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Help desk outsourced services

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Help desk outsourced services

IT help desk outsourcing is a professional service that makes business management effortless. It is meant to resolve your company’s user issues (L1) and technical issues (L2, L3). Outsourcing minimizes expenses for corporate organizations, employee training, and corporate hardware. Hiring developers with sufficient qualifications in a particular industry domain is best. DICEUS IT outsourcing aims to make your business function properly by lightening the workload.

For more convenience, we split our services into several levels. Each one covers the issue based on its complexity.

Level 1 (L1) support

We handle a wide range of inquiries about software and infrastructure usage. In addition, we deliver detailed instructions on usage issues. We also solve minor problems, such as restoring passwords and providing user guidelines.

Level 2 (L2) support

We find out the nuances of software and network configuration. Then, through log investigation, we can immediately identify and fix the causes of problems. To gain better productivity, we offer a combination of L1/L2 support to enhance ticket processing.

Level 3 (L3) support

We are ready to take on the most complex challenges. Those are mainly solved on the code level. Specialists provide our outsourced IT support services with sufficient competence to detect and fix defects uncovered at L1 and L2 levels.

Managed help desk

We keep our remote work well-organized, whether it comes to custom software development, consultation, maintenance, or optimization. We help with the realization of a full-on outsourced project from top to bottom. We can implement basic software architecture, craft user-friendly UI/UX design, perform software testing, and integrate the project into the market.

White label help desk

We provide the type of IT support where customers’ requests are resolved under their corporate trademark. We dive deep into your business processes, gain a good understanding of related apps and IT components, and enhance your market positioning. If your company deals with hardware, getting a separate help desk is unnecessary, as most companies already distribute this equipment. If your company delivers services based on interaction with people, having a white-label help desk makes sense.

Dedicated support team

We work with experts of many specializations and vast domain experiences. These include web and mobile backend/frontend/full-stack developers, QA experts, UI/UX designers, project coordinators, and system administrators. In addition, they have solid experience delivering all types of outsourcing services to corporate clients.

Software audit

We specialize in software audits to ensure its proper functionality and seamless performance. Our dedicated team checks different aspects of its work. If there are any technical bugs or other issues, they try to fix them straight away. We apply special evaluation techniques like questioning, measuring, workshops, and validating.

Quality result guarantee

Our professional team guarantees high-quality services at all levels of cooperation. Thanks to continuous communication with clients, we know what the result is to deliver. With the right tools and capabilities, we can keep the project under control until its completion.

How our IT help desk services are organized

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How our IT help desk services are organized

Top-quality help desk services shouldn’t cost a fortune to those who need them. With that being said, we deliver reasonable IT outsourcing solutions without making your business go bankrupt.

We find the optimal way of providing business-buildup capabilities to help you expand the market horizons and improve overall performance. Estimate your project now.

Benefits of help desk outsourcing

Help desk outsourcing services work well for small, mid-sized, and large companies. The qualifications and experience of our specialists determine our capabilities in business initiatives. We can help you reduce unnecessary expenses, focus on core areas of software development, integrate niche-specific resources, and much more. Let’s be more specific here. What exactly are the reasons for using IT helpdesk services provided by DICEUS?

High quality

Our developers have a good command of various programming languages for creating frontend and backend, frameworks, databases, and technologies. Knowing the fast-changing market trends, they regularly try to improve and expand their knowledge by attending various IT conferences and workshops. They also explore modern technologies independently and practice their skills.


We aim to keep the right balance between quality and cost of work. Our help desk outsourcing specialists complete projects of different scope and complexity, which don’t cost you a fortune. Due to the difference in wages, infrastructure levels, and rates by geographical location, you get a great chance to enhance your business operations.

Streamlined performance

Our specialists, experienced in specific software development fields, demonstrate high performance on various business projects. They follow the client’s instructions throughout the working process. Their mission is to deliver excellence in whatever they do. Thanks to professional training, they can be involved in narrow technological and business management practices to achieve top results fast.

Faster realization

We help our clients from all over the world. Thanks to Agile methodologies for managing projects, our clients benefit from fast time-to-market. In-depth product discovery also adds value to on-time delivery as it helps avoid unexpected expenditures and risks. A discovery phase is the foundation of successful projects; we recommend starting projects from it.

