Medical device software development

What we offer

Medical device software

We offer a wide range of medical device software development services focused on the creation, optimization, and maintenance of solutions compatible with specific hardware of any purpose, complexity, etc. We have an extensive staff of in-house professionals specializing in a powerful stack of programming languages, software design tools, and market-leading approaches that are ready to put their expertise into granting seamless, failproof performance of your medical devices.

Embedded software

We offer low-level coding expertise that will help set in motion your medical hardware with efficient embedded software. To achieve the best results, our teams always gather as much project-related information as possible, analyze the hardware to be equipped with low-level software, and offer the best solutions in your specific case based on the best practices in the industry. We also prefer working in close collaboration with clients to meet their expectations.

IoT solutions for healthcare

The powerful connection, monitoring, and interaction capabilities provided by the Internet of Things find a perfect application in the healthcare tech niche. If your healthcare facility is equipped with a centralized IoT network – be sure, you are already one step ahead of your competitors. At DICEUS, we build software for interconnected IoT networks that will serve as a reliable “functional filling” for your IoT system, allowing you to seamlessly switch between connections, get required tracking data in real time, and keep everything under close control.

Software architecture

Are you looking to design a completely custom medical software solution that would perfectly fit your particular service infrastructure, corporate attributes, etc.? We have just the scope of expertise, experience, and tech powers to design and implement a unique solution from scratch. Based on your specific requirements and big vision of the project combined with our specialized consultations and field expertise, we will build you an authentic software architecture tailored to specific workflows running in your facility.

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Benefits of our medical device software development services

Healthcare software expertise

We possess in-depth expertise and years of experience in providing high-quality, performance-boosting solutions for the healthcare industry. This enables us to offer the extensive profiled knowledge and skills of our specialists. We know from practice how a truly efficient, the beneficial product must be done in terms of healthcare software specifics and nuances.

Ten-year experience

To reinforce the above statement about the expertise, we can boast ten years of fertile operation in the field of healthcare software development. In terms of our professional career, we have been successfully delivering high-quality software of various complexity levels. This gave us invaluable experience that helped us work out unique best practice-driven approaches to delivering software products.

Highly skilled developers

DICEUS houses an extensive staff of seasoned developers with robust skills and expertise to help you implement healthcare software of any purpose and complexity. We have a lot of certified software engineering professionals, all high-level experts, and reliable talents that constantly partake in qualification boosting events. This is what guarantees the quality of the end product that our specialists build and deliver.

Cost efficiency

Whatever your budget limits are, we are sure we can figure out something to fit your expense range without sacrificing the end quality of the product. For this, we offer flexible pricing models and efficient collaboration where we can negotiate and discuss any details of our communication plan, interaction formats, project specifics, and the overall collaboration approach.

Our medical software development process

AnalysisWe kick off every project with in-depth preliminary research and analysis that helps us lay a sturdy foundation for creating a high-quality product. At this stage, we meet the client, discuss all the big and small things concerning the product vision, gather and analyze requirements making professional recommendations where we can, consolidate our collaborative specifics, outline the future workflow, and set the project into motion with a thorough market and competitor analysis.
DevelopmentThis is the essential and most effort-consuming stage where most of the technical work is done. Whether it is an integrated or a fully custom healthcare software project, at this stage, our software designers and developers outline and create the basic architecture of your product, equip it with optimized interface elements, integrate or hardcode all the technical features inside this design carcass, and set things in motion by finalizing the build. The result is a working software solution with a high-level UI/UX.
Quality assuranceTo deliver guaranteed high quality of the product’s performance and make it well received by the initial users, the project must pass a thorough Quality Assurance phase where our experienced QA specialists conduct user-perspective testing and polish it up accordingly. This phase allows us to fix the flaws that users may come across during the active frontend use of your product. In the long run, this grants a quality level of the user experience free from cumbersome user hindrances and things like that.
DeploymentOnce a fully completed and tested product is done, we don’t drop the project, helping you to most properly deploy it in the necessary operational environment and smoothly introduce it to the real audience of users. In terms of this finalizing stage, our specialists handle all compatibility aspects, settle all operational compliance specifics, and make sure that your product works the way it should in the target market environment. We do everything to help you get good metrics from day one of using the finished product in the field.

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What impacts your project duration

The final duration of a project is a very individual thing that depends on multiple factors. We offer high-quality services that enable you to achieve goals in the shortest terms possible. But here are the particular factors influencing the total duration of your project.

  • Project requirements
  • Expected deadlines
  • Team composition
  • Chosen technology and platforms

What affects your project costs

Only the approximate budget scope of the project can be calculated before its actual implementation. And the approximate depends heavily on a number of deciding factors. Here’s what affects the total cost of your project.

  • Project scope and complexity
  • Chosen technology
  • Project completion urgency
  • Engagement model: Fixed Price, Time and Material, Dedicated Team

What we need from your side

We take full responsibility for the reliable, high-quality services on behalf of our medical device software development company. Please help us do your project all-around better and exceed your expectations by preparing the following basic info.

  • Project goals, vision, and roadmap if you have these
  • High-level requirements to the solution
  • Project-specific documentation if available
  • Client’s availability (a couple of hours per week)

Our tech stack

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Frequently asked questions

Can you help us with software architecture?

At DICEUS, we provide an extensive range of medical device software design and development services where. This includes implementing a software architecture from scratch or optimizing the existing framework to meet higher performance standards. This and more can be done in terms of our software development project collaboration.

Do you have IoT and AI expertise onboard?

We have access to specialists and tools for implementing advanced software based on both IoT and AI. In this aspect, we provide a range of smart automation capabilities, help you interconnect your devices with the help of tailored custom software and firmware, and more.

How long does it take to develop medical software?

The total duration of every project depends on a range of individual specifics. What we can say for sure is that medical software usually takes longer to develop due to niche complexities and nuances. Contact us to estimate your project more thoroughly.

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