Data migration services and consulting

What we offer

Below are the major types of services we offer in terms of data migration. However, if you have specific needs, our advisors will help identify your challenges, define business values, and offer comprehensive data migration consulting and strategy.
  • Cloud migration

    Migrating from an on-premise server to the cloud is a good way to optimize data storage and processing in your organization. End-users of cloud solutions can get data anytime they need it, from any point of the world. We offer cloud migration services from server to cloud, and from cloud to cloud, as well. Our cloud expertise includes Azure, Oracle, Amazon Web Services, and Google Cloud Platform.
  • Database migration

    We provide database migration service with guaranteed business continuity and minimized downtime. Our experience and approach to custom projects allow us to perform homogeneous migration, from Oracle to Oracle, and migration from disparate platforms to a unified database. According to your unique requirements, we will come up with a detailed database migration strategy.
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    • Enterprise system migration

      Consider data migration services if you plan to migrate from one enterprise system to another. It is crucial to have a consistent approach, including data preparation, schedules for ETL processes, data content for migration, data quality, and verification criteria, etc. We are experienced in various enterprise systems, such as enterprise resources planning (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM), content management system (CMS).
    • Data migration

      We offer advanced data migration services with guarantees of business continuity, full back up, and high quality of our solutions. We have experience performing a migration from different hosts, platforms, digital assets, document and content management systems. Localization and content migration are also a part of our services.
    data migration services and consulting 2
    Data migration services are usually associated with the project aimed to help you smoothly transfer large data volume from a historical system to a new one. We have experience executing data migration from legacy applications to cloud, from legacy enterprise platforms to modernized or new solutions, from disparate systems to a unified database.

    Benefits of database migration service

    The messy data flow and bad data management can cost you millions. Today, data has significant importance as it affects your business outcomes. We offer software migration services and data migration solutions to help you get more revenue from your data.

    Data integrity

    We collaborate with your departments and project stakeholders to determine how to make your data consistent, structured, and organized. Our solutions are aimed at converting your business information into valuable insights.

    Reduced costs

    Organized and high-quality data positively impacts various business areas and reduces costs for operations. Our team offers free consulting on data migration and provides a comprehensive strategy for your project.

    Improved decision-making

    With quality and organized data at your fingertips, you can make decisions faster, create data-driven reports, and improve decision-making in your organization. We are here to help you migrate your data smoothly.

    Digital transformation

    With the latest data management and storage technologies in place, you can bring your company to the next level and gain a competitive edge. Our specialists will provide you with the most effective data migration strategy designed for your organization.

    Our custom software migration services

    We follow a well-defined and standard data migration procedure consisting of planning, migration itself, and post-migration stages. Below is detailed information on product reengineering and data migration services.


    The data migration projects start with defining data migration objectives and scope, developing migration approach, requirements gathering, datasets assessment, and prioritization. Together with stakeholders, we define data quality evaluation criteria and discuss migration prerequisites.


    According to requirements, we gather data and all the needed information for secure migration. We also analyze the migration feasibility and develop roll-back scenarios, create a test plan and strategy for migration automation, collect data cleansing, transformation, and verification requirements.


    At the migration execution stage, we formalize software and hardware requirements, and come up with a custom-tailored approach if your project is too specific. According to pre-defined patterns, we extract, transform, and load data, which is further verified to ensure that the migration was performed appropriately.


    The post-migration phases include data verification aimed to discover if the data is consistent, accurate, and meet the new repository’s process. We also check both the historical system and the new one for various defects, inconsistencies, and gaps. The scope of software re engineering and data migration services may also include legacy system decommissioning.

    What impacts your project duration

    Migration services time varies and usually depends on the factors below.

    • Project requirements
    • Expected deadlines
    • Team composition
    • Chosen technology and platforms
    • The volume of data and number of data schemas and systems to be transferred

    What affects your project costs

    The cost of migration services depends mainly on the project scope and the other factors pointed below.

    • Project scope and complexity
    • The chosen technology
    • The chosen integration platform
    • Project completion urgency
    • Engagement model: Fixed Price, Time and Material, Dedicated Team

    What we need from your side

    Every project is unique, and we may require different things from you, however, traditionally, the list is as follows:
    • Project goals, vision, and roadmap if exist
    • High-level project requirements
    • Project-specific documentation if available, for example, software architecture and mockups
    • Client’s availability (a couple of hours per week for requirements gathering sessions)
    • Project deadlines

    Our tech stack

    • microsoftazure Microsoft Azure Cloud
    • aws-1 AWS
    • Google-Cloud-Platform Google Cloud
    • oracle flexcube Oracle FLEXCUBE
    • finastra Finastra
    • oracle database-1 Oracle Database
    • Microsoft-SQL-Server Microsoft SQL Server
    • microstrategy-1 MicroStrategy
    • pl-sql PL/SQL
    • IBM-Cognos-Analytics IBM Cognos Analytics
    • PostgreSQL PostgreSQL

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    Frequently asked questions

    What is data migration software?

    That’s the software, platforms, and cloud solutions you’ll need for data migration projects. We use the latest tools and technologies for data migration planning, execution, and post-migration services.

    How much does data migration cost?

    The cost of software migration and application re-engineering services usually depends on the project complexity, scope, technology, and other factors. We provide estimation upon your requirements.

    Which is the best approach for data migration?

    There’s no single approach to data migration as it depends on your requirements. Our team is always available to consult you on the best strategy for your project and demonstrate our portfolio.

    What are the steps in data migration?

    Data migration requires following these steps: analysis, consistent planning, execution, and post-migration phase that may include decommissioning and software support.
    • Control your project with metrics

    • Choose a suitable engagement model

    • Get an on-time software delivery guarantee

    • Benefit from well-defined QA processes

    • Get access to an extensive talent pool

    • Partner with us for end-to-end development

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