No turnover risks

Our helpdesk support services are assigned to particular specialists or teams. We have a well-organized working process throughout the project completion. We manage simple and complex tasks within specific timeframes, smooth up all internal processes, and reduce risk interruptions to the minimum.

How our IT help desk services are organized

Our outsource software development company takes every piece of work with absolute dedication and determination. It involves a worthwhile yet highly qualified IT workforce for hire. We will build a team to fulfill your project needs to achieve business-relevant outcomes.

Analyzing customer requestOnce you contact us for professional assistance, you submit a project request. It is when we start collecting all the necessary details to deliver the most relevant result. If you have a specific vision of what you want to see, feel free to share it with us. We will be planning our work based on the information obtained.
Signing service level agreement (SLA)After discussing the details, we sign a contract with a detailed description of the future collaboration. It defines the scope of performed work, responsibilities, and conditions. In case of misunderstandings, both parties can refer to the document to stand on their rights and obligations.
Transferring knowledgeAs an outsourcing vendor, we use different methods of transferring knowledge in software development. It helps us avoid project disruptions and keep resources within the company, despite possible employee rotation. In addition, we learn from experience, encouraging us to keep our workforce for long-term cooperation.
Frontend and backend operationsDepending on each task, we find specialists to handle your job. We focus on delivering a high-performance project. It is why we rely on the latest trends in the frontend and backend.
Quality checkWe only deliver the most straightforward software development projects with previous testing. It’s vital to ensure everything works perfectly well before sending it to the customer. We proceed with both manual and automation testing to ensure absolute quality.
Post-work supportOur outsourced help desk services don’t abandon you after submitting a completed project. On the contrary, we promise to support you along the way. We are ready to return to work immediately if something goes wrong or changes are required. We are interested in keeping our work seamless.

What impacts your project duration

Every customer request is unique. It has a different complexity level, cost, and resources required for completion. All these nuances affect the project duration, which might last several days or months. During the planning and preparation, we organize our work to stick with the initial deadline. The following points have a direct impact on your project development duration.

  • Project requirements
  • Expected deadlines
  • Team composition
  • Applied technology and platforms
  • Effective cost management

What affects your project costs

The project bankroll determines the number of finances for project completion. It needs to be calculated before getting down to work. Thus, keeping finances under control is getting easier. Before referring to IT help desk companies, it’s crucial to go through the following aspects to minimize project costs.

  • Project scope and complexity
  • Applied technology and platforms
  • Project completion urgency
  • Engagement model: Time and Material, Dedicated Team
  • Revision and upgrade requests

What we need from your side

It would help to keep your plans and expectations clear when starting any IT project. You know best what result you want to see in the end. To guarantee 100% accurate work, our help desk support services require a lot of data to process. Ideally, you cooperate with us throughout the working process. However, knowing your vision of the following aspects can deliver an even better result.

  • Project goals, vision, and roadmap, if any
  • High-level project requirements
  • Project-specific documentation, if available
  • Client’s availability (a few hours per week for requirements gathering meetings)
  • Well-organized budget

Our tech stack

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Frequently asked questions

What are help desk services?

Help desk services aim to help businesses organize their work effectively. They enhance customer communication and handle IT-related queries. The IT help desk supports a company’s IT team in tracking and resolving technical issues caused by different channels. It saves time and encourages faster and more effective resolution of issues, thus boosting the overall user experience and enabling business growth.

Can I outsource tech support?

Your company, regardless of its size, can outsource tech support at a reasonable price. You hire help desk service providers to provide professional assistance to your customer base. It can be organized through live chat, phone support, email support, and others. Eventually, you can benefit from higher satisfaction ratings. At the same time, you don’t have to think about how to organize tech support effectively.

What are the pros and cons of help desk outsourcing?

Like any other service, help desk outsourcing has positive and negative aspects. It requires no substantial capital investments and less overall control. And it has a broader pool of resources that delivers superior remote support around the clock. However, handling hardware issues, less communication, and higher security risks takes longer. Understanding the good and bad things associated with help desk outsourcing is crucial when deciding on what to offshore.

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