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What we offer

Claims management

A critical process in the insurance industry, claims management, needs meticulous attention. It is relevant for all insurance sectors including life insurance, health insurance, property and casualty, etc. We offer tailored solutions that provide advanced options for handling requests. The modules specially developed for processing claims are intended to automate an entire claims life cycle. According to your business demands and organizational workflows, different functionalities can be added.

Policy management

Insurance policy administration is a comprehensive process that includes resource management, data sharing, licensing, quoting, proposals generation, renewal, cancellation, reinsurance, and other tasks. Each of these workflows consists of many routine tasks. We develop excellent insurance policy management software that offers the basic features, such as quoting, policy issuance, renewals, and claims management, as well as bespoke modules to comply with your specific demands. As a result, you will expedite your workflows, and enhance insurance customer experience management.

Risk management

Every business is faced with risks. To prevent or mitigate the ones for your organization, you need the ability to identify, assess, and prioritize the risks your business encounters. In this regard, risk management software can help you more efficiently than any human. Our AI-based software enables business owners to manage various risks and assess them individually. We offer custom insurtech solutions that can be integrated with other management systems for higher efficiency.

Customer 360

Do you want to expand your client base and retain the existing customers? Then, implement a client-oriented approach and deliver superior customer experience in insurance. Leverage customer profile software that can provide a 360-degree view of the user. Staying at the forefront of modern technology, we offer Customer 360, a sophisticated integrated software solution that provides meaningful real-time data and relevant analysis with practical potential. It allows you to conveniently collect all the required information and obtain valuable insights.

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Benefits of our custom development services for insurance

Insurance expertise

Insurance software requires talented and highly skilled developers. Our qualified experts tirelessly expand their expertise in the field and absorb the most breakthrough technologies and tools. With the dozens of successful insurance-related projects in our portfolio, we have a deep understanding of the software specifics in this sector. Together with a profound knowledge of the latest IT advancements, this allows us to deliver optimal solutions with high-quality comprehensive automation.

Successful projects

Altogether, we have successfully delivered more than 100 projects for our clients. Insurance is one of our focus industries, and we are proud to have winning cases in this sphere. We developed insurance broker solutions, self-service benefit management solutions, earth observation software for insurance, and more. Our products help clients deal with pressing issues, such as expediting the processing of submissions, raising customer experience in the insurance industry, and expanding the company’s activities.

Latest technology stack

We continually keep up with the insurtech trends and monitor the market. This approach allows us to constantly refill the list of general insurance software solutions we offer. Realizing the vital needs and demands in the industry, we develop relevant products based on innovative technologies. Our experts are familiar with the entire process of implementing complex AI systems called to minimize your routine tasks with lightweight solutions using monosyllabic algorithms.

Flexible cooperation

Our projects are not only about engineering but also about building trustful and conducive relationships with customers. We have established transparent cooperation processes, managing clients’ sensitive data, and ultimately meeting their expectations. We offer three types of collaboration models for software development contracts: Time and Material, Fixed Price, and Dedicated Team. The most efficient option will depend on your project goals, timeframe, and required resources.

Our insurance software development process

Discovery phaseWe start every project by defining the client’s business goals, recognizing long-term prospects, and evaluating the market situation. We carefully collect all related data and analyze it before the development stage. Our discovery phase team determines functional and non-functional requirements, software specifications, project scope, tech stack, team composition, and project timeframe.
Development phaseDuring the development stage, our engineers create design architecture and prototypes and then deploy them to demonstrate how they work. The team considers both high-level and low-level design, where the first focuses on features, modules, and interfaces, and the latter – on databases, functional algorithms, and code itself. As a result, a customer gets specifications describing the product in detail.
Testing and QAThis step is required to check the software performance and code quality, test the functional areas, integrations, security, and more. After that, the team fixes bugs or changes modules and sends the product back to the QA department for re-test. Our engineers utilize all relevant testing techniques embracing the entire code with test cases. This allows to reveal maximum bugs at this stage and minimize reworks at the release stage.
DeploymentWe comprehensively check the developed software with our in-house hardware and in the real environment of its functioning. Such an approach guarantees that real users will not encounter any issues and that they will master the product promptly. If the previous stages were completed properly and no bugs emerge, the deployment runs smoothly and promises a successful launch. Our approach allows us to always comply with your projected release date.

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What impacts your project duration

The insurance software development process can take from a few days to a few years. Several major aspects will determine your project duration.

  • Project requirements
  • Time-to-market
  • Team composition
  • Chosen technology stack
  • Integration needs

What affects your project costs

Our experts make the cost estimation process transparent for our customers. The calculation for your specific project will depend on several vital factors.

  • Scope of work and project’s complexity
  • The number of upgrades and customizations
  • Project completion urgency
  • Engagement model: Fixed Price, Time and Material, Dedicated Team

What we need from your side

Detailed information from the customer’s side facilitates a conducive working environment and leads to a valuable outcome. Basically, we request the following.

  • Project goals and vision
  • Project requirements
  • All relevant documentation, such as software architecture and mockups
  • Your availability schedule for meetings and discussions
  • Estimated deadlines

Our tech stack


Elena Markova

Elena Markova

Board Member, UNIQA Ukraine

We were impressed by the depth of the UX analysis they did in terms of our customer’s research, buyer persona creation, user journey mapping, etc. All the information like research findings, for instance, was presented in a clear form (presentations, Miro boards, clear infographics) so it was quite easy to understand what we need to build and why.

Antoaneta Karagyozova

Antoaneta Karagyozova

CPSO, Fadata

We are happy with DICEUS’ software implementation services. The team’s workflow is highly effective and professional in all aspects of the engagement. All clearly understand what goals we’d like to reach and do their best to do that as efficiently as possible. Overall, the partnership has been successful.

Phil Reynolds

Phil Reynolds

CEO, BriteCore

The DICEUS team has consistently supported the BriteCore team for many years. Their engineers are well-educated and highly invested in the ongoing quality of the BriteCore platform with sustained relationships that extend over four years. We appreciate everything the DICEUS team brings to the table as a development partner.

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Frequently asked questions

What are the main customer challenges in insurance?

Among the key challenges our customers face in insurtech are the following: implementing an omnichannel sales process, which means today’s market demonstrates convincing tendencies towards digitalization, which dictates the need for high-quality mobile apps and websites; developing digital channels that enable clients to manage their policies, thus, the respective applications and websites can boost customer experience in insurance; embracing IoT — the Internet of Things is making the insurance industry smarter, as it improves personalization and business decisions.

What are the most demanded features an insurance app should have?

According to our experience, the features that are mostly praised by customers are as follows: continual access to helpful resources that allows policyholders to view their insurance information anytime; integrated bill payment and ability to set reminders, which help customers make payments timely and conveniently; electronic ID storage – for instant access to insurance accounts; timely policy update – to avoid confusing paperwork; opportunity to create a claim report and filing capabilities.

What are the most promising insurtech trends to consider today?

Firstly, insurtech is gaining traction. The importance of digitalization makes the players in the insurance industry realize the need to renew the existing business models and increase investment in the sector. Secondly, historical patterns no longer help to predict the future. This forecasting approach might have worked yesterday, but today insurers must utilize IoT, Artificial Intelligence, and telematics to collect, analyze, and interpret data. Insurance is an attractive addition as opposed to necessity. Thirdly, the need for insurance has always been dictated either by law or by commonsense. However, it becomes more appealing when embedded in an existing transaction, such as buying or renting something.

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