Updated INSIS application for Fadata

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    Accessibility of use
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    Faster workflow
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    Wider range of users

Project overview

InsurTech solutions continue to advance and demonstrate the ever-growing potential. Insurance market players are fast to employ digital powers to streamline their business performance and reach new heights. Fadata offers such advanced powers in the form of an industry-focused INSIS platform; however, it required implementing a major update for the underlying software.

Client information

Fadata Group is an international provider of digital insurance powers through the advanced INSIS platform. The company has been operating in the field since 1990, successfully delivering business-boosting InsurTech capabilities for over 60 insurer-providers across Europe, Latin America, and Africa, as well as the Middle East. The INSIS platform is deemed the leading platform in the industry by Gartner and Celent analysts.

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updated insis application for fadata project overview

Business challenge

In a market where business competition is as fierce as among insurance providers, it is crucial to stay up-to-date and one step ahead to keep one’s head above the water. InsurTech capabilities expand continuously, and genuinely ambitious companies grab hold of new opportunities as soon as they appear in the service market. Fadata is among such ambitious businesses, turning to our expertise to update and upgrade the existing system they distribute.

Technical challenges

The existing INSIS application is a well-tried-and-tested solution based on the Oracle ADF framework. The main goal of updating the platform for Fadata was to optimize the software to support a newly-elaborated tech stack based on Angular combined with REST services. We set out to crossport (reimplement) the functionality previously developed in Angular to ADF without any performance, functionality, or quality regression.

Solution delivered

Ultimately, we enhanced and updated the existing INSIS web application. All the major interface elements have been replaced with new assets based on extensive ADF capabilities while maintaining the core functionality of the Angular-based architecture. From navigation to the structure of elements to filtering and integrations — we revised the whole application. We made it look, “feel”, and function fresh, according to the best software engineering practices and client requirements.

updated insis application for fadata solution
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Key features

updated insis application for fadata key
  • Improved navigation

    The major interface elements were optimized and smoothed out, e.g., the header now includes more descriptive info, and the main menu is equipped with expandable titles, drop-down lists, and a more comprehensive structure.

  • Supervisor view

    A new Supervisor tab in the overview section serves as a separate area for managing and monitoring upcoming, unassigned, and overdue tasks.

  • Minimalistic design

    Text-overloaded parts of the application are now more concise and simpler to perceive by users; areas with too many menu items are reorganized with the help of drop-down lists and general headers.

Value to our client

  • Accessibility of use

    The whole interface has become more user-friendly, simpler to make out, and lighter on the users’ eyes.

  • Faster workflow

    With the more lightweight interface that is easier to manage, the speed of overall workers’ performance increases as well, boosting the regular workflow.

  • Wider range of users

    The simpler an application to figure out and interact with, the more potential users are prone to prefer it and use it in their work.

Our tech stack

  • angular js Angular
  • oracle Oracle

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