. 
Step 5. Find the previous customers Usually, IT companies aren’t shy to disclose them on their site’s testimonials/reviews page. Get in touch with them and learn everything you can about the quality of services they received from the vendor, their collaboration style, and the satisfaction level the ex-customers have after the completion of the project.  

Some facts about DICEUS

2011the year DICEUS was established
130projects delivered successfully
8offices around the world
GlobalDelivery Center in Poland
250full-time tech professionals
100IT services available

What factors affect the service cost? 

There is no one-size-fits-all approach in determining the cost of cloud enablement services. To arrive at a definite figure, we need to know the following details. 

  • Project scope and complexity 
  • The urgency of project completion 
  • Technologies employed in the process 
  • Collaboration model the client chooses (Dedicated Team or Time & Material) 
  • The type of cloud enablement services the customer commissions 

How long does it take? 

Projects of the same nature or within one industry may vary in duration, depending on a multitude of factors. The following five summands are crucial for determining the time needed to complete it. 

  • Project requirements 
  • Expected deadlines 
  • Team size and composition 
  • Requisite platforms and tech stack 
  • The condition of the existing IT environment 

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Frequently asked questions

What are cloud enablement services? 

They embrace the entire scope of measures IT vendors practice to ensure the seamless functioning of an organization’s cloud environment and the resources deployed in it. Such services include cloud assessment and transformation, data and software migration, designing and testing multi-cloud architecture, establishing backup and disaster recovery, chaos engineering, and cost optimization.  

Why do businesses need cloud enablement? 

Cloud computing is a separate field of expertise, having numerous fine points and intricacies that should be considered when an organization hydrates the cloud. Even vetted IT specialists may lack the knowledge and skills for successful cloud transformation. By outsourcing cloud enablement services, you will receive qualified advice and help in implementing cloud migration and subsequent infrastructure management. 

What is the role of cloud enablement service providers? 

Such vendors have theoretical knowledge and hands-on skills in providing the full cycle of services in this domain. They shape a comprehensive cloud enablement strategy and implement a set of measures related to cloud assessment, architecture design, transformation, optimization, data migration, and disaster recovery, enabling enterprises to maximize their ROI and step up revenue generation. 

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