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Project overview

Specialized software helps optimize productivity, facilitate routine work, and boost the overall performance in most existing industries. The modern healthcare industry gets some of the most advanced solutions to improve the way we treat health issues and preserve our wellbeing. In particular, modern dental clinics seek innovative, software-driven approaches to automating cumbersome activities and easily handle organizational moments. Our client’s goal is to provide exactly such a solution, combining digital management features and cloud capabilities.

Client information

Anita Systems is a Norwegian provider of software solutions focused on the healthcare sector. The company offers systems of different complexity and custom software opportunities for dental clinics and other medical facilities. The primary expertise of Anita is outlining and optimizing clinic workflow processes digitally and tying up the medical facility infrastructure with comprehensive software systems, making the life of specialists easier and boosting overall performance.

net application for dental industry project

Business challenge

Modern dental clinics need specialized software that streamlines workflows and helps structure data, tasks, and schedules while being easy to understand and manage. Specialists shouldn’t experience any downtime figuring out how this or that works. At the same time, as many manual and routine tasks as possible must be digitized for the software to be preferred by the clinic as a way to accelerate recurring tasks and boost workflow efficiency.

Technical challenges

We had the existing pre-tested visual prototype of a solution for dental clinics that needed further development. The goal was to build an accessible web application to automate the essential dental clinic activities, analyze the quality of medical services, store patient records, and manage the clinics’ network — all in one place. Before our backend engineers began their work, we needed to fine-tune the prototype. The project flow went on subsequently from the backend to the frontend and UI/UX design.

Solution delivered

The final web app is an easy-to-use, highly available online solution that helps clinic specialists manage all the crucial processes and handle even more tasks via a universal interface they can access from a computer or smartphone/tablet. App users can constantly keep their hand on the pulse of the clinic’s workflows and access automatically stored patient records at any time they need. It helps reduce the paperwork routine dramatically and makes doctors’ work stress-free.

net application for dental industry solution
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Key features

net application for dental industry key
  • Clinic management

    Specialists can set up and monitor personnel, services, inventory, and other clinic management specifics in one place.

  • Patient management

    All patient data and treatment history from the first appointment is stored in a comprehensive, accessible database.

  • Timetable features

    Specialists can use a set of customizable calendars for the flexible appointments setting and detailed schedule planning.

  • Interactive tooth map

    An exclusive feature that allows storing and analyzing a patient’s oral cavity map for inspections and surgical preparations.

Value to our client

  • Web performance

    The app has secure web data protection protocols and makes data storage cost-efficient and accessible.

  • Valuable insights

    All the stored data and fast access to databases allow outlining valuable statistics and reports.

  • Better management

    Doctors and administrators get an ultimate solution to keep updated and manage clinic infrastructure.

Our tech stack

  • NET .NET 
  • Illustrator Adobe Illustrator 

Client feedback

“I appreciate that they're [DICEUS] constantly learning new methods and platforms. Initially, they wanted to work with Photoshop, but they were able to switch to Adobe Illustrator and worked on improving their skills. I was impressed with their graphic design capabilities.”

Anita Systems CEO

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