Augmented reality services

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How real is the real world? The answer to this question seems a poser since the legendary Matrix movie has totally overturned our perception of the universe that surrounds us. The advancements of Industry 4.0 have made the boundary between the physical and the virtual worlds very flimsy. The technology of augmented reality (AR) brings them ever closer, overlaying the picture of the real surroundings in the camera of a mobile device with virtual content. Augmented reality development services by DICEUS usher this revolutionary know-how into multiple spheres of your life via the following channels.

Augmented reality services

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Augmented reality services

Custom AR development

High-profile experts of DICEUS can create any bespoke digital product where workmanlike 3D models, animations, and UHD videos are superimposed on the user’s environment. Just come to us with your concept, and we will implement it in a first-class product.

360-degree video

The omnidirectional videos that our custom solutions support provide users with an advanced immersive and transformative experience. It is a second-to-none visualizing instrument that can be leveraged as a product or service guide in the automotive industry, corporate learning, travel and tourism sector, etc.

3D rendering

The 3D content we deliver can be streamed directly to users’ gizmos in real time. In addition, they will be impressed by animations, walkthroughs, and 360-degree panoramas, which aren’t just photorealistic visual assets but are open to interaction and easy to manipulate and play with.

Advanced VR software

Virtual reality technology is taking you deeper into the realm of unreal (but amazingly similar to real) things when all objects you see are generated by the software. As a result, the VR solutions we develop will become a powerful boost in training, communication, and customer service.

Mixed reality know-how

This type of software blends AR and VR elements, creating a picture in which you can’t tell where the physical world ends, and the digital one begins. The mavens of DICEUS leverage advanced input techniques and environmental data to provide an overwhelming MR experience.

Dedicated teams

Our developers have the necessary skills, experience, and tech stack to carry out the full-cycle development of any augmented reality solution you want. We will form a team that will work exclusively on your project without getting distracted by other errands.

In the early third millennium, the rapid pace of IT development has manifested that augmented and virtual reality isn’t more the notions from science fiction books or movies which will become a part of our life in the future. These breakthrough technologies are already within easy reach of individuals and enterprises.

We at DICEUS will do our best to turn AR software into a locomotive for your business, whatever field you specialize in. Our developers are qualified to deliver a first-rate AR solution that will impress you with awesome UX and elegant design.

Augmented reality services

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Augmented reality services

Benefits of augmented reality services

Together with cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and the Internet of Things, augmented reality solutions are all the rage in the digital world nowadays. However, having such an app isn’t just a matter of fashion. By commissioning augmented reality app development services from us, you will reap the following perks.

Enhanced marketing opportunities

Leveraging AR products is a surefire recipe to dominate your niche by administering powerful marketing campaigns and creating impressive advertisement materials. The technology will enable you to win over numerous consumers with AR-driven content that your competitors fail to furnish.

Increased engagement and retention

Modern customers want more than just a useful product or service. They acquire those more readily and become your loyal clients if high-tech solutions evoke emotion and provide entertainment. Augmented reality app development is sure to give them what they crave in the way of interaction and engagement.

Facilitated education and training

Learning is easy and fun with augmented reality apps. Both enterprises and educational establishments can step up their training and learning process and make it really fascinating when they utilize instructive visuals and interactive capabilities characteristic of AR solutions.

Collaboration and communication

Organizations can radically bolster the efficiency of all shop floor activities if they harness the solutions yielded by AR apps development. Augmented reality products achieve it via more advanced collaboration and data exchange among employees and between personnel and management.

Our augmented reality services process

When a customer approaches an IT vendor to implement an AR software project, they expect to receive a complete range of services at a one-stop shop. DICEUS lives up to such expectations, tackling end-to-end development of AR solutions and extending other related services to boot.

AR consultingBefore you invest your money and dive headlong into the development routine, you must ensure your concept holds water and can be implemented appropriately. We help validate the business idea behind the future project, verify its feasibility, and come up with project requirements.
AR app designOur front-end and UI/UX developers employ the latest technologies in this domain to design a user-friendly app that enables a foolproof scanning of the view with the camera lens, fast retrieval of 3D models of objects, and their seamless superimposition on the elements of the scanned environment.
AR developmentAt the back end, the AR apps we deliver use image tracking, markers, and object recognition software to perform their function. To enable their smooth operation, our engineers create a database of metadata and 3D models and set up proper algorithms apps rely on.
AR testingThis is the mission-critical stage in the software development pipeline that is meant to check whether the efforts of IT experts have been efficient. The AR product is thoroughly tested by leveraging both manual and automated techniques to make sure it is bug-free and smooth in performance.
AR app integrationAs a rule, AR apps don’t function as stand-alone solutions but are combined with other software. Our developers see that they play well with the IT products the organization utilizes currently (training apps, e-commerce storefronts, etc.) and with third-party services (for instance, geolocation).
AR supportDICEUS is a responsible vendor that stays in touch with the client even after the project is completed and the solution is delivered and deployed. We provide a broad range of maintenance services, starting with fixing minor bugs and ending up with migration of the app to the cloud infrastructure if necessary.

What impacts your project duration

Every project is unique in the time it takes to be completed. An accurate estimation of this time is possible only if we know the following:

  • Anticipated deadlines
  • Project requirements
  • Number of developers on the team
  • Tech stack and platforms necessary for the development
  • Data quality and accessibility

What affects your project costs

Five major factors influence the sum of money you will have to pay for augmented reality services:

  • The technology it is based on
  • Project size and complexity
  • The urgency of implementation
  • The selected engagement model (Dedicated Team, Time and Material)
  • The choice of a custom solution or AI-reliant cloud services

What we need from your side

The must-have prerequisite for producing a high-quality AR product is the active participation of the customer in the process of its development. If you want to obtain a sustainable solution that will live up to all expectations you have as to its functioning and design, you should provide the following:

  • At least project vision and goals and, at most, its roadmap, if you have drawn one
  • Top-level project requirements
  • A set of project-related documents, like solution architecture or mockup (if available)
  • Data of appropriate quality to leverage AI technology
  • A schedule of expected requirements gathering sessions (as a rule, several hours a week)

Our tech stack

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Frequently asked questions

What are Augmented Reality services?

These are a full cycle of measures aiming to deliver a functional AR solution (as a rule, it is a web or mobile app). First, an MVP is created to validate the underlying business idea. Then, the very app is built with its 3D models and graphic content. After this, the app is trained via AI algorithms to recognize humans, their body parts, and objects as surfaces to apply an experience. Next, the product’s functionality is optimized and extended. Finally, the developed solution is integrated with other software products or third-party services.

How much does AR technology cost?

Generally, an IT product is never a chump change issue, and the same is true of the services an augmented reality development company provides. To determine the exact budget to be allocated for an AR project, you should consider its complexity (the number of features, external integrations, leveraged technologies, etc.), the size of the developing team that will implement it, and the hourly rates charged by the vendor. If you already have ready-made 3D models and graphic content for your AR app, it will bring the cost down; otherwise, you will have to splurge on them too.

How do AR applications function?

Basically, they add another layer to the existing reality. First, you install an AR app on your mobile gadget and point its camera at some object around you (it may be some flat surface, building, landscape feature, or human body part – mostly, a hand or a face). Next, the AR solution adds a virtual 3D object model to the thing you hold in the camera’s focus. Thus, the physical and digital realities are blended into one where you can interact with both kinds of elements and thus bridge the gap between the real and the virtual.

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