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Project overview

The industry of real estate is right now fierce in competition as never before. Shifting pandemic conditions make realty providers seek more efficient ways to impact target audiences via specialized software. All because, despite strict quarantine measures having been lifted throughout the world, many clients still prefer doing business remotely. And they want to do it without missing a detail or sacrificing the level of customer satisfaction. Vacation Rental Pros came to us with the request to revitalize their running real estate platform to stay in tune with the times.

Client information

Vacation Rental Pros is a US-based provider of an eponymous platform for simple vacation planning and booking of places to stay during the vacation. The platform is based on a smart search that allows checking available vacation rental options by filtering exact parameters and desires, and book a place or venue online. The company is a well-established provider of vacation booking opportunities that offers a fully secure process of booking and paying for motels, hotels, rooms, etc.

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Business challenge

In the modern services market, users and customers simply cannot stand loading downtime, lags, and crashes on service-focused platforms. Current customers are incredibly demanding, so everything must run as smoothly as possible. That is why the primary goal was to polish up and improve the existing Vacation Rental Pros web platform’s overall user experience. In the long run, we aimed to achieve smooth transitions and request processing topped off to eliminate the most relevant errors and flaws present in the platform’s software core.

Technical challenges

Upon the initial high-level inspection of the software in hand, we indicated weak code decomposition issues, inversion of control violation, hardcode abuse instances, multiple security vulnerabilities, and pseudo-responsive UI, and some other flaws. A whole bunch of technical stuff to optimize to eventually achieve smoother performance and better UX as a whole. On top of that, the platform’s server was continually running out of memory, which meant there were also caching issues we needed to handle.

Solution delivered

For Vacation Rental Pros, we dove into the existing software core, conducted a thorough technical analysis and assessment, pointed out the main issue-spawning aspects, and set out to fix everything step by step. This required lots of planning. We approached the project with Scrum principles in our arsenal. The main achievement of the whole process was the thorough elimination of caching flaws that caused the platform to crash upon peak memory load. We also reinforced the entire security complex to make the platform more resistant to hacker attacks.

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Key features

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  • Optimized caching

    We decreased the number of items cached and smoothed out the caching prioritization to eliminate server crashes.

  • Smoother functionality

    A lot of code optimization and hardcode cleaning resulted in the overall boost in the platform’s functionality.

  • UI/UX improvements

    The major elements of UI/UX were reanalyzed and tweaked where needed to optimize the frontend for seamless interaction.

  • Code optimization

    Our specialists reworked huge code patches to achieve a clean, readable low-level software infrastructure.

Value to our client

  • Quality assurance

    We created a special Test Case Matrix and pointed out all the basic and additional improvements in the process.

  • Technical assessment

    We analyzed the existing system end-to-end and inspected the employed methodologies for the best results.

  • Project management

    We dedicated a specialist to track and analyze the performance of developers and other involved staff.

Our tech stack

  • aws-1 AWS
  • php PHP
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